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Trumps Response to Mueller’s Report

By Patrick Van Roy On May 3rd, 2019

The Letter is in a PDF so I can’t print it. I have been able to provide for you a few lines from the 5 pages to give you taste. Please take the time to read the Presidents and his Lawyers response to the Mueller Report.

Flood letter to Barr on Mue… by on Scribd

“I write on behalf of the Office of the President to memorialize concerns relating to the form of the Special Counsel’s Office Report and to address executive privilege issues associated with its release,” Flood began. “The SCO report suffers from an extraordinary legal defect: It quite deliberately failed to comply with the requirements of governing law.”

“Les the Report’s release be taken as a ‘precent’ or perceived as somehow legitimating the defect, I write with both the President and future Preisdents in mind to make the following points clear.”

Flood proceeded to argue that “conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred” was “not [his emphasis not ours] the SCO’s assigned task, because making conclusive determinations of innocence is never the task of the federal prosecutors.”

Instead, Flood argued, Mueller used an “inverted-proof-standard” and “‘exoneration’ statements can be understood only as political statements.”

Flood accused Mueller and his staff of “failing in their duty to act as prosecutors and only as prosecutors.” Flood derided Mueller’s report as “part ‘truth commision’ and part law school exam paper.”

65 Responses to “Trumps Response to Mueller’s Report”

  1. here is a stupid article in the Mail it says Beto beats Trump by 10pts and the only person Trump can beat is pcohantis it’s a poll by CNN ge what a shock.

    But it gives a good little bio of the Clown Parade. Every Dem is listed with their bio of about 4 paragraphs.


  2. The gross national vote doesn’t mean anything, since, as Trump says, it’s a ” rigged system ” with the Electoral College.

    The electoral votes in places like New York, California, Texas and Alabama are already known.

    Swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where Trump won by a very close margin the last time, are where the election will be won or lost.

  3. One of the interesting thing is the state by state approval numbers. In many of the close states in 2016 Trump has quite negative approval ratings.

    Wisconsin -12
    Michigan -12
    Arizona -12
    Iowa -9
    Pennsylvania -7

    And a few of the other swing states aren’t as bad but still aren’t great.

    Florida -2
    North Carolina 0

    If Trump loses those five states that I listed above (where is approval rating is -7 or greater) then he loses the election.

  4. That horrible crony Foxconn deal in Wisconsin may bite crooked Trump in the ass big time.

    It is very unpopular, wildly expensive, way behind schedule


  5. It’s amazing that Trump won Pennsylvania.

    That was a credit to his hard work on the campaign, and to what a terrible, unscientific and tone deaf campaign Hillary ran.

  6. we shall see

  7. Hillary didn’t even really run, she assumed she had won before it began.

  8. Trump is down all across the rust belt. Hell even in Republican strongholds like Indiana his approval is only +3. He identified they were struggling, said he’d fix it, but his recipe for fixing it has actually made things worse.

  9. “Hillary didn’t even really run, she assumed she had won before it began.”

    Absolutely. She also ran as the anti-Trump candidate, which was a mistake. The Democratic candidate in 2020 should run and never even mention Trump’s name. Don’t talk about him. It isn’t about him. It’s about them and their agenda for the Presidency. If you make the election about Trump then Trump will win. The 2020 Democratic campaign shouldn’t mention Trump. It should be healthcare, healthcare, healthcare.

  10. Seamus, on May 3rd, 2019 at 2:29 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Trump is down all across the rust belt. Hell even in Republican strongholds like Indiana his approval is only +3. He identified they were struggling, said he’d fix it, but his recipe for fixing it has actually made things worse.

    Todays Job Report……

    Jobs report crushes expectations, unemployment drops to 49-year low


  11. In PA she campaigned hard in Philly which she had in the bag anyway with her buddies Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, while neglecting the working class areas of western PA.

    Big error. She totally could have won PA and some other states.

  12. So all those unemployed steel workers now have jobs in industry? All those former industry jobs have been filled with the same high paying jobs?

  13. Patrick spent eight years saying the employment stats were entirely bogus in every way.

    Now for the past two years, he is saying that they are perfect, even though the method of calculating have not changed in any way.


  14. Seamus jobs are in abundance you can’t go buy the unemployment number because those numbers are fake no matter who’s in power.

    The employment though of Union workers is booming and levels of available jobs in every field are abundant. If you have the skills you can once again pick and choose.

  15. And were heading in that direction in 2016. Obama’s economy is booming.

  16. The Obama/Trump recovery has been a continuum since maybe 2010.

    Any study shows this.

  17. Phantom stop lying.

    I have said in the past and I say it now. If the employment numbers are under 300,000 than unemployment is still growing.

    The nation adds 300,000 workers to the available workers pool every month.

