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Treason, or just Sedition ?

By Patrick Van Roy On May 1st, 2019

Let’s look at the Mueller investigation in an ugly but realistic light shall we…

Mueller in the course of his 22-month probe, Mueller “employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses.

It totally cleared the President of Collusion, it did not have evidence to charge the President with Obstruction, but refused to clear him of it.

Those are the stated findings.

A Prosecutor’s job is to determine whether there is evidence of the crime being investigated that the person being investigated can be charged with.  It is a yes or no question, and in the american system of justice the prosecutor does not discuss the details of the investigation if he does not charge. Others might but a Prosecutor does not.

Mueller took 22 months on this investigation while the report indicates that he had wrapped up the “Collusion” half of the investigation in the first 7 months.

There was no Predicating Crime, but the predicating reason for the investigation was a conspiracy between Trump and the Trump camp conspiring with Russia to rig the Election. Mueller knew before the first year ended that none of that took place.

Why after the conclusion of innocence was reached in the first 7 months did the investigation continue? Why after knowing no collusion took place did Mueller continue to want to get the President to testify? Why for 15 months did Mueller unobstructed continue to look for obstruction of a crime that never existed?

Mueller’s second finding of no evidence of obstruction, but unwillingness to “exonerate” is purely political and can easily be viewed as Sedition. In any other case this report would be closed to the public. Mueller knew this would not be. The entire second half of his report is dirt and hearsay not one word cross examined not one charge able to be filed against the President, but enough innuendo for the democrats to continue to undermine his Presidency.

The only question is did Mueller do this in concert with anyone, or is he really just a political hack insider?

18 of the 19 Lawyers Mueller had working for him were tied to the Clintons. Including the Clinton Foundation Attorney and Andrew Wiseman the most unscrupulous attorney in the country who was at the Clinton Inaugural the night of the election.

Now he leaked a classified letter saying  he didn’t like the way Barr summarized his report the day before Barr testifies before Congress. Another act of sedition.

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III wrote a letter in late March complaining to Attorney General William P. Barr that a four-page memo to Congress describing the principal conclusions of the investigation into President Trump “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of Mueller’s work, according to a copy of the letter reviewed Tuesday by The Washington Post.

Over the next two years many of the Obama Justice Department are going to be going to jail, maybe that list should include Mueller.

32 Responses to “Treason, or just Sedition ?”

  1. It totally cleared the President of Collusion

    No need to read after that.

    It did no such thing.

  2. really then what charges did he file?

  3. Barr is totally unfit for the office of Attorney General:

    “Attorney General William Barr made the decision to absolve the president of obstruction of justice before even reading the Mueller report. That jaw-dropping admission is the biggest takeaway from a dismal circus of Wednesday’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the man who is serving as the United States’ chief law enforcement official – but is transparently acting much more like the personal attorney for President Trump.”


  4. There is Trump Derangement Syndrome in full bloom.

    No Charges filed after a 22 month Federal anal exam but No he’s still Guilty. He’s Trump!

  5. Barr is acting as Trump’s personal lawyer, Trump’s Roy Cohn ( the mafia lawyer who worked for Trump for years, who was a father figure for Trump)

  6. If I committed a crime, and I obstructed the investigation of that crime, then I’ve obstructed justice. If I have committed no crime and I do not cooperate with the investigation into that absence of crime, how can justice be obstructed when there’s no crime? The POTATUS deserves his imminent defeat for lying about building a wall, but what crime did he commit?

  7. so Barr is unfit…..

    roflmao… another case of TDS.

    Did Barr investigate Trump…. No

    Did he change Mueller’s conclusions….. No

    burn him, he’s a heretic the demon Trump has possessed him….

  8. your idiocy ridiculed by the master Peter……

    Obama’s “Wingman”


  9. Allan the only people that still believe Trump committed a crime all suffer from terminal TDS.

  10. The Trumpers have group hug

  11. Patrick – I’m still none-the-wiser as to what the crime was or even could have been. Phantom – can you explain what the crime was that Trump didn’t commit, and how he could have obstructed the investigation into not having committed a crime, whatever that crime was in your mind?

  12. I’ve never said that he committed a crime here.

    Here, I only state that Mueller didn’t ” clear ” or ” exonerate ” Trump in any way.

    Barr said that, Trump said that, Mueller did not say that.

  13. “If I committed a crime, and I obstructed the investigation of that crime, then I’ve obstructed justice. If I have committed no crime and I do not cooperate with the investigation into that absence of crime, how can justice be obstructed when there’s no crime?”

    Because justice is not just a result but the process as well. If a person is innocent of the crime but interferes with the investigation then they are still obstructing justice.

  14. Mueller isn’t supposed to say anything and he has.

    You don’t like facts when they don’t fall your way. He cleared and exonerated him.

