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The 2 Minutes that gave them Conniptions

By Patrick Van Roy On April 12th, 2019

The following is AG Barr testifying before Congress. He was called before them to be grilled and attacked because he was the messenger that delivered the announcement of Mueller’s failure to find a single thing on Trump with his 3yr rectal exam.

The hair pulling and chest pounding nonsensical antics of these type of show hearings accomplish nothing but soundbites.

This Soundbite however made the entire Democrat Party collectively have heart palpitations.

3 Responses to “The 2 Minutes that gave them Conniptions”

  1. Barr is a foolish man. He could have gracefully eased into retirement. Instead he chose to be a lackey. He will forever reek of the stink of Trump.

  2. shame on you NYr.

  3. PVR

    “shame on you NYr.” Why? Everything I wrote is true. Barr would have been better off not taking the AG job. The reputation of anyone who worked, or works, for Trump is radioactive.