  18. There was an Obama DEPRESSION never an Obama recovery.

  19. So by your reasoning unemployment is increasing. The US added 263,000 jobs in April.

  20. “There was an Obama DEPRESSION never an Obama recovery.”

    No there was a Bush Depression, followed by an Obama recovery, and a Trump taking the credit.

  21. There was no ” depression ”

    There damned near was one, but the GWB/Obama tactics averted it, much to the dismay of the brain-deads.

  22. The Republicans accomplished one thing and one thing only in the first two years of Trump Tax Cuts, that combined with regulation cuts turned the economy on.

    Obama had nothing to do with it.

  23. There was no ” depression ”

    Tell that to the millions that lost their homes, the millions that went bankrupt, and the 100s of thousands of businesses that shut their doors during the Obama years.

    Those numbers were larger than the great depression. Just because you weren’t effected doesn’t change the numbers of millions that were.

  24. “The Republicans accomplished one thing and one thing only in the first two years of Trump Tax Cuts, that combined with regulation cuts turned the economy on.”

    The economy was booming before Trump took office. The law didn’t go into effect and so didn’t impact on 2017 taxes. The last tax year (so pretty much the last 12 months) are the only ones effected by the Trump tax cuts.

    Because of Obama’s booming economy the economy has been able to stay on track despite Trump’s attempt to wreck it with trickle down nonsense.

  25. “Those numbers were larger than the great depression.”

    Proportionally? As in where the numbers 2 and 1/2 times the size of the Great Depression figures? Because the US population is 2 and 1/2 times the size of the Great Depression. So if those numbers aren’t also 2 and 1/2 times the size then its not as bad.

  26. so did either of you read the PDF? It’s 5 short pages.

  27. You need to sign up to Scribd to read it on your link

  28. And why should we give any credence to a Trump political appointee?

  29. Patrick after all these years remains confused.

    a) the population is much larger than it was in 1930 so comparing gross numbers between 1930 and 2008 actually tells you nothing

    b) no one really knows how many lost their homes in the thirties. It was a large number, yes but exact numbers were not kept in those days

    c) An economic depression is a defined term, and the number of foreclosures and bankruptcies don’t have anything directly to do with it.

    This has been explained here before.

  30. Comparing the Great Recession and the Great Depression …
    The economy was on the verge of a great depression. In some ways, actually, the economic data and the collapse of the economy was worse than what happened in the 1930s

    This Chart Shows Just How Bad Unemployment Is Today …
    Now compare the above chart to similar measurements from the 1930’s and you’ll see just how bad things really are: (via Casey Research) It’s so bad, in fact, that we have seen sustained unemployment exceeding that of the Great Depression for almost the entirety of Barack Obama’s Presidency.

  31. You need to copy that link again. It hasn’t transferred over properly

  32. Seamus, on May 3rd, 2019 at 3:10 PM Said: Edit Comment
    You need to sign up to Scribd to read it on your link

    no you dont Seamus just click the link and scroll down it should be there.

  33. “no you dont Seamus just click the link and scroll down it should be there.”

    Cheers. Didn’t see that. I’ll read it now.

  34. here the pdf is embedded in the bottom of this article


  35. Emmet Flood’s main argument seems to stem from the idea that this wasn’t a normal investigation. He is right. It wasn’t. He states that the normal way for a prosecutor to act is through indictments. But as you have argued in the past, and the Department of Justice guidance set out, Mueller couldn’t charge Trump. As such the normal way wasn’t available. The only way to indict a sitting President, per your own arguments in the past, and per Department of Justice guidance, is via impeachment proceedings. So the only way that Mueller could seek indictment was not through the grand jury but by setting out a road map for Congress.

  36. he can make recommendations to charge on crimes uncovered ONLY congress can do anything about it with an impeachment, but he can recommend and lay out the indictment.

    As Starr did with Clinton. The evidence proved that Clinton broke 11 Laws.

    How many did the Mueller report find…. 0.

    The letter states the fact that Mueller violated the Law he was working under in his report, because finding no evidence he should have said nothing. He committed sedition.

  37. “How many did the Mueller report find…. 0.”

    Mueller identified 11 areas of possible obstruction but did not offer indictments because he felt he couldn’t.

    “The letter states the fact that Mueller violated the Law he was working under in his report, because finding no evidence he should have said nothing. He committed sedition.”

    Except he found evidence, as he detailed in his report. He just couldn’t offer indictments because of the law, so has given the evidence over to Congress so that they can do so if they so wish.

  38. He committed sedition.

    Sure he did, pet.

    That awful policeman.

    He is a deep state communist anti-fa bra-burner, or something.

  39. Mueller found nothing. A special counsel recommends charges not “possible charges”. That’s not how the Law works.

    There was irrefutable evidence of 11 crimes with Bill Clinton, there was no irrefutable evidence with Trump.

