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By Patrick Van Roy On March 1st, 2019

A short diddy but I liked it I hope you do.

It’s a feature video from one of the best shows on tv that was destroyed by ego and and not by the actors. The Show is called The Expanse there are 3 seasons of it all on Amazon Prime . It originally ran on Syfy but Bezos owned the show and didn’t like the way it was being handled, so he was going to take it over and do it right….

There have been no new episodes….. thanks Jeff, but the 3 seasons are a complete story. This video circles around my favorite character Miller and his obsession.

as usual comments and other music are always welcome.

30 Responses to “Music”

  1. Good clip Pete.

    Great hat and an even better haircut.

    I like this…a lot.

  2. PVR, not me Harri.

  3. Dear Mr. Atangledweb,
    Can Paul please be excused from lessons today, as he is out drinking beer and whiskey with me? Thank you.

    Séimí (in Pamplona/Iruña)

  4. My apologies.

    Great clip Patrick.

  5. Seimi, on March 1st, 2019 at 6:49 PM Said:
    Dear Mr. Atangledweb,
    Can Paul please be excused from lessons today, as he is out drinking beer and whiskey with me? Thank you.

    At 12 and a half years old, Paul should not be drinking beer & whiskey.

    He’s daft enough when he’s sober.


  6. SyFy cancelled the show and Amazon saved it. Season 4 is in production and should air later this year.

    I am currently binge watching Game of Thrones (5 episodes a week) in time for the final series starting in April so I am not watching any other series at the moment but this might get added to the watch list in APril.

  7. Seimi, on March 1st, 2019 at 6:49 PM Said:
    Dear Mr. Atangledweb,
    Can Paul please be excused from lessons today, as he is out drinking beer and whiskey with me? Thank you.

    I truly hope, its not a Laurel & Hardy lookalike competition night, going by the last Seimi & Paul McMahon summit, you would walk it.


  8. Don’t worry Harri , I’m sure they will mention you in their conversation…. during a brief lull when they find themselves wondering what else to talk about 😉

  9. Nice choon Patrick.

    Here’s my contribution:

  10. Seimi and Paul you’re excused as long as you each drink a shot of Vodka for me……

  11. FO

    Have you seen any production footage leeks of the 4th season? I haven’t found any.

    Love Thrones waiting for the last season and if you have NOT watched the Expanse yet add it to your list.

    3 favorite characters…. Miller, Avasarala, and Bobby.

  12. clips of the 3

    Miller learns a lesson…. Belter

    Avasarala at her best…. Earther

    Bobbie Draper….. Martian

  13. PaTroll – no vodka, because vodka is horrible. But we did have a 12 year-old Irish Pot Still Whiskey, which was beautiful.

    Harri – your comments on this, and just about every other thread, would make a 12 and a half year old blush out of embarrassment for you.

  14. dave never heard the tune before but the video was fun to watch.

  15. the whiskey sounds smooth….. Seimi

  16. any good cigars?

  17. I haven’t smoked in 2 months, P.
    Paul might be a better one to ask. He’ll be on here to comment at some point. If you’re really lucky, you might even get a joint post 😉

  18. //I haven’t smoked in 2 months,
    ….get a joint post //


  19. Lol

  20. Have fun, guys.

    I wish I were there. Spain is also one of the only sunny places in Europe this weekend, I hear.

  21. A late entry from me as a mark of respect to Keith flint, who sadly took his own life at the age of 49.


  22. a good add Dave

  23. I don’t much see the point in vodka

    I used to hate whiskey, due to the harshness of it, but I now can take great pleasure in a wee sip of it. Black Bush is fine stuff.

    Many small distilleries in the US now, may have to do some more experimenting.

  24. Thanks Patrick.

    Phantom. Interesting music night addition.😁
    I love whiskey, but only good quality single malts.

  25. What I liked about Vodka is I could drink it all night catch a nice buzz but never get really drunk. I prefer russian vodka and I drink it neat.

  26. and none of this modern day flavored crap

  27. My father was a big fan of Bushmills

  28. I believe that that the Stoly that you buy here is not made in Russia

  29. Patrick.
    Any decent quality spirit, vodka included, is far superior to the cheap versions. Cheap vodka just burns your throat, were as the expensive stuff which I used to buy in Poland, such as Chopin vodka is so smooth you can drink it neat. I agree with your opinion on flavoured vodkas, but many people seem to enjoy them. My brother looks the toffee vodka.

  30. Wiki tells me that the Stoly purchased in the west is made in Latvia!!