    When there is not enough evidence to even charge a person with they have been cleared and exonerated…. those are facts under the Law.

    Everything else is politics my friend.

  15. “You don’t like facts when they don’t fall your way. He cleared and exonerated him.”

    He specifically didn’t.

    “When there is not enough evidence to even charge a person with they have cleared and exonerated…. those are facts under the Law.”

    Hillary Clinton hasn’t been charged with anything. I guess that means she has been cleared and exonerated as well?

  16. I watched the c-span hearings. Troll obviously didn’t.

    William Barr should not be Attorney General.

    He’s perfectly welcome to join the President’s legal team, but right now he’s a taxpayer-funded defense counsel for Trump.

  17. I remember when parsing the word “is” led Republicans into a full-on impeachment rage.

    Now, not so much.

  18. They are all ” Philadelphia lawyers ” now.

    Very situational, able to argue both sides of any ethical issue.

  19. Barr said Mueller didn’t intend for his report to be turned over to Congress for further action.

    Mueller said explicitly in the report that Congress is the means for holding presidents accountable for crimes while they’re in office.

    Barr is a liar.

  20. The ethical situation is very clear if you’ve read the report, (Troll obviously hasn’t and won’t) the president has crossed several clear red lines and the House should investigate and hold impeachment hearings.

  21. Mueller largely hints in the report that the only thing that prevented him charging Trump was the Department of Justice guidelines suggesting that the President can’t be indicted while he’s in office.

  22. Mueller had a tough assignment, and did it very well.

    He emerges with his honor fully intact, most others not so much.

  23. Seamus, Mueller was very clear that those guidelines were the only reason he didn’t issue a charge.

    Barr is a liar.

  24. Barr is a liar.

    Just like his boss-client, who has averaged about a dozen lies a day since swearing to uphold the constitution.

  25. And let’s not forget that the Mueller investigation has put several Trump cronies behind bars. Even if the Don himself has escaped for now.

    Those tax returns could be interesting.

  26. The Mueller report documents many crimes committed by Trump and his gang. What saved Trump is the Dept of Justice guideline on not indicting a President. That guideline is unconstitutional since it means the President is above the law and clearly the constitution stands for no man above the law.

    The Mueller report exposes the corruption and deep rot within the Trump administration. It will take a good while to clear it out and the congressional hearings are a good place to start. Congress has powers to bring some of the actors to justice and change policies and procedures that need improvement.

    Special Counsel Mueller and his team did a remarkable job, nor is the time for follow-up.

  27. not one crime committed by Trump….. please show me a list of charges that the Prosecutor Robert Mueller filed.

    The Ken Starr report had 11.

    The Starr Report, presented on Sept. 9,1998, presented 11 impeachable offenses. Bill Clinton was eventually charged because he “…willfully provided perjuries, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury,” and made “…corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence.”

    but please don’t let facts interfere with your fantasy.

  28. and all that was accomplished with this frame job…..

    They fed the Alligators. Do not feed the Alligators they will bite you.

    The Obama justice department is going to jail.

  29. lol…. a little rap for you


  30. Barr lied to Congress this week. He truly is his master’s voice:

    “US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused the Attorney General William Barr of lying to Congress. Her comments came a day after Mr Barr’s testimony to a Senate panel about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s alleged meddling in 2016.”

    I don’t know why the BBC use the word “alleged” since the Mueller report established beyond any doubt that Russia “meddled” in favour of Trump throughout 2016.


  31. If you’re interested in more than your fantasy, and would like to read the other side of the coin the one based in reality and something called The Law here…..

    Read: White House Counsel Emmett Flood’s letter to Attorney General Barr on Mueller report


    It’s a PDF or I would have put it up as a post The letter hit’s some very relevant points violated by St Mueller.

  32. “I write on behalf of the Office of the President to memorialize concerns relating to the form of the Special Counsel’s Office Report and to address executive privilege issues associated with its release,” Flood began. “The SCO report suffers from an extraordinary legal defect: It quite deliberately failed to comply with the requirements of governing law.”

    “Les the Report’s release be taken as a ‘precent’ or perceived as somehow legitimating the defect, I write with both the President and future Preisdents in mind to make the following points clear.”

    Flood proceeded to argue that “conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred” was “not [his emphasis not ours] the SCO’s assigned task, because making conclusive determinations of innocence is never the task of the federal prosecutors.”

    Instead, Flood argued, Mueller used an “inverted-proof-standard” and “‘exoneration’ statements can be understood only as political statements.”

    Flood accused Mueller and his staff of “failing in their duty to act as prosecutors and only as prosecutors.” Flood derided Mueller’s report as “part ‘truth commision’ and part law school exam paper.”