    The special prosecutor under the Law is not allowed to comment if they don’t charge. Mueller was tasked with finding evidence of crimes and lay out the charges and the evidence. He did neither.

  40. no Phantom he’s an incompetent hack, always has been.

    He’s a dirty cop.

  41. “Mueller found nothing. A special counsel recommends charges not “possible charges”. That’s not how the Law works.”

    He couldn’t recommend charges. The law, according to the Department of Justice, said he couldn’t. So he laid out the evidence to allow Congress to decide if they want to bring charges.

  42. What was the main reason that got Comey got fired?

    Do you know?

  43. There were probably many. Trump demanded loyalty. Comey wouldn’t give him that. Trump demanded he end the investigation. Comey wouldn’t do that.

  44. Trump demanded personal loyalty.

    The kind of personal loyalty that he gets from his flunkie Barr.

  45. Wrong.

    As recommended by Rosenstein. The reason for firing Comey was his violation of the Law with his Press Conference about Hillary Clinton.

    He violated both ethics and the Law by laying out all the things she did and then stating he wasn’t charging her.

    Number one he doesn’t charge the Atty General does, and number 2 the law forbids you discussing things uncovered if you don’t charge.

  46. Mueller didn’t recommend charges, the whole second half of the report is an act of Sedition.

  47. And has been shown Trump had made the decision to fire Comey before the Rosenstein memo.

  48. BETHESDA, Maryland (The Borowitz Report)—Attorney General William Barr on Thursday proved unable to give honest answers to a drive-thru window at a Bethesda, Maryland, Arby’s restaurant.

    Barr, who drove up to the window just after noon, appeared evasive and halting after the drive-thru attendant asked to take his order.

    “I cannot recall what I would like to order at this time,” Barr said, according to the attendant.

    When pressed repeatedly to name a sandwich, drink, or side order that he preferred, Barr stonewalled, the attendant said.

    “The questions I was asking him couldn’t have been clearer,” the attendant told reporters. “I asked him if he wanted to order a Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. He refused to give me a yes-or-no answer.”

    “I came away feeling that he had been less than candid,” the attendant said.

    Speaking through an official spokesperson later in the day, Barr said that he would never appear at Arby’s again

  49. Trump could fire him because he didn’t like his Tie that’s his right. But he diddn’t he was fired for breaking several laws

    No matter how hard any of you want there is no obstruction.

    When did Trump stop funding the special counsel ?

    When did he prevent anyone from testifying ?

    Who did he have plead the 5th ?

    What documents did he refuse to turnover ?

    What witnesses did he refuse to provide ?

    There was 100% cooperation with the Special Counsel you can’t point to a single thing the Special Counsel did not get as soon as they asked for it.

    So tell me what was the ACT of obstruction ?

    Bitching in public that he was an innocent man who was being framed ?

    Being upset that the FBI/CIA/NSA/DOJ/DNC and the Clintons are trying to frame you is now obstruction?


    What are you all going to say when these Obama officials start going to jail?

    It’s coming, and unlike against Trump it’s not a fishing expedition……

  50. “Trump could fire him because he didn’t like his Tie that’s his right.”

    He had the right to fire him. No one is questioning that. However if you do something that would otherwise be legal for the purposes of hindering an investigation then that is obstruction of justice.

    For example, a person has a right to free speech. If they use that free speech to intimidate witnesses then that is illegal.

  51. how did firing Comey hinder the investigation…… please show me evidence of it.

  52. Comey was fired because he was dirty cop, he’s going to go to jail because he’s a dirty cop.

    19 Democrat Lawyers hired with the sole purpose of finding Obstruction investigated for 15 months out of the 22 and couldn’t find any obstruction yet you still think there is obstruction…..

    oh ok skippy

  53. Comey was ordered by Trump to stop the investigation. He refused. He was then fired by Trump. You do the maths.

  54. no Seamus that is totally wrong. Sorry you can have your own opinion not your own facts.

    Trump never made any such order.

  55. A little soapbox from Charlie

    Swamp Stomping
    I watched part of the Senate hearing with Attorney General William Barr yesterday and, instead of hearing the informed questions of supposedly public servants who are sworn to serve the interests and security of this nation and the people who put them in office, I was bombarded with useless, showboat inquiries that everybody in the room already knew the answers to.

    There were, would-be presidential candidates preening and posing for the television cameras asking inane, convoluted, disjointed questions, accomplishing absolutely nothing except for wasting the time of all involved.

    Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii indulged in downright character assassination, her remarks acerbic and insulting, having no effect but to paint her as a misandrist, just a bitter old woman with absolutely nothing constructive to add to the conversation.

