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By David Vance On May 10th, 2019


  1. Yes David, but you do yourself no favours by lending credibility to this Putin mouthpiece. Their shamelessly lying coverage of the Salisbury nerve agent attack should have cost them their broadcasting licence in the UK.

  2. Well said DC, and it’s good to see you not lending credibility to the controversial British state broadcaster. Its shamelessly lying coverage of everything would have cost it a broadcasting licence in the UK if it were a foreign station.

  3. Peter – do you actually believe the official story on the Salisbury event? Btw, where are the Skripals?

  4. It is global, especially when you consider Putin’s anti-religious laws which although I didn’t watch the video I am sure you mentioned prominently in the discussion…

  5. Peter – do you actually believe the official story on the Salisbury event?

    Yes Allan, don’t you? If not, please advance your conspiracy theories. I assume they will not exceed 20, because RT advanced about that number. As I recall, MI5, the CIA and THE JEWS were the prime suspects, but no doubt you will correct me if I’m wrong.

    I would be interested to know your take almost two years later.

  6. Pete Moore

    It’s a shock that you give Putin-RT preference over the BBC, a real shock.

  7. Peter,
    //Pete Moore

    It’s a shock that you give Putin-RT preference over the BBC, a real shock. //

    It’s like when you find out that the pope’s Catholic and bears s*** in the woods.

  8. Yes Allan, don’t you? If not, please advance your conspiracy theories.

    Peter – the entire official Skripal narrative is one big conspiracy and is sustained by the credulity of the wider public. Let’s take a look at what the authorities are claiming……..


    One of the striking things about the official Skripal story is the way its more wildly improbable aspects have been released to the mainstream media over a long period, so as to manage their impact. So, for example, police acknowledgement that the perfume bottle Charlie Rowley found was sealed and could not have been the container used on the Skripals is comparatively recent, and it took nine months for us to learn that, by a truly wonderful coincidence, the first person to find the Skripals ill on the bench was the Chief Nurse of the British Army.

    I covered these points in full in my article on the ten points I do not believe in the official story – an article which nobody has sought to refute, other than to yell “conspiracy theory”, as though that was an argument.

    Peter makes that ‘argument’ 🙂

    Wow – the Chief Nurse of the British Army was the first person to find the Skripals slumped on the park bench!!!!!

    But today we learn from the Guardian (quoting the New York Times) that Donald Trump was only convinced to back the UK government line after being shown photos of dead ducks and hospitalised children by CIA director Gina Haspel.

    The problem is that, there were no hospitalised children. No children have been reported as becoming ill following their duck feeding with the Skripals. We have heard from one of the parents that they were shown by the police extremely clear CCTV footage of the duck feeding, which has never been made public. Surely if the child had been hospitalised, the parent would have been mentioned it?

    Peter – How many children were hospitalised? How many dead ducks?

    Here is the ‘conspiracy theory’ explained so as to demolish the BS that Peter believes…….


    Peter – why do you believe the Skripal BS?

  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/16/donald-trump-shown-pictures-children-hospitalised-novichok-attack/

    Three boys were taken for hospital tests after they met the former Russian spy and his daughter in a playground before the pair were found collapsed on a bench.

  10. Seamus – within the first link at 10.53am is a statement by Dr Steven Davies of Salisbury Hospital which appeared in The Times before the controllers could shut it down.

    Dr Stephen Davies of Salisbury Hospital’s letter of 16 March 2018 to the Times has been explained away as poorly written or edited, in relation to the cause of the Skripals’ illness. But be that as it may, one thing the doctor’s letter does without any shadow of a doubt, is rule out the possibility of hospitalised children.

    There were no hospitalised children

    Indeed, the ‘narrative’ just got invented as it went along – and where are the Skripals now?

  11. No patients exhibiting symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. The children didn’t exhibit symptoms. They were hospitalised for tests to see if they had come into contact with the nerve agent. They hadn’t come into contact with it thankfully.

  12. Allan

    As the Telegraph article makes clear the children were simply taken to hospital to be tested as a precaution along with over a hundred other people. They were ‘hospitalised’ in the sense of being ill.

