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By David Vance On April 30th, 2019

My debate from last evening. I don’t do the BBC or Sky on a matter of principled but as you can see from this, RT allow me to have my say. And I did.


  1. I don’t do the BBC or Sky on a matter of principle

    When did this ‘principle’ begin? You were a regular commentator of BBC Radio Ulster for a long, long time.

  2. I think David is really saying “ Only RT invites me on nowadays” 😉

  3. Hi Paul

    Five years ago, do try and keep up!

    Hi Colm,

    You are naughty but i like you.

  4. And it was a result of ‘principle’ that you stopped contributing?

  5. I actually like RT as a news channel, but only the British version not the American one. As long as you understand where it s coming from and it’s obvious slant it is quite an interesting addition to the news networks available to us.

  6. From my occasional views when in London, it seems like RT is shown more prominently there than the US edition is here.

    Here, most people probably don’t know what it is, those who do see it as a crude attempt to do slick propaganda.

  7. Appearing on RT is not indicative of any principled position. Sorry bud.

  8. RT is probably a good channel for you David. They don’t check their facts either.

  9. “The (women’s) right to wear what their religion demands”

    This nonsense is heard any time the issue of a burkha ban is raised (Misra says it 3 times here). Yet the vast majority of Muslim women will tell you that there’s no such religious “demand”. Misra’s just trying to couch his objection in terms of religious discrimination.

  10. The instructions in the Koran are simply for women AND men to dress modestly and respectfully. If some Muslims interpret modesty as requiring the Niqab or Burka or any other type of face covering then logically they should insist the same clothing restriction apply to men too.

  11. Hah!

    Right, let me spell it out for the slow of thinking.
    I suggest I have encountered the legacy media more than anyone reading this so I can speak from a position you lot can’t. It is called experience.
    I refuse ALL invites from BBC/Sky/ITV on the simple grounds they are biased media whores. I have never had a fair outing and I got sick of it.
    By contrast, Mahons, in my EXPERIENCE, RT treat me fairly. I debate with someone holding opposing views but I get to have my say. Bud.
    Dave Alton – do you think the BBC ‘CHECK their facts”? If so, see help.
    Noel – good point.

  12. I have never had a fair outing and I got sick of it.

    The problem with that David is that I remember you used to be a very regular contributor on BBC Radio Ulster and then started complaining when they started using you less in favour of other commentators, (I don’t feel this a reflection on yourself or your analysis. All current affairs shows change commentators in order to give different perspectives), I think you got more than a fair run.

    This has now turned into a ‘principle?’

    That’s akin to complaining about the ‘political class’ after applying to join them at elections and being rejected at the polls and akin to the Nige complaining about professional politicians while politics was paying his comfortable salary, (and that of his then wife), for some twenty years.

    David, your an affable nice guy but this right wing similtaneously talking out of both sides of the mouth can’t be overlooked.

  13. David – of course RT is good to you, your views suit their agenda. If you were a fierce critic of Putin would they have you on?

  14. David Vance

    //Dave Alton – do you think the BBC ‘CHECK their facts”? If so, see help.//

    No news outlet is 100% correct all the time David. However the BBC is more accurate than most, and that’s demonstrably provable.
    For instance they wouldn’t post a magazine cover about global cooling, that omly took me 30 seconds research on the internet to prove it was fake.

  15. The BBC is the gold standard of international news reporting. End of.

  16. In fairness, the BBC gave David air time not only when he was criticising the British government but also when he was criticising the BBC.

    Funny how nobody complains that RT is financed by the Russian taxpayer, on pain of imprisonment etc etc.
    RT is also mild in its propaganda compared to the Russian state media, all of which are slavishly pro-Putin and which the Russian worker is forced to fund.

  17. I don’t think that RT is financed by the Russian taxpayer.

    I believe that it is owned and financed by Putin’s thief oligarch buddies.

  18. Phantom, RT’s parent company, TV-Novosti, is a state-owned organisation and, according to its own records, is almost entirely funded by the state budget. See


    Putin himself frankly admitted, in an interview with RT, that the channel does what the Kremlin wants it to do.

    “When we designed this project back in 2005 we intended introducing another strong player on the world’s scene, a player that wouldn’t just provide an unbiased coverage of the events in Russia but also … try to break the Anglo-Saxon monopoly on the global information streams. And it seems to me that you’re succeeding in this job.”
    (my emphasis)

  19. Noel

    I stand corrected!

    I knew that RT was an instrument of Soviet Russian foreign policy but I was mistaken as to where it got its funding from.

    Interesting link.

    It is interesting that the US version of RT doesn’t speak much about Russia, but it has a lot of programming about how horrible things are in the US. During the ” Occupy Wall Street ” thing, they promoted the hell out of that bullshit.

  20. //I stand corrected!//

    Or maybe not, as those thief oligarch buddies fund Putin and his machinations.

    //It is interesting that the US version of RT doesn’t speak much about Russia, //

    Same here. Their reporting on Europe is an endless stream showing how sick and unhappy society here is – from Britain to Greece, Portugal to Finland. They really relished the refugee crisis.

  21. I would be very interested in what goes on in Russia

    But the only real reporting on Russia on TV news here is by the evil BBC world

    The US channels hardly report on Russia at all and neither does RT!