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Horse Feathers

By Mahons On March 14th, 2019

We Yanks have been graciously distracted from the President’s ongoing scandals, tweets and setbacks by a still developing story involving College Admissions, Cheating and bribery.

College admissions have long involved illegal and distasteful if legal shenanigans. It has only gotten worse and more costly after time. Money has almost always been a factor.

Now we have a bunch of rich folks (CEO’s, Actresses and celebrities) who have apparently paid lots of money to cheat on tests, bribe college coaches and officials, and conspire to get undeserving offspring into elite schools. They are facing a variety of criminal felonies, ruined careers and national ridicule. The acts are so egregious that the doing what everyone else is doing defense is unavailable.

It is a sad and unnecessay scandal. Not happy with riches and privilege these folks apparently sought to cheat to get even more. Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be King and a King isnt satisfied until he owns everything. Now their lives and their children’s lives are tainted. The damned spot will not out out.
And it could be the tip of an iceberg.

4 Responses to “Horse Feathers”

  1. This is just more overt form of admission buying to what has always gone on.

    The rich get their kids in to any school via money or influence ( think GW Bush to Yale, or Donald Trump to Wharton ), preferred minorities get preference across the board, and the working and middle class get nothing.

  2. I liked the bit about the guy who “ghosted” their exams for them, asking them what grade they’d like, not too low,of course, but not too high as to arouse suspicion, then discussing the desired grade with their parents with a view to possible careers etc.

    They’d even give him samples of their – 6-yr-old level – handwritting for him to copy.
    He was then able to write the test and get exactly the grade they thought best.
    He got about 10K Dollars a throw.

    Well, it beats my job anyhow.

  3. My alma mater, the University of Texas, has just fired their tennis director over taking bribes. He would admit faux athletes to the tennis program for a huge sum, and when admitted they would quit the program, but still be enrolled.

  4. Athletic directors and coaches are usually paid very well. At least some of them will be taken down by their greed. Colleges should have kept a closer eye on these guys.