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Shamima Begum – JIHAD ENFORCER!

By David Vance On April 15th, 2019

Back in February, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn weighed in on the Islamic State terrorist Shamima Begum issue. He insisted that not only has she a right to return to Britain but that she deserves“support”. (For “support” read “more of your taxes”) Corbyn’s former lover Labour MP Diane Abbott also insisted that the “IS Bride” must be allowed back to the UK. We also had Conservative deserterAnna Soubry tweeting in March that we must bring Shamima Begum home.

Meanwhile, renowned philosopher (!) and actor Danny Dyer opined that Shamima Begum should be brought home so“we can learn from it”.

Against this background, the Sunday Telegraph reports today;

Shamima Begum, the Bethnal Green schoolgirl, served in the Islamic State’s“morality police” and also triedto recruit other young women to join the jihadist group.


There is more…

Activist Aghiad al-Khederadded: “Members of our group from Raqqaknew her well. There were lots of young European women in the hisba [ISIS morality police]. Some of them were very harshand the local population became very scared.

He claimed she earned between £500 and £1,500 a month for the role and is likely to have ordered the imprisonment and lashing of women in Syria.

The jihadi bride alsostitched explosive vests on to suicide bombers,spy chiefs have claimed. Begum was reportedly seen helping to sew the devices on so they could not be removed without detonation.

In summary, and as AltNewsMedia has repeatedly claimed, Begum is a battle-hardened Jihadi who played an important role in the brutal Islamic State regime. Those who demanded that she be returned to the UK must now explain why they would endanger our lives by having Begum here,

Begum is a repulsive terrorist and the best thing the UK could do would be to send a well-armed drone her way so that one less terrorist walks this earth.

23 Responses to “Shamima Begum – JIHAD ENFORCER!”

  1. Begun joined a repulsive terrorist group but the case as to whether she was important within it or was battle-hardened is pretty speculative. Dispatching a drone to kill someone in a refugee camp, never mind potential collateral damage, is against British and international law and would be homicide.

  2. Better to legally adjudicate her status (I think she should be denied return to the UK and that she never regain citizenship).

  3. is likely to have

    have claimed

  4. She should never set foot in Britain, or Europe ever again.

  5. I would not want to send a well armed drone or anything her way. Except that is, our best wishes in her new home 😉

  6. Don’t be fooled by that Cockney geezer Danny dyer. He just wants to lull her into a false sense of security so she returns, and then use his trusty Stanley knife to give her the old ‘Chelsea Smile’ to make sure the little lady never messes around like that again.

  7. European countries should devise some legal mechanism for assessing the status of such people in abstentia, but with legal representation. Any messing about with those mad groups in the ME should mean they are barred from re-entry (unless they are natural-born citizens, who I suppose have to be allowed in).

    Of course the “mad groups” will also have to be defined. Many people go off to fight in various wars for love or money; Some are worthy causes, but there’s often a very hazy line between what is a terrorist group and what’s a liberation movement or a territorial defence army.

    I once encountered two young English guys returning from fighting in Bosnia. They were wiped out mentally and financially. Nobody could help pitying them.

  8. I think she is being granted legal aid which is probably technically correct but still astounding.

  9. We all know the game that’s being played for it’s the same game being played with Brexit. There shall be apparent efforts made to do what should be done but, when Begum is allowed into the UK and Brexit is quashed, the politicos will tell us that the ‘system’ thwarted their good intentions.

    I hear that Notre Dame is a-blaze, one of the jewels of white civilisation.

  10. Dreadful news about Notre Dame. A cultural tragedy for Europe.

    Sounds like renovation work caused it…but I’m sure the internet conspiracy nuts will have all the “real” answers.

  11. Alex Jones and Inforwars have headlines now that it was deliberately set.


  12. Sounds like renovation work caused it

    It could well be the case. John Glenn, I believe, mentioned that when he was sitting the the rocket ready for launch, it entered his mind that everything below him was built to the lowest bid. That could be the case here, and I wonder who the personnel were, given that Paris is heading towards 3rd-world status.

  13. This type of ( probable ) accident does happen.

    There was a major apartment house fire in NJ in 2015 caused by a blowtorch used for plumbing repairs.



  14. As always, the Daily Stormer gets to the facts of Paris first……


  15. Won’t click onto that site.

  16. The lovely and talented Ms Begum should be invited back to the U.K. on condition she helps sort out Brexit. On reflection I think she will choose to stay and take her chances in War torn Syria 😉

    Ps – Yes of course we await with bated breath Allan’s true take on the Norte Dame fire. No doubt it will involve the you-know-who’s !

  17. No doubt Soros had a hand in it Colm.

  18. Allan@Aberdeen, on April 15th, 2019 at 8:03 PM Said:

    As always, the Daily Stormer gets to the facts of Paris first……


    Phantom, on April 15th, 2019 at 8:07 PM Said:

    Won’t click onto that site.

    WTF!!! You kept writing that I got all my news from Alex Jones and I told you, told you, told you that it was not so. Then, when I finally relent and show where I get my news from, you won’t even look – I’m crestfallen. What’s worse is that YOU’RE THE GUY who always visits Alex Jones’s sites 🙂

    Anyway, the Daily Stormer is the Source Of Truth, as is seen from the link

  19. That’s all we need, having cookies all over our machines from the Daily Swastika

  20. Phantom, on April 15th, 2019 at 10:16 PM Said:

    That’s all we need, having cookies all over our machines from the Daily Swastika

    Phantom – you have cookies all over your PCs from Alex Jones. Anyway, I shall continue to confirm the source of my news by linking to it directly…….

    Here’s Cher, in California of course, stating that Callifornia is turning to shit though omitting to mention that she and her ilk caused it…….


    DS – As the Democrats keep getting kookier, saying they’re going to take in all of the poor brown people on earth and feed, clothe and house them, they are increasingly having a problem keeping their own people on-board with their radical agenda.

    Cher is the latest to break ranks and mention the fact that there are over 50,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, and taking in more illiterate third world brown people and paying for them is simply insane.

    JRRustlerIII says:
    April 15, 2019

    Cher is struggling with cognitive dissonance. She’s old enough to remember when Los Angeles was a paradise populated almost exclusively by white people. Whatever hispanics there were, were mostly descended from the old Spanish Land Grant families, and were legitimate, fully-integrated Americans.

    Fast-forward to today, and it’s obvious that her brain is exploding as she sees literally millions of beaners spread across the LA basin, and gigantic tent cities of homeless whites who don’t have the institutional welfare support that illegals have. Trying to reconcile what she sees today with the LA of her youth is clearly driving her insane.

    Of course if she was Jewish, she wouldn’t be suffering from this kind of mental distress. She’d understand that it’s all part of a larger plan. But having spent her life in the Jew-dominated entertainment business, her brain is filled with Jew propaganda that, deep down, she knows doesn’t square with her own reality.

    Yes – they trashed their own paradise. What a shower of shit they are!

  21. Phantom – are you worried that somebody is watching what you view? That’s just ‘conspiracy theory’ nonsense. Don’t believe all that stuff that was leaked by Assange et all about the NSA having backdoor access to your devices

  22. Phantom,

    Alex Jones and Inforwars have headlines now that it was deliberately set.

    Oh FFS. Can nothing be an accident anymore to these conspiracy theorists.

  23. Dave

    In a world controlled by the you-know-who’s NOTHING is accidental 😉