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By Pete Moore On April 16th, 2019

If Labour were to win a General Election tomorrow, Richard Burgon MP would be Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Justice. He’d be an awful one, because he’s almost as thick as Lammy and Abbott, but that’s where he is in the Shadow Cabinet. He’s also dishonest –

Why can’t we simply be honest about what we think? It’s not as if Burgon’s real opinions will hold him back in the Labour Party. It’s the most anti-semitic political party since that Labour Party offshoot, the British Union of Fascists. It’s the weasel lies an the cowardice which grate, the cowardice to say what you think and stand by what you say.

One Response to “WELL THIS IS AWKWARD”

  1. Politician in dishonesty shocka? Say it aint so.

    I mean, just think of those Brexi politicos who told us the UK wasn’t leaving the CU, SM, EEA before the Brexit referendum for example…..