  13. Allan

    Craig Murray is one of Putin’s useful fools in the west. The two GRU agents have been identified and will be safe as long as they never leave Russia:

    “His activism has been criticised in some quarters for promoting conspiracy theories.[50][51][52] In reference to the DNC email leak, in 2016 Murray shared with the Daily Mail an account of how he had personally received the stolen emails during a clandestine meeting in a wooded area near American University. The Daily Mail added that while his account cannot be independently verified, it is in line with previous statements by WikiLeaks, which published the Podesta and DNC emails.[53] Murray further claimed that “neither of the leaks came from the Russians”.[50]


    In September 2018, Murray claimed in a blog post that the photos issued by the Metropolitan Police of the suspects in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal were “impossible” because they depicted the two suspects at the same place at the same time. He later retracted the claim and left the post up but corrected, saying “it is good to acknowledge mistakes”.[54][55] This claim was also made by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.[56] A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that the photographs “of two suspects at Gatwick are taken from two different cameras covering separate lanes at the point passengers exit from international arrivals”.[54]


  14. Hardly any comment on the substance. I am not sure why I bother posting here anymore. If all you do is whine about RT but you feel chilled about the BBC/CNN etc then YOU are part of the problem.

  15. David

    I accepted your point in the first comment. No sane person could argue that Christianity is not under attack on three of the five continents. And in every case it is the ROP attacking it.

  16. David

    I like RT. It’s good that you can get your message on its platform but you have to concede it is an absolute shill for Putin’s regime and never ever broadcasts anything critical of how Russia’s government operates. That cannot be ignored.

  17. “And in every case it is the ROP attacking it.”

    In the majority of cases. Not in every case. There is substantial attacks on Christians by both the Chinese regime and Hindu extremists in China. As the report that the Foreign Office published states there has been a collapse in the Christian population in Palestine, in part due to attacks by Muslims but also due to harassment and attacks by Israel. In Sri Lanka obviously the recent attacks spring to mind, which were carried out by Muslim extremists. But Sri Lankan Christians have also faced attacks from both Hindu and Buddhist extremists as well.

  18. *and Hindu extremists in India.

  19. Yes, apparently Christians suffered disproportionally at the hands of Israelis setting up their state. Christians were generally better off than their Muslim compatriots and owned more land and were accordingly more likely to be driven out of their homes and their country by the IDF.


    I wonder would the conflict in Northern Ireland be considered attacks on Christians.

  20. Western countries have power here but they don’t use it. Starting with Saudi Arabia.

  21. Western countries have power here but they don’t use it. Starting with Saudi Arabia.

    No Colm. Saudi Arabia ius a major customer for military hardware manufactured in the UK. And military hardware is our last significant manufacturing industry. That explains a lot of UK foreign policy.

    Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are just gagging for a war with Iran:

    “The US war of attrition is not merely economic and diplomatic. Iran has faced cyber attacks. Its scientists have been assassinated, its ballistic missile programme sabotaged. It is the target of fake news and disinformation about its past nuclear activities and present-day links to terrorism. It is a country under siege. And US officials say they are just getting started.

    It is often suggested that Trump wants to avoid another Middle East conflict. But hawks such as Pompeo, Bolton and the vice-president, Mike Pence – who between them are running foreign policy while the president tweets and plays golf – are not so shy. Given past statements about armed intervention, they would probably relish it.”


  22. Peter

    I’m not sure what you mean by up your No to my comment. I am referring to the fact that Saudi Arabia is the biggest official Sovereign State persecutor and oppressor of Christians yet is fauned over by Western countries with barely a murmer of official protest. Perhaps David might start attacking Trump for his silence on The Saudis anti Christian repression.

  23. Perhaps David might start attacking Trump for his silence on The Saudis anti Christian repression.

    Good luck with that Colm.

  24. Another slaughter today, this time in Africa:

    “Gunmen have killed six people including a priest as Mass was being celebrated in a church in Dablo in northern Burkina Faso, officials say. The attackers, said to number between 20 and 30, then burned down the church. The town’s mayor, Ousmane Zongo, said that there was panic as other buildings were burned down and a health centre looted. Jihadist violence has flared in Burkina Faso since 2016, and this is the third attack on a church in five weeks. ”


  25. The forum that one chooses to be on is a legitimate source of comment, be it criticism or praise. Especially if one has made it a quest to be critical of other forums.