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By Pete Moore On March 8th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night

I’m without the motor for the weekend. It’s making a noise that suggests driving it is a bad idea. I live in the countryside too, so I won’t be going anywhere far. It’s just me, the village pub and the 6 Nations on the TV. Pray that I come through it.

Apparently it’s International Woman’s Day, whatever that’s about. So we’ll have one for the ladies, by a lady. They can play it while they’re doing the ironing or cooking the husband’s dinner. I know, we have to look out for the little darlings.

Have fun whatever you’re up to and, as usual, share your top sounds down below –


  1. one of the best female voices in rock and that’s what you pick???? for shame for shame for shame

    The lady at some of her finest…. crank it up


  2. lets make it two


  3. I’ve never been a fan of Annie Lennox’s solo stuff but I did like both the tourists and the Eurythmics.

    This is beautiful:


  4. I heard this on the radio today, I forgot how much I liked it.


  5. Brilliant choice,Dave. A brilliantly bonkers band.

  6. Magnificent choice Pete. While we’re on such 80s stuff here’s a fellow Scouser. A bloody brilliant tune:


  7. Annie Lennox?

    Isn’t she a liberal, and a feminist?


    That’s all I need to know..thanks.

    Dopey cow.

  8. Paul.

    Bloody hell mate, I haven’t heard that song in decades. I’d actually forgotten about it. Cheers for posting that.

  9. essential 80s


  10. What kind of noise is your motor making? If it sounds a bit like your exhaust’s had it but you know it’s not that, it could be the wheel bearings. Get a female mechanic to look it over, seriously you can’t do better IMO.

  11. Apologies Dave, my 7.44 should have read magnificent choice Dave, referring to your Associates vid. I was thinking of Pete Wylie from Wah! when I wrote it.

    Staying on the eighties theme, beautifully smoooooth:


  12. He’s not just in Irishman, he’s an incredibly funny Irishman, with a great layman’s understanding of science.


  13. Paul McMahon,

    Apologies Dave, my 7.44 should have read magnificent choice Dave

    Don’t worry Paul, I knew that already mate. Somewhere out there in the aether, our souls are intertwined.

  14. He’s a chemistry and theoretical physics graduate too Dave.

  15. Paul

    Staying on the eighties theme, beautifully smoooooth:

    I just listened to that when I was making a cup of coffee mate. That’s the smoothest coffee I’ve ever made.


    Your link doesn’t work in the UK mate.

  16. Paul McMahon,

    He’s a chemistry and theoretical physics graduate too Dave.

    Jaysus, I’ve always been a fan of Dara, but I actually didn’t know that.
    I’ve just done a bit of research on the net and He’s gone up even further in my estimation if that’s possible.

  17. You brought up Bill Drummond on another thread Dave. As you’ve probably guessed by now I’m not big on electronic / techno music, I make the exception with Drummond though, who I’ve always considered an eccentric, anarchic genius.

    This is sublime:


  18. brexitannia –

    It’s a horrible metal, grinding noise. I suspect (long story) that a brake pad has dropped out, so the disk is rubbing. I’ve looked a them but the placement makes it difficult to tell if you’re not looking up inside the wheels.

    PVR –

    Shame on you. The track is a beautiful song of feminine duty.

  19. Harri

    Re, your 7:58 comment. You really are a dopey thoughtless idiot.

  20. here ya go Pete