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New York Times values

By David Vance On April 28th, 2019

Not in the least Anti-Semitic, right?

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  1. It’s not anti Semitic. It’s a cartoon satire on the relationship between two individual political leaders. Was every cartoon regarding Obama and his presidency racist ?

  2. Criticism of the Trump administration’s relationship with Israel’s right wing is now ‘Anti-Semitic?’

    Such a snowflake.

  3. The skullcap on the Trump figure can be seen as anti Semitic

    The use of the Star of David isn’t, As it’s on the Israeli flag

    Trump has gone so completely over the top in one sided support of Israel and all of its policies, harsh criticism of this is fair.

  4. The skullcap on the Trump figure can be seen as anti Semitic

    I’m not so sure Phantom, akin to criticism of the hijab as being Islamaphobe? In such cases offence or claims of bias are largely subjectively interpreted.

    For my part the cartoon clearly depicts a charicatured image of the relationship between the leaders of two nations.

  5. You have checked this image isn’t another fake one, like your time magazine global warming cover haven’t you David?
    I wouldn’t want you to be posting more fake news

  6. The same political point can be made with Trump as a blind man being led by a guide dog Netanyahu. The point can be made without Trump wearing a yarmulke or without Netanyahu wearing the Star of David.

    If Trump wasn’t wearing the yarmulke then you could make the case that the Star of David is an Israeli symbol, not just a Jewish symbol. The presence of both makes it clear the image is using the Star of David as a Jewish symbol.

    Criticism of Israel is not antisemitic. Criticism of Trump’s relationship with Netanyahu is not antisemitic. This cartoon is.

  7. It is objectively anti-semitic, which is why the Times has formally apologized for printing it.
    People should condemn anti-semitism and not merely when it is exhibited by political opponents. You don’t have great standing to bring the charge here David given a fairly consistent silence when it comes from the far right here.

  8. Speaking of anti – semitism, I see a white nationalist or seperatist or whatever these racial segregationists like to call themselves has murdered a woman and injured a few others at a synagogue in California.

    I wonder when the ‘theories’ will emerge from the usual suspects as they did in the wake of the Christchurch shootings?

  9. The only problem I have with the cartoon is they used the wrong type of dog.

    It should be a bulldog or a shepherd.

  10. Dave I’d say it was real


  11. here a little spice for the pot….


  12. No one was killed

    There was a Yiddish theater play production, with Zero Mostel, who came Back to life for the occasion

    After the show, there was a controlled demolition and everybody went home

  13. Not in the least Anti-Semitic, right?

    Trump is Jewish? Who knew?

  14. No. But the implication of the yarmulke is that because he is pro-Israel that he is secretly Jewish.

  15. Maybe he converted in secret? I’m sure Alec Jones will keep us right.

  16. // But the implication of the yarmulke is that because he is pro-Israel that he is secretly Jewish.//

    Maybe it’s to suggest that, as he’s falling over himself to support Israel in every way he can (or others are getting him to support Israel), he’s just a wannabe Jew. The same as other right-wing nutters would like to consider themselves Jewish to prove some kind of point.


  17. Sure. But, whether it is the right or the left doing it, equating Israel with Judaism is antisemitic. When people criticise Jews for the actions of Israel, they are being antisemitic. When people equate the criticism of Israel with antisemitism, they are being antisemitic.

  18. If Obama was a secret Muslim why could Trump not be a secret Jew? There’s a neat symmetry here.

  19. I think the Jewish emblems in the cartoon are just part of the very nature of obvious symbolism designed to ensure viewers know what is being caricatured. Without that symbolism in this cartoon how many ordinary people would automatically have recognised the dog character as being Netanyahu.

  20. I think the people who the cartoon is aimed at already have a basic grounding in the understanding of the Middle East and so could have recognised Netanyahu as easily as they recognised Trump. If you don’t know who Netanyahu is or generally can’t recognise him then you probably won’t get the reference to Trump’s behaviour that the artist is trying to show.

  21. Whether it is the right or the left doing it, equating Israel with Judaism is antisemitic.

    Doesn’t Israel describe itself as ‘the nation state of the Jewish people?’. In that context can using Jewish religious items to demonstrate the nation state of the Jewish people be considered anti – Semitic?

  22. Israel does describe itself as “the nation state of the Jewish people”, a law that was met with massive international criticsm, including by international Jewish organisations. It is also currently subject to an Israeli Supreme Court challenge.

