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By Pete Moore On March 8th, 2019

On 22nd August 2015 this happened at the Shoreham Airshow, in southern England.

Somehow the pilot survived, being thrown clear. But 11 men were killed. All those empty fields and the pilot was over a road. Today he was found not guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence. The details are in this BBC News report. I dunno, I’m not a lawyer, but it looks to me as it didn’t just happen. It doesn’t look like one of those things. It looks like someone stuffed up.


  1. Gravity Works

  2. I read about this today while browsing the news.
    Understandably, the families of those killed are absolutely gutted by the verdict, but I’m not a lawyer either and presumably the jury was directed by the judge toward a not guilty verdict based not on emotion but on legal principles. And presumably the jury thought about it and went with the direction? Whatever it was, it doesn’t seem to have been deliberate, wanton murder, just a terrible accident. God help us, these things do happen, I could be sitting in my office and with the construction work going on around me, a crane could collapse and kill us all, even with everyone doing the best they could. What should we do, condemn the crane operator to a life in prison?

  3. The prosecution alleged that the pilot was negligent and the jury decided that negligence was not proved beyond reasonable doubt.

  4. Pete – OT for a moment but it’s now over a year since the Skripals disappeared and I’m just wondering where they are and where you reckon that they are. Here’s Craig Murray’s take on this bizarre case…….


    3) Nursing Care

    The very first person to discover the Skripals ill on a park bench in Salisbury just happened to be the Chief Nurse of the British Army, who chanced to be walking past them on her way back from a birthday party. How lucky was that? The odds are about the same as the chance of my vacuum cleaner breaking down just before James Dyson knocks at my door to ask for directions. There are very few people indeed in the UK trained to give nursing care to victims of chemical weapon attack, and of all the people who might have walked past, it just happened to be the most senior of them!

    If you believe that it is coincidence that the Chief Nurse of the British Army was the first person to discover the Skripals ill, you are a credulous fool. And why was it kept quiet?

    Craig Murray should visit ATW and fill his boots with credulous fools

  5. Allan, he could that just by reading your comments.

  6. Craig is one of Putin’s little helpers. In previous years they were called fifth columnists.

  7. Peter, Colm – do you believe the ‘coincidence’ cited above?

  8. Allan

    Do you believe that Russia had nothing to do with this attempted murder?

  9. Craig Murray should visit ATW and fill his boots with credulous fools

    Shouldn’t talk about yourself like that Allan. 😉

  10. OT roflmao…. friggin ijit