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The conspiracy goes all the way up……

By Patrick Van Roy On March 22nd, 2019


Recently declassified testimony/emails/Texts from McCabe and Paige show that the White House and the DOJ/FBI had a major meeting about the grounds for the FISA Warrants.

The FBI was worried about basing everything on Biased FABRICATED stories. The information reveals that not only were they using the FAKE Steele Dossier, but they also were using “blog posts” from one of James Comey’s close friends.

Comey would leak information to his buddy who would then write about, Paige then would use the articles as evidence backing up their suspicions about Trump including them in the FISA applications as if it was corroborating their suspicions even though Comey was the source……

The Senior Members of the FBI/DOJ met with the White House and WH Counsel to confer on how to approach the FISA court with their fabricated evidence to get a Warrant to Spy on a Candidate for President.

This is Criminal Abuse of Power that goes right to Obama.

What did he know and when did he know it?

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42 Responses to “The conspiracy goes all the way up……”

  1. I want the ” Black Dictator ” drawing that you used so many times before.

  2. There is no evidence that it was fabricated. Biased perhaps. But not fabricated.

  3. why do you call him a ” Black Dictator ” ?


    Steele testified under oath in England that he couldn’t verify ANYTHING in the Dossier and Comey LEAKED fake info which was then used to bolster their claims by saying “see it’s in the Press” never mind that it’s in there ONLY because they FABRICATED IT!

  5. Unverified doesn’t mean fabricated.

  6. Not again! Your diversions from Trump’s troubles are getting tiresome. I note Trump was in a rush to get out of town. There is no hiding from what is coming.

  7. when you go before the most powerful court in the land setup to catch terrorists with unverified stories from Russians and fake news stories planted by the FBI themselves that’s called fabricating evidence

  8. What are you going to say NYr when comey, yates, mccabe etc etc get indicted?

    What are you going to say NYr when the Mueller report comes back with no collusion?

    Are you going to just ignore those crocodiles in your river of DeNile ?

  9. Anytime Trump starts squirming, Pat starts Patting

  10. “when you go before the most powerful court in the land setup to catch terrorists with unverified stories from Russians and fake news stories planted by the FBI themselves that’s called fabricating evidence”

    No it isn’t. Fabricating has a meaning. You can’t just assign a new meaning to suit your nonsense. There is no evidence to suggest that the allegations provided by the Steele dossier were fabricated.

  11. to make up lies is a fabrication……. ask your priest

  12. You need to prove the made them up.

  13. Pat: “why do you call him a ” Black Dictator ” ?

    This is so interesting. I see “Elite Snob former POTUS Obama” ….Phantom sees “Black Dictator”

    Weird. It turns out that the Left really does project with every analysis.

  14. This post is beyond stupid.

  15. no it’s Daphne you had no part in it…..

  16. Seamus, on March 22nd, 2019 at 8:15 PM Said: Edit Comment
    You need to prove the made them up.

    It’s been proven…..

  17. PVR

    It is not only the Muller report, it is also various US attorneys, US House committees, the NY AG and probably other investigations ongoing or to come. There is a tsunami of evidence showing corruption, criminality, conspiracy with the Russians and others. By the time it is over, Trump will be finished off.

    Don’t forget Kushner and the daughter using non-secure communication of classified information. You were upset that Hillary did the same thing. Where is your outrage with these two doozies?

  18. You can’t arrest or prosecute the President of the United States. The only thing you can do is impeach. So all the AG’s no matter where they are can’t do anything except waste the taxpayers money.

    Ad you want to Prosecute people for using a secure network when the last Administration was never prosecuted for using an Unsecured one….. lmao

  19. It was trump who made a big deal about how he using unsecured correspondence was a big criminal matter

    And now his asshole daughter and crooked son-in-law Both have done what Hillary Clinton did pretty much

    They are as dumb as a box of rocks, Just as their supporters are

  20. really whose bathroom did they set their server up in?

  21. Your president’s son intentionally Refuse to keep proper records

    The guy who was going to fix the opioid crisis and bring peace to the Middle East

    Lock him up

  22. Excuse me son in law

  23. PVR

    “You can’t arrest or prosecute the President of the United States.” That is a recent Dept of Justice custom or position which needs to be changed because nobody should be above the law. It only applies to the federal level, not to states; but would probably end up in court if a state AG indicts Trump. Trump will be eligible for arrest and prosecution in January 2021, so all the legal work will be useful then.

  24. Good That means when we finish the investigation and prosecution of all those that committed crimes at the orders of Obama it will be no problem locking him up then…..

