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By Pete Moore On March 6th, 2019

We noted last year that a 3 year old boy had been deliberately sprayed with acid. His father and accomplices were jailed today.

The court had heard the father, from Wolverhampton but originally from Afghanistan, was the “driving force” behind the attack in the Tallow Hill area on 21 July.

Primitives do what primitives do. Which now is fill the news, everyday, with examples of their culture. It’s the politicians I blame really, who treat our country like a dustbin.

4 Responses to “GETTING SICK OF IT NOW”

  1. // It’s the politicians I blame really, //

    And they were all appointed by the Queen, or what?

  2. A reprehensible crime.

  3. This was a uniquely shocking crime. I can’t recall hearing of another case where a father, Black white or any other colour conspired and sprayed acid into his own child’s face. It isn’t an example of what people of certain races do, because the vast majority of all parents of all races would find such a thing unthinkable.

  4. Not only is it disturbing that a father would do it but that he would have co-conspirators.