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Racist ” Joke ” Directed at Newborn Baby

By Phantom On May 9th, 2019

All here probably have heard about the controversy by now.

Is this really supposed to be funny, or edgy in some way?

41 Responses to “Racist ” Joke ” Directed at Newborn Baby”

  1. Baker claims it wasn’t intended as racist. That he put it up as royals as animals in posh clothes gag and that as soon as someone pointed out the connotation to him he took it down.

    Either way it doesn’t present Baker in a good light. Either he made a racist joke about a baby or he is so utterly unaware of the current mood around racism that he didn’t recognise the inevitable reaction of his tweet.

  2. Note to Baker: ain’t buyin’ it.

    How in God’s name could you miss the implications of this?

    He would be unknown here. Is he one of those shock jock radio losers? What’s his story?

  3. He’s not a shock jock. He is a regular guy with an uncontroversial political ethos as far as I know. I don’t think he remotely meant it as a racist dig but however it was meant it just doesn’t work as a joke at all. I agree though that it is hard to believe he didn’t realise the racial connotations connected to this particular royal child.

  4. I am sure Alan thought it hilarious

  5. I need the usual suspects to call criticism of this as ” virtue signalling ”

    ” Can’t yiz take a joke “?

  6. He’s out on his arse:


    Probably doesn’t find it that funny now.

  7. He isn’t a shock jock but that ultimately almost makes it worse. One of his major interests, and one of the major topics on his radio show, is football. And given the current racism problem in football that has raised its ugly head again in the last few years (players getting bananas thrown at them, monkey chants etc…) it is beyond ridiculous to suggest that he wasn’t aware of the racist implications of comparing a black or mixed race person to a monkey.

    Either he is a racist or a moron or both.

  8. I don’t see in any way at all how this is humourous and don’t see how it could be seen as anything else than a dog whistle to Megan Markle’s background.

    If he thought any differently then he’s even dafter than he seems to be.

  9. The only argument, I guess, is if he didn’t know the baby was going to be mixed race. Which is again also very hard to believe.

  10. I’m angry at this guy.

    How is it possible to be this completely stupid, so completely without knowledge, or worse.

    The world doesn’t have enough problems, he needs to create another one, for self promotion or whatever?

  11. Danny Baker gets sacked for making an ‘offensive’ joke.

    Head of BBC policy said “We don’t tolerate this sort of behaviour. At the BBC we pride ourselves on having a complete ban on jokes. Now that’s sorted…lets get back to abusing children”.

  12. So, because a culture existed at the BBC in the seventies which allowed some to get away with multiple counts of sex abuse it’s okay for a BBC radio presenter in 2019 to make an absolutely unfunny ‘joke’ which is seemingly a dog whistle to Megan Markle’s mixed race background?

    Is that it djaym?

  13. He’s made it worse for himself now by claiming in his defence that he didn’t even know which member of the royal family had given birth only that he was vaguely aware a Royal baby had been born.

    When you are in a hole…

  14. Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of Danny Baker and think his radio shows, his books and one man show etc are an absolute joy. But I really don’t think that he thought to himself “i know, I’ll go on twitter and post a joke with racial connotations and bring the roof down on top of myself, that’ll be a lark”. In decades he’s never said or posted anything like that, plus he removed it as soon as it was pointed out to him what people would read into it.

    Also he has a long running radio gag called “chimps dressed as famous people set to fairground music”, and there was never any race aspect to that either (he’d play fairground music and then solemnly reel off a load of famous names, pausing between each one…Princess Di, Churchill, etc….and you couldn’t help but imagine a chimp dressed as that person).

    All that said, you do have to wonder what the hell he was thinking. I can only assume he was well refreshed at the time.

  15. Liverpool emerges from the dark and trounce the supreme Barca.

    The lost-cause Spurs miraculously come back and beat Ajax.

    And now Frank O’Dwyer….

  16. Well Howdy Frank, nice to hear from you even if you do only pop in once every few years now like the Olympic Games !

  17. It seems like the guy in question was merely idiotic, I think they jumped the gun with the firing.

  18. It was a stupid post by Danny Baker, but he does not have a racist bone in his body.

    An apology should have been enough. Shame on the BBC for their cowardice in sacking him.

