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By Pete Moore On April 18th, 2019

Today, as the flood-tide of western power and influence ebbs, the illusions of European and American liberals risk being left stranded. Much that they have sought to cast as universal stands exposed as never having been anything of the kind. Free-thinkers who mock the very idea of a god as a sky fairy, an imaginary friend, still hold to taboos and morals that palpably derive from Christianity […]

The wellspring of humanist values lies not in reason, not in evidence-based thinking, but in the past, and specifically in the story of how a cult inspired by the execution of an obscure criminal in a long-vanished empire emerged to become — as the great Jewish scholar Daniel Boyarin has put it — ‘the most powerful of hegemonic cultural systems in the history of the world’.

At Easter, my favourite contemporary historian reminds us that it is Christianity, not humanism, which is the wellspring of Western values, and that the West’s debt to Christianity is far greater than some imagine. Do read it all.

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  1. Today, as the flood-tide of western power and influence ebbs…..

    And here’s what happens:


    This is shocking.

    One would have thought that putting a bunch of stupid niggers in charge of a country built by white people would lead to unforetold levels of prosperity.


    New research from think tank Eunomix Business & Economics found that South Africa endured one of the worst declines over the past 12 years for a country not at war.

    The country’s performance on a range of social, economic, and governance measures deteriorated more than any other nation not involved in an international or civil conflict, it said.

    An index of security, governance, prosperity, and welfare indicators showed South Africa slumped to 88th out of 178 nations last year from 31st in 2006.

    It just… doesn’t make any sense.

    Here’s the embedded RT report…….


    So there’s a sequential collapse running something like Sweden, South Africa…..Zimbabwe.

    Paul says – why not lift SA back up the scale by bringing more Africans into everywhere?

  2. //We are the heirs to a later, much more unsettling way of portraying Christ’s crucifixion.//

    So starts the most interesting paragraph in the piece.
    It’s true, what he writes, but it goes even further. The crucifixion as the central image in Christianity is also the reason why western art, music, literature and philosophy is in general much better than those of other parts of the world. It’s the tension between defeat and victory, despair and glory, the suffering human that everyone can identity with and the noble man to aspire to – all of these things lead to the great dynamism that has driven western expression ahead of the rest of the world for millennia.

  3. Well said Noel.

  4. Allan makes no mistake about the particular tradition HE is heir to by using the opportunity for his usual dirt and racist hatred.

  5. Noel

    Leaving the matter of race to one side, Allan does have an underlining point. Post Colonial countries, India, SE Asia and the Americas have all done reasonably, or very, well. Africa though, has been a bit of a disappointment despite the abundance of wealth.