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By Pete Moore On May 2nd, 2019

“What this embarrassing saga demonstrates is the contempt that the BBC directors appear to have for the views of the licence fee-payers and the unbelievably high levels of influence that Israel’s government appears to have in the upper echelons of parts of the media.”

That was Corbyn, commenting on the BBC not broadcasting pro-Pally propaganda. Don’t these antisemites see the jewish lobby everywhere? No doubt there are men of a single and peculiar race at the BBC, but the eco/Marxist lobby is much more influential.


  1. No Pete – our ‘fellow whites’ absolutely dominate the BBC and other media……


    WHOSE WORLD IS IT ANYWAY ? UK Saturday Night Telly, 27/4/2019

    BBC1 5.30pm ‘Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Foreskinned Five’ starring
    JEW Jack Black
    JEW Dustin Hoffman
    JEW David Cross
    JEW Seth Rogen and
    JEW Tara Strong (Charendoff)

    BBC2 8pm ‘Dad’s Army’ Theme song mocking ADOLF HITLER sang by
    JEW Bud Flanagan OBE aka Chaim Reuben Weintrop

    ITV 8pm ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Hapless goyim judged by
    JEW Simon Cowell and
    TOTALLY NOT A FAGGOT, the creepy children’s author David Walliams

    BBC2 8.30pm ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ produced and directed by
    JEW Stanley Kubrick

    followed by ‘Paths Of Glory’ directed by
    JEW Stanley Kubrick ,starring
    JEW Kirk Douglas aka Issur Danielovitch aka Izzy Demsky

    Channel 4 9pm ‘Ghost In The Shell’ starring
    JEW Scarlett Johansson , Produced by Israeli
    JEW Avi Arad

    followed by ‘Super 8’ produced by
    JEW Stephen Speilbergblattstein, written and directed by
    JEW Jew Jew Abrams, Starring
    JEW Noah Emmerich

    ITV 10.30pm ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ produced by
    JEW Neal Moritz. John Singleton directs, replacing
    JEW Rob Cohen

    BBC4 12.00 ‘TOTP 1987’ presented by
    JEW Gary Davies, featuring the
    FAGGOT Pet Shop Boys
    ( named after the act of putting live rodents up the arse, hashtag Lemmiwinks) with
    DYKE Dusty Springfield

    followed by ‘Island at the BBC’ Performances from artists signed to
    JEW Chris Blackwell’s label, including
    JEW Amy Winehouse

    BBC1 12.15 ‘Laura Croft : Cradle Of Life’ Produced by
    JEW Lawrence Gordon and
    JEW Lloyd Levin

    BBC2 12.20 ‘Snooker: World Championship’ presented by

    Avi Arad was born in 1948 in Ramat Gan, Israel, and raised in a Jewish family.
    The son of Holocaust survivors from Poland, he grew up reading Superman and Spider-Man comics translated into Hebrew
    Along with Israeli-American Toy Biz co-owner
    JEW Isaac Perlmutter, Avi Arad came into conflict with
    JEW Carl Icahn and
    JEW Ron Perelman over control of Marvel Comics in the wake of its 1996 bankruptcy. OY VEY

    JEW Noah Emmerich was born youngest of three boys on February 27, 1965, in Jew Nork City, Jew Nork, to a Jewish family. HES A JEW !! JUST SAY IT: JEW !!
    His mother, Constance, is a concert pianist; and his father, André Emmerich (1924–2007), was a gallery owner and art dealer (OY VEY) who was born in Frankfurt, Germany and left Nazi Germany with his family, relocating first to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and then Jew Nork in 1940

    JEW Tara Strong (Charendoff) Her family, Jews who lived in Russia, had immigrated to Canada after escaping the Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire

    They’re just so talented……

  2. Corbyn criticises Israeli government influence on sections of the the media ten years ago in the wake of of the Israel-Gaza conflict Operation Cast Lead and Guido calls it ‘anti – Semitism’

    Are there council elections or something happening?

