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By David Vance On May 9th, 2019

I am sure that you, like me, are deeply concerned about the rise of “right-wing terrorism”. Have a look at these stats…you can see WHY the politicians are so concerned about the “right wing”…



  1. You have to be careful with such statistics.

    First, the figures here relate to attacks reported to Europol, and probably some EU countries will report more frequently and according to different criteria.

    e.g. what is a “terrorist attack”?

    On ATW, a rioter throwing a stone at soldiers in armoured cars constitutes a terrorist attack if the rioter is a Palestinian and the solider an Israeli etc.. Other countries would probably classify, and report, things differently.

    On the other hand, someone throwing a stone through the window of an asylum centre would not be considered a terrorist attack on ATW, but possibly would be in some country like Sweden.

    In this case, more than half of all “terrorist attacks” in the EU were reported by the UK. The EU can therefore look forward to a massive decrease in terrorism if the British ever seriously get around to Brexiting.

    The report also says: “the largest number of attacks in which a terrorist affiliation could be identified were carried out by ethno-nationalist and separatist extremists (99)”, which is a bit strange in itself as it seems to exclude Islamists.
    Of this 99, no less than 76 attacks – more than three quarters – were carried out by my misguided countrymen in occupied Ireland. Probably over-reporting at work there again.

    BTW, it’s always best to link to the original report, rather than what emerges after the figures have been tumbled around in some right-wing kaleidoscope.


  2. Of this 99, no less than 76 attacks – more than three quarters – were carried out by my misguided countrymen in occupied Ireland. Probably over-reporting at work there again.

    Indeed Noel. That’s where the skew comes in.

    But if the the subject is the rise of right wing extremism why just concentrate in Europe in 2017?

    From 2009 through 2018, right-wing extremists accounted for 73 percent of such killings, according to the ADL, compared with 23 percent for Islamists and 3 percent for left-wing extremists. In other words, most terrorist attacks in the United States, and most deaths from terrorist attacks, are caused by white extremists.


    Groups with international connections, such as the Australian Defence League and Right Wing Resistance, were formed. The rise of Reclaim Australia also saw extremist members of these groups splinter off to form new groups, such as the True Blue Crew and the United Patriots Front.

    Phillip Galea, associated with both of these groups, was apprehended on terrorism charges in 2016. The United Patriots Front has given way to the Lads Society. They are joined in this by Antipodean Resistance – an outwardly nationalist socialist group which defines outsiders as left wing groups, Jews, and homosexuals, and condemns interracial couples and supposed sexual promiscuity.


  3. Noel and Paul

    As always you deliberately miss the elephant in the room. ie A small number of people are committing, or trying to commit, acts of extreme violence against innocent people. Men, women and children. These are more than just numbers, and I do not need a report or statistics to tell me.

  4. Deliberately miss the elephant in the room Mark?

    The headline of the piece is about the rise of right wing extremism and when the figures are analysed and the subject matter is expanded to include other western countries a more detailed, comprehensive picture emerges. Where’s the pachyderm missing there?

  5. Pachyderm ! Paul showing off the new word he learnt today 😉

  6. I am a freely flowing fountain of fervid phrasal fluency, Colm

  7. You mean you can spout bollocks like the rest of us 😉

  8. I was going to say something about my mastery of the oral form but not sure I should in the wake of your ‘bollocks’ comment…..

  9. Does anyone understand the bar graph above?
    The bar for “people killed” shows almost 300, but the figures say only 63;
    on the other hand, the bar for “attacks” says 60, but the corrresponding figure is around 290.

    The yellow for right-wingers arrested is bigger than the blue for left-wingers, but the figures show the opposite.
    The graph shows lefties responsible for around half the number of attacks recorded for Islamists, but the figures show the Lefties’s figure is less than one tenth, etc.

    Was the graph prepared by Tommy Robinson?

  10. Freely flowing fountain ?

    Master of the Oral form ?

    The sexually suggestive phrases just keep coming…. oops now you’ve got me at it 😉

  11. PS talking about Bollocks, I do like the Lib Dem’s adoption of the simple but effective “ Bollocks to Brexit “ phrase for the Euro elections. They have got my vote !

  12. I wonder what the source of the graph is Noel?

  13. Colm, it should really be “ Bollocks to Brexit we created while in coalition“

  14. How did they ? It was a Conservative manifesto pledge by David Cameron only enacted when the Conservatives obtained a working majority in the 2015 election and were no longer in coalition with the LibDems.

  15. They are and were enablers of neo-liberal austerity. being as they are a neo-liberal ‘center’ right party that should come as no shock to anyone.

  16. Plus Cameron announced the age of austerity in 2009. Its a nonsense to think Lib Dems are not a guilty party wrt austerity

  17. daytripper

    But that’s a separate matter from the issue of Brexit. Of course they had responsibility for the austerity policies they complied with but not the post- coalition referendum that delivered the Brexit result. That was a product of a Conservative only government.

  18. The single greatest reason for Brexit is the wholesale destruction of the states functions, via austerity. Responsibility rests with them every bit as much as the Tories. They enabled the rot which led to the punishment vote at the referendum.

  19. Wholesale destruction of the states functions ?

    That’s quite a bit of an exaggeration daytripper. It could just as easily be argued that the Labour Blair govt. were also a catalyst for Brexit with their decision to allow unlimited immigration numbers from Eastern European countries when they acceded to the EU despite other major EU members utilising the rules limiting numbers for several years. There sis little doubt the huge surge in immigration the U.K. experienced had a big effect in the apronBrexit vote amongst working class Labour voters,