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By Pete Moore On March 7th, 2019

The Mayor of London has been jumping on the “austerity = stabbings” bandwagon. I don’t know what the weasel is complaining about. This is the platform he stood on when campaigning to become Mayor –

Fewer coppers must mean fewer stops and searches. And there has been a huge drop in stops and searches, something which Theresa May began as Home Secretary, to burnish her Social Justice Warrior credentials.

So the Mayor can shut his mouth. He got he wanted. And another teenager got stabbed to death today in London.


  1. //Fall in use of stop & search since 2010 is welcome. As Mayor, I’d do everything in my power to bring it down further.//

    If he really said that, then it should be held against him whenever the topic of knife crime comes up. Reducing S&S has obviously been a complete failure.

  2. I absolutely disagree with the prohibition of stop and search as a tool in the fight against both knife and wider crime and those in London would do well to both heed and imitate the advice of others who’ve been there before:

    “I don’t think they were happy to hear that stop and search is an integral part of stopping knife crime,” Carnochan said.

    Unfortunately for yourself Pete the Glasgow approach also involves a big slice of social warrioring:


  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6785909/Pictured-Student-17-dreams-barrister-stabbed-death.html

    An ‘aspiring barrister’ got stabbed. From the look of him, barista is as far as he would have got…….

    A mother has today revealed her agony as her son, a 17-year-old who dreamed of being a barrister, was knifed to death after what was said to be the fourth attempt on his life.

    yes – these things just happened, for no reason at all