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International Jazz Day

By Patrick Van Roy On April 30th, 2019

Enjoy a true master

12 Responses to “International Jazz Day”

  1. “International Jazz Day”

    Come sweet asteroid of doom.

  2. Pat getting down with the rest of the swinging cats:


  3. I worry about you at times Pete

  4. Jazz isn’t my thing, but I know that it can be very good.

  5. Lke most ‘cult’ music Jazz has a lot of pretentious shite and some gems.

  6. One of the correct things that Allan said was along the lines that the biggest problem with jazz was ( snotty, condescending ) jazz fans.

    A lot of jazz fans think that jazz is the only music. An attitude which just killed interest in it, esp in the sixties.

  7. I like Coltrane but I don’t like Miles Davis…. say that to a real Jazz fan and they go psychotic.

  8. As we know, my musical tastes are exquisite. So take it from me that jazz is shit.

  9. You were the guy who said that Ted Nugent was a wonderful musician!

  10. Once you’ve heard three minutes of Jazz you’ve heard it all !

  11. I don’t think I did, Phantom. Nevertheless Nugent was a superb rock guitarist as well as being a sound political and cultural commentator.

    And jazz is still shit.

  12. I would call Jazz shit, but it is very easy to get bored by it !