    A few weeks ago, when the Democrats were certain that Mueller’s report would contain full-blown proof of Russian collusion, or at the very least – if not impeachable material – enough misadventures to cobble together an obstruction charge, Mueller was hailed as a paragon of virtue and to doubt his findings would be tantamount to heresy.

    But now that incontrovertible proof is not forthcoming, and the grasping of straws and parsing of jurisprudence have taken over, Mueller has assumed the role of a shadowy agent whose intention leaves a lot to be doubted, by those who once placed him on a pedestal.

    He is more than likely on his way to becoming a pariah, a whipping boy, since the star the Democrats have hitched their wagon to has flamed out and the only thing left to do to save face is to kill the messengers, the plural denoting the mutual defaming of AG Barr, since he will be the one to investigate the misdeeds of the Clinton campaign, the false flag obtaining of the
    Christopher Steele dossier, who paid for it, who signed for it (four times) the anti-Trump bias of the FBI agents involved and Comey’s partisan handling of Clinton herself, and any distrustful aspersions they can cast now, I’m sure they view as thickening their armor.

    But from what I understand, it’s going to take more than deflowering the Muller and Barr reputations to keep the wolves of reality away from the Democrat door as the names I’m hearing are major and plentiful and any thread that Barr pulls in the shadowy world of the Clinton machine could possibly unravel the whole house of cards.

    Part of the Democrats problem is their accursed arrogance. They were so sure about Ms. Clinton’s rock-solid victory in 2016 that they neither prepared nor made suitable contingency for a defeat which might expose their role in the events leading up to the FISA warrant abuses that led to the surveillance of the Trump campaign.

    In fact, they were arrogant to the point of carelessness. Hillary’s destruction of email that had been subpoenaed, paying for a dossier put together by a foreign intelligence agent, a dossier that even he could never vouch for the accuracy of, and the biggest – and most in-your-face offense of all – using the dossier they knew to be inaccurate to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen, not once, but four times.

    Talk about obstruction of justice.

    From the rumors being circulated in “the city of leaks” the Inspector General’s report could well present some devastating information and that should be out in a few weeks, and from what I gather Barr is ready to start assembling his own team of investigators to dig into the Hillary side of things, and where that will lead and how far up the food chain it will reach is anybody’s guess.

    The crux of the situation is this, when you go stomping around in the swamp, the slime has a habit of splashing both ways and you never know what you’re going to find under the next dead log and swamp snakes don’t care who they bite, very possibly the guy who turned over the log.

    So, the next few months should be interesting as both sides try to make as many points as they can before the 2020 election, and I’ve got a feeling that the throat cutting and ship jumping is just getting started.

    The amount of “loyalty under duress” in Washington could probably be stored in a snuff box and when plea bargains and CYA gets to a fever pitch, things could get hot and heavy and some very swelled heads could roll.

    Tighten your cinch, America, this ‘un is just about to come out of the chute.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels

    — Charlie Daniels

  56. “no Seamus that is totally wrong. Sorry you can have your own opinion not your own facts.”

    I’m not dealing in opinions. I’m dealing in facts.

    From the Mueller report:

    Trump to Comey, on the topic of Michael Flynn’s investigation.

    Later that afternoon, the President cleared the Oval Office to have a one-on-one meeting with Comey. Referring to the FBI’s investigation of Flynn, the President said, ‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.

  57. I saw him in concert ages ago

    Good show, up in Binghamton NY

  58. Pat how many years have you been telling us the Obama administration is going to jail?

    You come off as single minded and empty headed as alan

  59. All of Trump’s opponents will be tortured, and executed, and then tortured and executed again just to be sure.

    Its what the founders would have wanted

  60. Emerald Pimpernel, on May 3rd, 2019 at 7:49 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Pat how many years have you been telling us the Obama administration is going to jail?

    You come off as single minded and empty headed as alan

    big difference Allan is crazy, I’m just stubborn.

    The Obama administration was the most destructive 8yrs to the american system of Law in history. I will keep calling for the arrest of those who broke the Law.

    I will do the same to the Trump Administration if you can find a Law they have broken. The Obama Administration’s justice department is about to be investigated for trying to frame a President and fixing an investigation into the Clintons.

    I can provide you a list of real crimes, and real abuses of power from Obama’s 8 years if you need a reminder….

    It took the attempted framing of a President to get the wheels of Justice rolling, but now they are.

  61. Yeah Pat and the twin towers were a controlled demolition perpetrated by the CIA

  62. ???????????

    My name ain’t Allan what the hell are you babbling about EP. be specific when you attemp to insult.

    Put a co2 detector in the cab of your truck the fumes are gettin to ya.

  63. bunch of saudi islamists took down the towers and we are far from finished killing islamists to make them pay for it.

  64. one last thing….. ROFLMAO


  65. goodnight everyone, god bless