  19. Hi Frank

    You and daytripper back in a very short period

  20. I’m sure there was on ATW who know me well enough, can predict what I’m going to say.
    Whether you find this joke funny or not, it was just a joke, and he doesn’t deserve to lose his job over it

  21. How could it be funny in any way?

    If made with any racial intent, that stuff has been done for a zillion years,by definition not funny. It looks like something ruinous that Allan produced on his worst day.

  22. Dave Alton et al, its not just a joke anymore then the trash coming out of the turnip is just a misunderstanding

  23. This is like the anti Irish jokes that weren’t jokes as made by some English

    Where’s the cleverness here?

    He only does the chimp joke now. Why now?

  24. The BBC was right to fire him. This was inexcusable. It is without doubt racism.

  25. mad man o’dwyer good to see you

  26. it was racist and cheap but it was a joke.

    What I find disgraceful is all the Markle stuff on the net about the pregnancy being fake etc etc

    I think that stuff is more rude.

  27. It is NOT funny or edgy. And neither is it meant to be racist. But was crass.

    Danny Baker tried to be ‘on message’ with the Left by posting something derogatory about the Royals. It backfired and he lost his job. No sympathy. Move on.

  28. I think it was a fair comment on the ridiculous hype about this new baby.

  29. IMO I don’t think it was deliberately racist. I think it was a glib, unfunny tweet which showed an astonishing lack of awareness. An apology should have been sufficient.

    Mark, how do you know Baker wasn’t being racist yet was trying to be ‘on message’ with the lefties?

    Are you sure you’re not trying to project you on opinions onto him?

  30. Anyway congrats to Harry & family and best wishes to little Archie that he comes through the inevitable public glare and becomes a decent man like his father matured into.

  31. Archie’s grandfather is ecstatic about having a new grandson. Prince Charles is said to be quite happy too.

  32. Paul

    I like what you did there but please be careful. One does not want you to be accused of projecting your opinions on HRH Prince Charlie.


  33. The difference of course Mark is mine was clearly in jest whereas Baker’s ‘joke’ IYO was obviously the fault of the ‘lefties’ or something.

  34. I agree with Seamus – he’s either a racist or a moron.

    He has form though – after the Boston bomb he more or less implied they deserved it because Irish pubs there had “collection jars for the cause”

    So that’s ok then. Teat.

  35. * twat

  36. Oh he did say that did he?

    Well isn’t karma a bitch

  37. Here you are Phantom:


    I wasn’t aware of that Reg. It may colour things a wee bit differently.

  38. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

    Long live the BBC :)0

  39. A ‘mixed-race’ Monarchy – superb……


    I’m just amazed at how stupid those who rule what we’re supposed to think can be. It should have been deleted as a comment and left at that. The point that concerns the Establishment is that comparisons between President Bush II and a chimp can stand because we all know that it’s a joke, whilst any comparison between any full- or part-groid and chimps is pretty close, both in appearance and performance, hence Africa, Haiti, Chicongo, Detroit…..and it’s getting noticed 🙂

    It would be better to make Buckingham Palace a McDonalds and just be done with it

  40. It has been desperately unfortunate for all concerned.

    When I first heard about it, I just thought that it was a cheeky bit of irreverence and a very common comic theme ie to present people, their children or spouses as animals. I thought that it was just a lot of arch monarchists being over sensitive. The racial element had not occurred to me until it was pointed out. Then I was horrified at the connotation, even if as I believe there was no malign intention.

    It there was a deliberate racial element to this then Danny Baker is a git and deserves to be pilloried. However, if not, and I would need some hard evidence of previous racism on his part, then he will be disraught and not just at losing his job.

  41. Frank

    “Also he has a long running radio gag called “chimps dressed as famous people set to fairground music”, and there was never any race aspect to that either (he’d play fairground music and then solemnly reel off a load of famous names, pausing between each one…Princess Di, Churchill, etc….and you couldn’t help but imagine a chimp dressed as that person).”

    That is very relevant thank you