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By David Vance On April 13th, 2019

Next Monday, April 15a group of hard left, anti-democratic, violent, drug-fuelled narcissistic revolutionaries will take to the streets in a coordinated plan to block as much social and commercial traffic as possible. The ultimate aim according to UK organiser Roger Hallamis to cause food shortages and “once that happens the regime will fall”.

Of course, you might already know them, via the friendly BBC and other useful idiot media outlets, as well-meaning non-violent committed eco-champions with the attention-grabbing name of Extinction Rebellion(XR).

This friendly image is designed to mobilise people on a mass scale with everyone included from children to grannies.

There are few clues as to the funding of XR but it appeared suddenly late last year in many European countries and elsewhere utilising the usual small cadres of disaffected revolutionary activists. In the UK the main leaders seem to be Roger Hallam, a failed organic carrot farmer, who came to London to“take out the system” and Gail Bradbrook, a self-confessed pagan spiritualist– according to a recent helpful profile on Radio 4 – and a keen fan of “psychedelics-aided magical ceremonies”for advancing the movement. Both Hallam and Bradbrook are longtime activists and seem to be behind the connected hard left groups Rising Up and the briefly notorious Occupy.

Curiously climate change has only recently been mentioned in any detail by these groups. XR demands that carbon emissions are reduced to zero by 2025but this is a silly notion that is deliberately impractical. Negotiation is not the name of the game being played here. The obvious pretence that the political agenda has anything to do with climate change is exposed by another XR activist Stuart Basden who wrote that “Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate”. For Basden, climate breakdown is a symptom of an infected toxic system based on white supremacy, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, hetero-sexism/heteronormativity and class hierarchy. One can’t help noting that this listing would keep some of our more useless seats of unlearning going for years in “Studies” courses.

Mr Hallam has been chattering away of late with frequent why-are-you-so-very-wonderful TV appearances on Russia Today (RT). Organic carrot farming doesn’t seem to have given him much of a grasp of his new found love of climate science. He suggests that once you get above a rise of +2 Centigrade from 1750 “then it seems like it is highly problematical to grow grains at scale”. He continues that if you can’t “store” grains “you are looking at losing the basis of civilisation and what that means is that there is no food and that means mass starvation”.

One hardly knows where to start in countering this largely meaningless gibberish other than to point out that the current +1Centigrade modest warming from the depth of the little ice age over the last 270 years and the small recent rise in CO2 have been largely beneficial and over the last 30 years have led to a 14% greening of the planet and a significant reduction in mass starvation.

Using this nonsense, however, Hallam looks to mobilise brain-washed school kids and air-headed middle-class virtue signallers. The constant public message is one of non-violence but some of the lengthy exposition of aims, particularly to the Russian State’s favourite TV channel, suggests otherwise. The plan boasts Hallam, is to bring down regimes and impose a “better democracy” based on “sortition” rather than one person, one vote.

Hallam regards street blockages as the “pathway to the revolution”. His view is that the optimum point for such protest is two or three steps above “decent civil disobedience”. In his view, disruption and property damage is “good stuff”. Furthermore, Hallam has spoken about street sacrifice and disruption, explaining that” sacrifice is losing liberty and ultimately die for the cause and that brings more people out into the street”.

Ms Bradbrook also speaks the language of non-violence – when it suits her purpose. In October last year, she gave an interview to commonwealthnonviolence.orgin which she stated that she did not condone all violence “just that we understand in some cases it may be justified”. Asked where the cash for Rising Up came from, she noted” some organisations and people that fund activists and prefer some confidentiality”

The XR movement seems to have had a large part to play in the recent spate of school climate strikes. The movement started in Sweden with the lone vigil of 15-year-old Greta Thunberg.

Suddenly school kids started bunking off school all over Europe. Writing on Facebook recently, Ms Thunberg admitted that she had been contacted byXR Sweden activist Bo Thoren”  whose group wanted to do something about the climate crisis”.It was Bo Thoren who then suggested school strikes to the impressionable Ms Thunberg.

Meanwhile, Energy minister Claire Perry seemed to support a similar copy-cat strike in the UK recently and suggested that if she was younger she would have joined them herself. Fellow enthusiast Roger Hallam welcomed the strikes noting that kids were “coming to their senses”, suggesting that it was cool and “better than school”.

Putting Ms Perry in charge of energy let alone education and law and order might seem rash but she is only touting a typical libtard reaction. On the day that the grown-ups in the US Senate threw out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ludicrous Green New Deal by 57 votes to 0, the BBC chose to ignore the story reporting instead that four Oxfordshire school children were doing something or other for climate change! This despite BBC reporter Matt McGrath writing just a month before that the deal “deliberately sets out to echo the past glories of FDR”. For some inexplicable reason, he failed to report that the green plan was at times laughed out of the Senate and it is now politically dead.

