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“now this won’t hurt at all!”

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006

Heard the new, caring, Gordon Brown illustrate how he’s going to spend lots more of our money on the prompt immunisation of kids worldwide who would otherwise go without! Now, in principle, there’s nothing wrong with the idea that mass immunisation is a ‘good thing’, but, (and there’s always a but;) the devil is in the detail! Firstly, why is it always down to the long-bled and -suffering taxpayers of the U.K. who have to fund most of this burden on ‘hire-purchase’? Then, doesn’t the whole idea of this practice, good though it may be, then allow the feckless Governments in whose countries these alleged kids live to further spend their own money on nice guns, or palaces, or German cars, or other goodies, instead of basic health care for their own citizens?

Further to those queries being resolved, we now come to the thorny issue of what type of immunisation is to be funded? I for one tend to distrust anyone who states, "Trust me, we know what we’re doing" when it comes to matters medical! Go back a year or two, to the rows around the efficacy of the ‘MMR’ or Measles, Mumps and Rubella jab, and whether there was a link between massive assaults on a very young person’s immune systems; and the onset of Autism in numbers of those same children! Whereas the ‘single’ jab, whereby the proven technology of a single dose against a single disease or infexction has been used for many years without problem! Now far be it from me to query those experts who claim that all is well with the ‘MMR’ routine, but there’s an awful lot of cash heading the way of pharmaceutical companies who are pushing the ‘MMR’ route, bhecause they after all, have done their research and produced these ‘wonder’ medications, and we all know that pharmaceutical companies and chemists always tell the truth!

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