    It is not only antisemitic in equating Israel with Judaism it is also overwhelmingly racist in denying non-Jewish Israelis the right to self determination.

  23. For my part Seamus I don’t think that a state which describes itself as such can claim anti Semitism when associated with Jewish religious paraphanelia.

  24. I don’t think the State of Israel can claim it. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t what it is. Apartheid South Africa couldn’t, with a straight face, complain about racism but that doesn’t mean racism wasn’t racism. So similarly Apartheid Israel shouldn’t be able to complain about racism but that doesn’t mean that when people attack Jews due to Israel that isn’t wrong.

  25. That doesn’t mean that when people attack Jews due to Israel that isn’t wrong.

    I absolutely agree but don’t think that that’s the case here.

  26. I think that it invokes typical tropes – for example I’m not a big fan about how prominent Netanyahu’s nose is in the cartoon. Even if the cartoon isn’t deliberately antisemitic it falls into the “should know better” category.

  27. The cartoon is accurate, as previous events confirm.


    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will name a settlement in the Golan Heights after Donald Trump, in a show of gratitude for the US president’s decision to recognize the region as Israeli territory.


    WASHINGTON — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu startled Iranians and even the White House on Wednesday with a strident call for Israeli-Arab action against the government in Tehran that was translated by his office as urging “war with Iran.”

    Although Israeli officials tried to soften the reference by altering the English translation, the provocative comment was likely to further the perception that Israel, its Gulf Arab neighbors and the United States are interested in using military action to topple the government of Iran. It comes at a particularly delicate moment, as the Trump administration uses a U.S.-organized summit in Warsaw and this week’s 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution to try to rally the world against the government in Tehran.

    This reveals that not only does judaism own Trump and the US establishment (not Hercules could drain the DC swamp), it also owns the arabs who are supposedly ‘enemies’ of Israel – yeah, right – and I’m still waiting for ISIS to be bad to Israel 🙂

  28. I recall the furore when an Australian cartoonist ran a beauty showing jews sitting on couches watching the shit being bombed out of Gaza – except that jews really were sitting on couches watching the IDF bomb the shit out of Gaza. Truth is no defence.

  29. I would never have recognized Netanyahu

    They can’t use a bulldog because that’s British and they can’t use German shepherds because nazi’s

    Turnip is wearing a yarmulke to show him donning the costume of a jew

    It’s a very good and even somewhat subtle cartoon

  30. You’d need to be a complete idiot to think that Trump gives a rat’s anus about Israel

    Sheldon Adelson has given huge amounts of cash to Trump’s political efforts.

    Adelson cares deeply about Israel, Trump cares about money.

  31. Trump’s actions in Israel aren’t so much about the money and more about the adulation. He needs, on an almost pathological level, praise from other people. And Bibi is providing it in spades. Netanyahu keeps feeding Trump’s ego and Trump keeps giving Bibi what he wants to keep that happening.

  32. Yes, but Shelly’s huge cash contributions don’t hurt.

  33. Adelson cares deeply about Israel,

    Is he not supposed to care about the US?

  34. He cares deeply about Israel.

  35. Phantom, on April 29th, 2019 at 9:31 PM Said:

    He cares deeply about Israel.

    How deeply does Sheldon Adelson care about the US? Adelson supports Israel’s borders walls which ensure its integrity as a jewish state – a nation-state for jews. Does he care about US borders and the absence of any mechanisms for keeping invaders out?

  36. NY Times Apologizes for Cartoon With ‘Anti-Semitic Tropes …
    Apr 27, 2019 · NEW YORK — The New York Times has apologized for an anti-Semitic cartoon that appeared in the newspaper’s international edition.

    well they admit it was Anti-Semitic…. what else is there to say.

  37. except they deleted the page with apology on it….. lol

  38. Hey EP I see Canada has backed down from the Philippines threat of War…. roflmao

    take your canuck trash……

  39. As prejudices go, anti-Semitism can sometimes be hard to pin down, but on Thursday the opinion pages of The New York Times international edition provided a textbook illustration of it.

    Except that The Times wasn’t explaining anti-Semitism. It was purveying it.

    It did so in the form of a cartoon, provided to the newspaper by a wire service and published directly above an unrelated column by Tom Friedman, in which a guide dog with a prideful countenance and the face of Benjamin Netanyahu leads a blind, fat Donald Trump wearing dark glasses and a black yarmulke. Lest there be any doubt as to the identity of the dog-man, it wears a collar from which hangs a Star of David.

