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By Pete Moore On April 25th, 2019

The proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda has been blocked by the UK’s competition watchdog over fears it would raise prices for consumers.

Yes, in our “free” country the state gets to decide if private firms can merge. It’s interesting that the mere “fear” of price rises is sufficient to block it. Of course it’s economically dumb, but that’s the reason given.

But the government can impose fat and sugar taxes and they’re fine. It imposes endless laws and regulations which raise prices and that’s tippety top. We can be held against our will in the EU, which raises prices via taxes, regulations and protectionist trade barriers, and that’s ok too. It’s as if price rises are fine. It just depends on who is is imposing them.

4 Responses to “HANG ON NOW”

  1. Wasnt it blocked by the Competition Authority to protect consumer choice.

    Sounds like a good decision for the people of Britain.

  2. Companies should not have too much market power.

    Competition is good, Pete.

  3. A good decision for once.

    Competition is always good for the economy and monopolies and cartels are always bad.

  4. Once again, Pete Moore demonstrates he is without a clue.