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By Pete Moore On April 23rd, 2019


  1. Inside baseball

    What does this mean

  2. no idea

  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/happy-st-george-s-day-sorry-you-ve-got-the-date-wrong-2cgb2wfc3

  4. Emily Thornberry (“Lady Nugee”) is a senior Labour MP and the Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. If Labour won a General Election tomorrow she would be Foreign Secretary.

    She once tweeted that photo she took in Rochester, Kent, in disgust at the English flag being displayed from a working class home. She must have been campaigning; there’s no way she’d be there otherwise.

  5. ” in disgust ”

    Her words were “Image from #Rochester”

  6. I thought this might happen. It appears that only native English speakers understand the tweet. “Image from Rochester” means “these people are disgusting racists”. That’s why she resigned over it.


  7. What relevance has a mountain out of a molehill tweet of a Lab MP in Ed Milliband’s shadow cabinet from five years ago got today and what bearing does it have on foreign and commonwealth affairs?

  8. The relevance, as if it isn’t clear, is that the Labour Party despises this country and has long hated our flags and emblems. But you knew that. It will salute every glah under the Sun except our own.

  9. A mountain out of a molehill tweet from five years ago?

    FFS catch a grip man.

  10. Everyone avert their eyes while Pete untwists his little panties ffs.

  11. It isn’t that Labour despises your country. Ultimately at one point in time the St George’s Cross was largely used by far-right groups. It was massively used by Combat 18, National Front etc… It also was heavily used by English football fans in a period of time when they didn’t exactly give the greatest of impressions.

    It is wrong that the St George’s Cross invokes association with the far-right, and should be considered on a par with the St Andrew’s Cross and the Red Dragon. But for many people it invokes another connotation as well. The best way to avoid that is to get rid of the connotation, not attack the people who have it.

  12. Pete

    Jeff McNeil of the Mets doesn’t have a knob on this bat.

    Can you please do a post on the ramifications of this unusual practice.

  13. I sometimes forget how humour isn’t really appreciated abroad.

  14. Yeah, humour:

    The relevance, as if it isn’t clear, is that the Labour Party despises this country and has long hated our flags and emblems

    Humour you say, here you are then:

    Celebrating St George in England on St George’s Day:


  15. Quite funny but factually not true. St George was not Syrian. Ethnically and culturally he was Greek, and he was born in Turkey, and grew up in Israel/Palestine. The mistake comes from the fact that Palestine at the time was governed with Syria as the Roman province of Syria Palaestina.

    To this day St George remains a major saint in the Palestinian Christian community. There is also a figure called al-Khidr in the Qur’an who is interpreted in different areas as different people (John the Baptist in Armenia, a Zoroastrian prophet in Iran, and St George in Palestine). So St George is revered not just amongst the Palestinian Christian community but also the Palestinian Muslim community.

  16. I preferred 20th April….St Adolf’s Day


    If any single boomer conservative says that Hitler was “left-wing,” I would ask them, if Hitler had won the war, would we have:

    Child trannies
    Mass drug addiction
    Mass abortion
    The destruction of Christianity
    Mass immigration
    Islamic terrorism
    Widespread divorce and the death of the family
    Convicted pedophile trannies reading to children at the public library
    Rampant pornography
    Black people running amok and killing everyone
    Gay pride parades with gigantic dildos everywhere

    The obvious answer – which no conservative can deny – is that we would have not one of those things.

    And this is not controversial or debatable.

    So why are they against Hitler?

    What is the reason?

    It makes no sense whatsoever, and the only explanation is that they are brainwashed by Jews.

    Here are some of Hitler’s paintings, so that we may remember he was a kind and sensitive soul who wanted only to be an artist, but was forced by circumstance to become a warrior.

  17. Seamus, on April 23rd, 2019 at 9:44 PM Said:

    Quite funny but factually not true.

    The point that Paul was making is that his point doesn’t have to be true.

  18. Pete Moore,
    //I sometimes forget how humour isn’t really appreciated abroad.//

    I think you actually need to post something humorous, before they can appreciate it Pete.

  19. That’s unfair, Paul

    Seeing the English flag hanging out of a gutter in an attempt at patriotism is quite amusing.

  20. Sorry – Dave