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By Patrick Van Roy On May 10th, 2019

On this day 150 years ago, in 1869, the Golden Spike was hammered in at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory, creating the First Transcontinental Railroad. The new rail line linked the established railways of the eastern United States with the rapidly expanding railroads of the West, and made transcontinental travel via train a reality. Need some context? The alternative at the time would be to traverse the nearly 2,000-mile stretch between Omaha and San Francisco by horse, wagon, or your own two feet. With rail travel now an option, America’s westward expansion was suddenly in high gear.

I think that makes this song apropos

13 Responses to “Friday”

  1. I saw the Dead a few times, in Binghamton, Syracuse, Madison Square Garden.

    It was fun.

  2. always interesting

  3. Interesting, strange at times crowd.

    Lots of ganja in the air once the lights went down

  4. I always enjoyed the dead but would never consider myself a deadhead.

    Worked security for them twice….. not a fun gig

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__IVM_J-Y6o

  6. today my eldest graduates her first college a year early with honors in the fall she starts her masters/doctorate program and at the end of her first year there she gets her butter bar.

  7. Wonderful

  8. it’s a good day

  9. lol….. this is just wrong


  10. Congratulations Patrick. What did she study, and what’s her postgrad?

  11. PVR

    Well done to your daughter.

    The transcontinental railroad was a major factor in the making of the US. It opened up the West and united the country. It is right to commemorate it.

  12. erious congratulations to your eldest girl Pat. What’s her award and what’s the subject content of her post grad studies?

    Could you also please check your mail Pat.

  13. *Serious.