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Ah the rabble is howling……

By Patrick Van Roy On March 23rd, 2019

As we all now know the Mueller Report has been finished. After 675 days and $25 Million spent on the Mueller investigation, and over 180 days costing god knows how much spent on the illegal spying on the Trump Campaign NO COLLUSION has been found.

COLLUSION isn’t even a crime.

The Obama administration Illegally used the IRS/FBI/DOJ/NSA/CIA to attack a political opponent. He abused his Power. He ordered the cover up of Hillary Clinton’s Crimes of Espionage and the destruction of a political opposition party’s candidate.

When the witch didn’t Win the FBI/DOJ engaged in Sedition to undermine a fairly elected President and to UNDUE an American Election.

They have all committed Treason.

Now that the fishing expedition is done after destroying the lives of 6 Americans because they had the nerve to work for a candidate the DNC didn’t like. The circus is not over even though they lost. There will be things they try to expand on and make crimes out of from the report, but all the indictments on the right are done…. it won’t stop the Dems from trying.

Now however the Prosecution of Comey, Yates, Lynch, McCabe, Rosenstein and a dozen others in the FBI/DOJ who BROKE THE LAW can begin.

50 Responses to “Ah the rabble is howling……”

  1. How many days to go …….

    Anyone watching this clock?


  2. I think that you should do Ten more posts about this before lunchtime today

  3. We have a great big patriotic rabble marching through London today. Far far greater than anything the Brexit wreckers can put up.

  4. A pro remain march?

  5. Ahh


  6. Wow, this is impressive. And fair play to ATW for not using this as a publicity ploy.

    But, I’m more than a little gobsmacked that the US Attorney General posts under a pseudonym on ATW, and that after reading the Mueller report he made known his findings here first. Amazing.

  7. There is nothing stopping a Republican appointed Attorney General from prosecuting any alleged criminal activity from prior administration except for facts, professional integrity and the rule of law.

  8. Phantom

    It could well be over a million. Yes its a pro remain march and may be the biggest in our history. An official government website petition that has been open for just a few days has become the most succesfull ever and is on its way to 5 million individual votes to revoke article 50 and remain in the EU.


  9. Mueller has cost taxpayers:

    – $102 million for hiding exculpatory evidence on four men, two of whom died in prison, part and parcel to the Whitey Bulger case

    – $5.8 million to Steven Hatfill for misidentifying him as the Anthrax killer

    – $30 million (?) for this witch-hunt.

  10. Phantom, on March 23rd, 2019 at 2:01 PM Said: Edit Comment
    I think that you should do Ten more posts about this before lunchtime today

    sounds good

  11. Patrick

    Just a repeat of the Republican inspired expensive wasteful Kenneth Starr investigation witch hunt then ?

  12. Bill Clinton was Impeached and disbarred for lying under oath about raping a woman, and suborning perjury.

    The Starr investigation was based on crimes NOT Republican inspired ANYTHING.

  13. Bill Clinton did not rape anyone, and he was not successfully impeached, the impeachment process failed. His only offence was that yes he did lie about having sex with Monica Lewinsky. Not the most serious of ‘crimes’.

  14. No

    Wrong again

    You are disbarred

  15. PVR is disbarred

    Colm is correct

  16. no he was Impeached and disbarred. He wasn’t removed from office. You don’t know how it works…. look it up.

  17. Was Bill Clinton impeached?

    President Bill Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice by the House of Representatives on Dec. 19, 1998. Clinton’s impeachment trial was held in the Senate, where he was acquitted of all charges on Feb. 12, 1999.

  18. acquitted of all charges. Says it all !

  19. he was still impeached though. Impeachment is the Trial NOT the guilt or acquittal.

  20. Anyone else here concerned that most of the media has been lying through their teeth, creating propaganda for one political party…trying to overturn an election?

    Mueller? Mueller? anyone? Mueller?

  21. I think it’s time to call Hillary CLinton into court.

    What’s up with all the classified material on her private laptop, anyway….

