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The Original All American Woman

By Patrick Van Roy On May 13th, 2019

Doris Day, a leading box office star who achieved indelible fame in big-screen bedroom farces and put a sunny face on the working woman in America while exemplifying the wife every man wanted, has died. She was 97.

16 Responses to “The Original All American Woman”

  1. She has been out of the public eye for decades.

  2. True legends never go out of the public eye. Even today I doubt if many people would be saying Doris Day who ?

    She deserved her long and successful life.

  3. Not a Doris Day fan but I do recognise her contribution to the silver screen. A very good inning, if that does not sound too trite, and will fondly remembered even to non-fans like me.

    May she RIP.

  4. I don’t think that I’ve once heard her name come up in normal conversation, nor could I name any of her films.

    ( Not a criticism )

  5. How about in abnormal conversation ? 😉

  6. Phantom and anyone do yourself a favor and watch one. Pillow talk or please don’t eat the daisy’s I highly recommend. The days of true wholesomeness that we were all supposed to strive for and get.

    Phantom I think you would truly enjoy the latter.


  7. Really Phantom? A pop icon, I could name a bunch of her films.

  8. Calamity Jane and The man who knew too much.

    If ye don’t know those movies – what rock have you just crawled out from under?

  9. Mahons,

    She has been out of the public eye for decades.

    Mahons – I think your comment is lacking perspective not to mention historical, cultural and artistic appreciation.

  10. Calamity Jane is the only film I’m aware of without Goggling her.

  11. All I’m aware of is that Doris Day lives on in Cockney Rhyming slang for “gay”.

    As is: “Oi, roih’, ‘e’s a real Doris Doi, tha’ bloke!”

    Our resident Londoner will confirm.

    The phrase is also appropriate because I believe Doris Day was a prominent gay icon, like many divas are.

  12. Dave – my intention was to point out she had been a living icon 50 years after her last film.

  13. Our local version was murdered by his mates died quite a few years ago:


  14. PVR

    Thanks for that.


    I’d bet that the huge majority of adults you know couldn’t name one of her films if you asked them to do so.

    I’m not making fun of her in any way. I know that she was a gifted singer and actress.

    But time passes.

    Bing Crosby was probably the biggest star in the US, maybe the world, for years. Ask a young person what any of his films were, or what his biggest songs are. If you’re lucky, one of them will know of ” White Christmas ” but that will be it.

  15. Mahons,

    Dave – my intention was to point out she had been a living icon 50 years after her last film.

    Sorry mate you missed my joke. That was your response to me on the Notre Dame thread.

  16. Ah. I see said the blind man.