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By Pete Moore On April 21st, 2019

“My best financial decision? Marrying a man with a police pension”

Rosemary Squires reflects on her financial life in The Telegraph. Says it all really. Despite the years of bleating about cuts and austerity, government hasn’t even begun to take a knife to the unbelievably bloated state (parasite) sector.

State pensions are a solid gold time bomb. They’ll one day bankrupt the Treasury. Of course those who preach in favour of the bloated state will be the first to complain when so much tax income is dedicated to pensions that real cuts will have to be made into the police, the NHS and other government monopolies. They’ll have a bloody good moan then.

2 Responses to “ATW QOTD”

  1. Over the past ten years or so, state occupational pensions have been significantly cut back both in terms of entitlements and starting ages. In addition, employee contributions have been jacked up. This has affected hundreds of thousands of civil servants, teachers and police. But yes, they still get a very good deal compared to most of their private-sector counterparts.

    State retirement pension ages are being equalised at 67 and no-one thinks it will stop there. But just ten years ago women received their state pension at age 60 and men at 65. When state pensions were introduced in 1910 most people died before reaching those ages. Rising life-expentancies have been the most profound demographic change since 1945 in all countries.

  2. State pensions are a time bomb for US cities and states, Especially as regards the police, who in many places can retire after an astonishingly low 20 years of work

    It’s one of the reasons why state and local taxes are high, and will remain high