    You knew this Pete and yet you still voted for him? You’re obviously an anti Semite yourself.

  3. Pete is acting the plonker and feeding the ‘ Trollosphere” and he knows he is. Allan is doing the same thing but believes it.

  4. I get it.

    Corbyn’s antisemitism, anything from ten years to ten minutes old, is long ago. But Hitler’s antisemitism will always be topical.

    Allan talking about jews is horrible. But the next Prime Minister saying exactly the same thing shouldn’t be commented on.

    I get it.

  5. The ” next PM “, as awful and grossly unqualified as he is, doesn’t blame the Jews for every problem in the world, and does not want them all to be deported, etc.

  6. But the next Prime Minister saying exactly the same thing shouldn’t be commented on.

    You should know. You glossed over his anti Semitism and voted for him?

    Of course he is Colm. Pete cares little about nuance, facts and accuracy. He’ll sell his credibility for the trolling wind up.

  7. Allan is doing the same thing but believes it.

    That’s because I show what I believe. I believe that jews infest the BBC, and I show that jews infest the BBC. How about the rest of the UK’s tele-visual media…….

    STOP NOTICING: Thursday afternoon May 2 2019

    ITV 10.30am ‘This Morning’ with
    JEW Vanessa Feltz ,
    JEW Sam Rubin with the (((Hollywood Gossip))) and

    Channel 4 12.05pm ‘Couples Come Dine With Me’ Obligatory
    FAGGOTS. Produced by
    JEW Rachel Bloomfield

    ITV 12.30pm ‘Loose Women’ with
    JEW Stacey Solomon

    Channel 4 1.05pm ‘Escape To The Chateau’ narrated by
    JEW Tracey Ann Oberman

    ITV 1.30pm ‘Lunchtime News’ with
    JEW Libby Veiner

    ITV 2pm ‘Judge Rinder’
    QUEER JEW, yiddish-speaker Robert Rinder

    True Movies 2pm ‘The Big Nose On The Prairie’ starring
    JEW Micheal Landon aka Eugene Maurice Orowitz

    5star 2pm ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ starring
    JEW Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Channel 4 2.30pm ‘Countdown’ with
    JEW Rachel Riley. Smarmy anti-English wankuck
    Al Murray is in Dictionary Corner

    BBC1 3pm ‘Escape To Our Country’ presented by
    QUEER Alistair Appleton

    ITV3 3.55pm ‘Poirot’ starring
    JEW David Suchet

    CBS Reality ‘Judge Judy’ X 10
    JEW Judith Sheindlin

  8. Italians are good at cooking

    The French are good at cheese

    The Japanese are good at technology

    The Germans are good at cars

    Jews are good at business

    Aberdonians are great at conspiracies.

  9. A@A says that whites are going to become minorities in the very countries that they created: Paul says it’s just ‘a conspiracy theory’…….


    Omar said she is criticized because she is a Muslim woman.

    “I also happen to be a refugee and immigrant from what they call one of the shithole countries,” Omar said, mocking the president for his alleged comments about war-torn countries like Somalia that drive their people out.

    “The reality is that shithole country raised a very proud, dignified person,” Omar said. “Our circumstances may not always be perfect but that doesn’t lessen our humanity and I am not in the business of defending mine.”

    Omar was not as complimentary of the United States.

    “This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics,” Omar said. “This is not going to be the country of white people.”

    “This is not going to be the country of the few,” Omar said. “This is the country of the many.”

    If whites are so bad, why did Omar come to one of the countries we made? Why do people that hate us come to our countries?

  10. A@A doesn’t half talk some bollocks. As does Ilhan Omar and Breitbart in fact.

  11. Paul

    What do you mean HALF talk some bollocks 😉

  12. BBC israeli bias is well documented.

  13. More bias towards Israel
    (And drugs and getting pissed)