    Here was an image that, in another age, might have been published in the pages of Der Stürmer. The Jew in the form of a dog. The small but wily Jew leading the dumb and trusting American. The hated Trump being Judaized with a skullcap. The nominal servant acting as the true master. The cartoon checked so many anti-Semitic boxes that the only thing missing was a dollar sign.

    ( Bret Stephens, prominent NYT writer, rips the paper today )

  40. too little to late but it’s a good piece.

  41. This opinion piece was published on Sunday, meaning that it was written on Saturday. I have no problem with it’s timeliness.

    The anti Semitic cartoon was the work of a Portuguese cartoonist, who has published in a major Portuguese paper.since 1974. I wonder if he has other Jew-hating work in his scribbling resume.

  42. So Phantom

    Which is it?

    Is Mueller guilty of Treason, or just Sedition ?

  43. Pat the threat of war was a joke not only would we kick their ass but by the time we sent all their nationalists home it would collapse their economy

    Just because Canada takes its responsibilities seriously it shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness

  44. What you talking about

  45. A Canadian company shipped more than 100 containers of household to the Philippines. It has been sitting in the containers in Manila for about 5 years now as part of an argument as to which government is responsible for it – the Philippine government or the Canadian government.

    The Philippine’s hard-man wannabe Rodrigo Duterte started running his mouth about declaring war on Canada to force them to take it back. Canada throughout the whole thing have acted as Canada normally does – like responsible adults.

  46. *household waste to the Philippines

  47. no the President of the Philippines said that boat pulls up one more time he’ll sink it…..

    Canada sends it’s trash to the PI they said they don’t want it and Canada keeps sending it anyway…. and the PI threatened to sink the ship.

  48. It’s just a fun story over trash….. the American Press has been picking on Trudeau all week say the Philippines scared Canada

  49. Just shows you how childish the American press is.

  50. they say the ship is full of his hair gel bottles…..

  51. The screwball murdering dictator did use words like war. So it is a story.

    The rich countries have been sending trash to poor countries for recycling or dumping for some time. Some of those countries really don’t like that. That’s the story here.

    I don’t necessarily like the idea of shipping trash to poor countries either. Huge countries like the USA and Canada shouldn’t need to do that.

  52. Ultimately what makes it more complicated is that a Canadian company (in accordance with Canadian law) sold it to a Filipino company (against Filipino law). So it arguable isn’t a dispute between the Canadians and the Filipinos but more a dispute between the Philippines and a company in the Philippines.

  53. There was a garbage sow sailing back and forth a couple of years ago with a dispute like this, but no one threatened to sink it like the PI just did.

  54. The Philippine leader is bad news.

    That country has been a mess and it remains a mess, and is utterly powerless to check vastly rising Chinese power in that part of the world.

  55. The company in Canada went bankrupt years ago which complicates the whole thing

  56. You should fly over there and negotiate a deal

  57. Bring back that lovely couple that used to run the Philippines 💓

  58. Canada throughout the whole thing have acted as Canada normally does – like responsible adults.

    Yeah right…….


    Last week, Justice Francesca Marzari of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, declared a father guilty of “family violence” against his 14-year-old daughter on the sole basis that he had engaged in “expressions of rejection of [her] gender identity.” These “expressions” revolved entirely around his polite refusal to refer to his daughter as a boy in private, and his steady choice to affirm that she is a girl in public.

    As previously reported, the BC Supreme Court ordered in February that 14-year-old Maxine* receive testosterone injections without parental consent. Accordingly, Maxine began regular injections at British Columbia (BC) Children’s Hospital over the course of the last two months.

    Her father, Clark*, strongly objects to this treatment and immediately sought to reverse the decision in the BC Court of Appeal. Hoping to raise awareness of his case, Clark gave a number of interviews to media outlets, including The Federalist. In these interviews, he repeatedly referred to his daughter as a girl, stating to The Federalist that “she is a girl. Her DNA will not change through all these experiments that they do.”

    Doctors, supported by lawyers, are carrying out horrific hormonal experiments on immature youngsters – this is Canada today.

    While many might take this to be an honest statement of biological fact, Marzari quoted it as a prime example of Clark’s “family violence of a public denial of [Maxine’s] gender identity.” Marzari convicted Clark of this violence, and issued a “protection order” preventing him from speaking to journalists or the public about his case.

    This is what is happening in clown-world

  59. Or we could just do a turnip and tell them it’s not our problem… anymore