  25. PVR

    “That is a recent Dept of Justice custom or position which needs to be changed because nobody should be above the law.” Do you agree this Dept of Justice custom should be changed?

  26. It’s not recent.

    It has always been that you can not indict or arrest a President BEFORE IMPEACHMENT. A sitting President can only be removed through Impeachment or the 25th.

    I have no Problem if after any President is out of office being indicted charged or convicted with crimes they committed while not President.

    It will be interesting when they start to lock up those that committed crimes in the Hillary cover up, and the attempt to frame Trump what they do about Obama.

    Obama knew and at the very least approved the fixing of the Hillary Espionage investigation and according to testimony was fully aware of the falsified FISA warrants.

    Prosecuting a President for actions he did as President has never been done, but how they handle Obama’s crimes will tell what they can and can not do to Trump.

  27. Obama committed no crimes. However if any sitting President commits crimes while president of course they should be able to be prosecuted for them. There should be no period in anyone’s life when they are immune from the law.

  28. Obama committed no crimes that we know of

    The crackhead Levin Alex Jones Limbaugh fantasies mean nothing

  29. Obama ordered the fixing of the Hillary Espionage Investigation and approved the falsification of the FISA Warrants.

    Those are crimes.

    Phantom is delusional and suffers from a mental problem where both Trump and Obama are concerned. The FISA warrants were falsified. Before they were falsified Lynch, McCabe, Paige and White House Council met in the White House to discuss using the fraudulent Dossier and Planted by the FBI stories as reason for the Warrant, and they all agreed to use them.

    That’s a crime. A Crime ordered and approved by Obama. We have testimony under oath that discusses the meeting.

    Those are facts.

    Now you can whine cry and call people you don’t agree with all the names you want it doesn’t change the facts.

  30. PVR

    “It has always been that you can not indict or arrest a President BEFORE IMPEACHMENT.” That is not true. The Dept of Justice position of not indicting a president only began in the time of Nixon and Agnew.

    If you support not indicting a president then the president is above the law, and that is contrary to what the country has believed since its founding. We rejected the idea of royalty and believed ‘no man is above the law’. That is one reason the Dept of Justice position should be changed.

  31. Democrats yearned to have Mueller scream “Collusion!” like Marlon Brando once screamed “Stella!” And come to the podium to announce: “This is a real national emergency. The president is a Russian agent and needs to go immediately, along with his family.”

    The 74-year-old, an Ivy League graduate and a decorated marine in Vietnam, is so meticulous that he would not even deviate to wear a blue shirt when he ran the FBI, seeing that as compromising his integrity. He has run the only disciplined, airtight operation in the undisciplined, leaky Trump era. Not even Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, knew what was happening when the Times’ Katie Rogers tracked him down at the Trump hotel at 1.30pm, as he sat at a table in the lobby and worked his cellphone trying to get information.

    Democrats, aflame with investigative zeal, demanded that the report be made public and all of Mueller’s files be turned over to Congress. Mueller may be winding down, but the Democrats are just getting wound up.

    Maureen Dowd

  32. A President is not above the Law, but he has to be removed from office through impeachment before he can be arrested.


  33. Maureen Dowd

    Phantoms idea of an objective reporter…. lmao

  34. here’s a real reporter


  35. Maureen Dowd! lmao.

    Phantom is such a tool.

  36. Patrick: is Phantom a girl? He sure acts like one.

  37. Patty is busted nine ways to Sunday, and she doesn’t like it.

  38. Phantom

    One thing is for sure, spending most of your spare time and life on ATW, doesn’t make you always right?.

  39. Busted? 🙂 but I never got a copy of your rule book!

    It’s not fair! cry, cry, cry….little girl Phantom is a bully…cry cry.

  40. Harri, you are so right about too much time on the internet.

    Thanks.I’m snapping out of this. I have so much to do that I am procrastinating. Time to get to it.

    Bye now.

  41. Its not healthy.

    I’m pretty certain, if I was in NY, I would not be spending every spare waking hour arguing the toss with someone I don’t even know on the Internet.

    Life is just far too short.

  42. PVR

    “A President is not above the Law, but he has to be removed from office through impeachment before he can be arrested.” That is because of a Dept of Justice custom or position dating to the Nixon presidency. My question to you is: should it be changed?

    If the president is not above the law, why can’t he be indicted for serious crime? Impeachment and conviction in the Senate is lengthy and political. In Israel a week or two ago Bibi was indicted. I believe the US is unusual among nations in that the president is the only person in the country that cannot be indicted. There in nothing in the Constitution or law that would prevent getting rid of this custom so that the president can be held accountable and indicted like every other American.