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Easter Mourning

By Mahons On April 21st, 2019

We are often reminded that the world is not a safe place. News reports from Sri Lanka indicate a coordinated attack on Christians and others this Easter weekend with well over 100 dead. No doubt some lunatic evil group will attempt to justify their terror. I leave it to better Christians than myself to forgive the assailants.

8 Responses to “Easter Mourning”

  1. Well said. A tragic and senseless loss of life.

  2. 207 dead now and counting.

    It’s a glorious Easter Sunday here in sunny Dublin and yet such darkness in the world.

  3. The madness never stops….

    To all here and their families from me an mine We wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

  4. Catholic churches and high end hotels targeted on Easter Sunday. We see who’s responsible, but we can infer something from that.

  5. Most likely to be Islamists. They have loads of previous, even if not in Sri-Lanka:

    “It also appears linked to previous Easter attacks, including the 2017 Palm Sunday assault in Egypt in 2017 in which 45 people were murdered, and the terrorist attack in Lahore in 2016 that killed 75. In coordination and the number of sites chosen it is also similar to the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166…

    Sri Lankan Police Chief Pujuth Jayasundara had reportedly warned in April about a threat of attacks targeting churches and the Indian High Commission office, near the hotels that were targeted. In his security notice he had pointed to a local Islamic group. But it isn’t entirely clear if the police chief was convinced there was a threat, as security did not appear to be increased before Easter, the most high-profile holiday to follow.”


  6. It would be a win win win for those guys

    Attacking Christians While creating major problems for a Buddhist and Hindus

  7. The number butchered by Jihadists now almost 300.

  8. Anders Holch Povlsen has lost three of his four children in these attacks.
    I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific that must be as a parent.