    And while she’s preparing her non-answers, let’s hear from Comey and confront him on his lies under oath to Congress. And Clapper and Brennan – leaks?

    Say it ain’t true…there’s two justice systems? One for Democrats and one for Republicans?

  22. Clinton was impeached and then acquitted. Which has nothing to do with the Mueller report which was apparently delivered to the Attorney General and Patrick.

  23. It ain’t true Patty.

  24. Patty

    Do you support indicting Crooked Jared and Crooked Ivanka?

    Or are they immune from the law

  25. Phantom: Turn off Richard Maddow and CNN…you sound like a brain-washed school girl the way you cling to these tropes.

  26. “trope” is not the word I wanted….what’s a nice way to say “lie?”

  27. Try “Trump opens his mouth”.

  28. Humor needs a bit of truth in order to be funny.

    This is why SNL is no longer funny. And this is why your joke above is not funny.

  29. Mahons: your 4:05 joke was funny because it was clever and unexpected.

    but your joke at 4:23 was not funny because, even though your timing was spot on, there is no truth to the implication that Trump lies. It just falls flat. If anything, Trump is the most truthful politician we have seen in my lifetime.

  30. Now that is funny.

  31. Patty do you moonlight at the improv?

  32. Colm, that’s incredible – just look at this drone’s-eye-view


  33. Brexit is not a settled matter

  34. Sedition…. Treason….. Conspiracy….. Bribery….. Espionage…. Perjury….. Denial of Civil Rights…. Lying Under Oath…. Falsifying Evidence….

    Lynch, Yates, McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey, Strock, Paige, etc etc etc

  35. Phantom, on March 23rd, 2019 at 5:25 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Brexit is not a settled matter

    Yeah screw the vote……. the vote don’t count in England or the U.S. Brexit won and Trump won…. sorry unacceptable

  36. So you think that the popular vote is how important matters are to be decided?

  37. It’s not complicated:

    The Left believes in “by any means necessary.” The Right stands for law and order.

    so, the Left doesn’t accept legitimate election outcomes and seeks to overturn, like socialist countries and banana republics.

    The Right accepts legitimate election outcomes and lives with the consequences. (8 years of Obama, for example).

  38. Phantom, on March 23rd, 2019 at 5:41 PM Said: Edit Comment
    So you think that the popular vote is how important matters are to be decided?

    Trump didn’t win by the popular vote and Brexit was put to the People as a Referendum a yes or no vote. By their Governments choice.

  39. The referendum was not AFAIK legally binding

    It sure is hell was important, but the elected Parliament has the last say on all matters?

  40. Noel,

    Colm, that’s incredible – just look at this drone’s-eye-view

    Holy s*** that’s a lot of people.

  41. Oh so your saying the British Governing class told the British People “we’re going to let you vote on leaving, but if you do it’s NOT legally binding”…..

    Can you link to that, because a referendum vote by the people isn’t like a nonbinding house or parliament resolution…. from what I know. I could be wrong.

  42. In most parliamentary democracies referendums are not binding

  43. hmm interesting

  44. 48 % of informed intelligent people is more important than 52% of brainless idiots 😋

  45. Colm,

    48 % of informed intelligent people is more important than 52% of brainless idiots 😋

    Not forgetting nearly 13 million people who could have voted, and didn’t.

  46. They were obviously perfectly happy being in the EU , so that makes 29 million sensible remainers against 17 million narrow minded xenophobic bigots 😉

  47. Those who can’t bother to vote opinions don’t count.

  48. Holy s*** that’s a lot of people.

    Not nearly as many as were at Donny’s inaguration though.

  49. Paul McMahon,

    Not nearly as many as were at Donny’s inaguration though.

    Holy s**t Paul, do we share a collective consciousness. I actually looked at Donny’s inauguration film because I thought exactly the same thing myself.

  50. Great minds think alike Dave.

    ……….and fools seldom differ mate 🙂