This type of reporting censorship has played right into the hands of extreme activists like Extinction Rebellion. In 2006 the BBC gathered a group of like-minded elite greenies together and in secret session decided to limit any reporting of science that suggested global warming (as it was known in those days) was not caused predominately by CO2 released by fossil fuel. Under the current news editor Fran Unsworth that diktat has been rigidly enforced. No contrarian view about the controversial theory of man-made climate change is allowed, despite considerable evidence that natural variability is the prime cause of changes in climate. Hundreds of distinguished scientists are left out in the cold while BBC hacks like McGrath and Roger Harrabin sub the latest preposterous climate scare stories from often laughable dubious sources.

Lack of a proper debate about climate change means that it has been hijacked by the hard left, seeking to capture the commanding heights of both local and world economies. And of course the most useful of idiots are the free-basing loons looking for something to do in a world whose social and economic structures they regard with unconcealed contempt.

US intelligence has long believed that Russia is implicated in attempts to demonise oil and gas so that it can drive up the price of its own energy reserves. Few countries delight Russia more than Germany where 60 years of relentless green propaganda has led to a ban on fracking gas. There have been huge increases in the cost of electricity to pay enormous subsidies for the high level of unreliable and intermittent solar and wind power. The cherry on the Russian cake is a gas pipeline from Russia, no doubt with love.

The next time a Conservative (sic) Party government minister decides to fantasise about her lost youth and go on a kids demo, she might care to do a little homework to see what actually lies behind the cultivated activist façade.

Article by Chris Morrison.


  1. Many thanks DV and Mr.C.Morrison.

    . . . an infected toxic system based on white supremacy, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, hetero-sexism/heteronormativity and class hierarchy.

    What that all means is, white, lower to middle class, hetrosexual male of European extraction. People like himself, ironically.

    True story that has some relevance to the above.

    I was on a train going home the other week. Opposite me was a man who, could rather kindly, be classed as a Hipster. He was constantly on his phone, which was cutting out, talking to someone about a potential business arrangement. He mention DEFRA (Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) and that he had good relations and contacts there. He was very interested in their product that they were growing and could get them government funding. The product ? It was Hemp. Apparently Hemp has a wide range of uses from pharmaceuticals to plastics and, is even better at reducing CO2 than trees. Who knew ? So what is the point of this and what has it got to do with the above. Well that is simple – MONEY !! You see, this guy had the connections and could get these people funding and investment in exchange for a cut of the action, as it were.

    The environment is big business my friends, big business.

  2. now we need a piece written by you David…..

    You grace the main site with your writing. Crossposting here would be very welcomed.

  3. Want some tissues for that drooling, PaTroll? 😉

  4. //Next Monday, April 15a group of hard left, anti-democratic, violent, drug-fuelled narcissistic revolutionaries will take to the streets//

    Errrr… the venue, please?

  5. lol something to wipe my nose off with…..

  6. This is child abuse, but we’ve seen it many times before. The left knows how to brainwash the children. It’s one reason how they’ve maintained cultural hegemony for so long despite leftist beliefs being routed every day by reality.

    I notice that taking children out of school has long been stamped on the state. Parents are routinely fined for it. Some have even been jailed for it. But mass truancy is virtually sanctioned when it’s so-called climate change.

    The climate change bit is just the excuse. It could be any silly cause. The point is to inculcate far left radicalism and anti-capitalist beliefs in the minds of the young. It’s in the classrooms and runs virulently through academia and the education bureaucracy, because the left has brilliantly run its long march through the institutions.

  7. I notice that taking children out of school has long been stamped on the state. Parents are routinely fined for it. Some have even been jailed for it. But mass truancy is virtually sanctioned when it’s so-called climate change.

    Pete is absolutely right.

    Parents who intended taking their 5 – 6 year-old children out of tranny reading-hour at schools near London were told that they would be considered as having had ‘unauthorised absence’, and that the authorities would examine the parents’ status as parents.

    Anyway, one reads at the source of Truth that……..


    The “climate change” bullshit is the absolute gayest shit of all time. Honestly, this is worse than trannies.

    The Independent:

    Tens of thousands of children and young people are expected to attend nationwide protests urging the government to introduce measures to address climate change and economic inequality.

    Young people from the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement have organised protests in more than 70 towns and cities across the UK, in their third major demonstration this year.

    My first thought on reading this is – who is organising these idiots? Idiots, especially teenagers, are incapable of organising but they are highly malleable and can be organised by others. And sure enough, under every stone…….


    Most parents wouldn’t be thrilled about their 17-year-old skipping school. But Noga Levy-Rapoport isn’t any ordinary teen.

    She’s helping lead the UK Student Climate Network, a growing youth protest movement against climate change – and she says her parents couldn’t be more supportive.

    Jewish agitator doing agitating as they do

    Levy-Rapoport says she “100 percent” supports Ocasio-Cortez, describing the US parliamentarian as “one of the most powerful and important figures of our time”.

    And all other boxes are ticked as expected

  8. My first thought on reading this is – who is organising these idiots?


    It’s well organised, well funded and it has a great PR effort backing it. These things don’t happen at the behest of Swedish teenagers.