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By Pete Moore On May 21st, 2019

I told that they’d launch everything at Sir Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party. Last week the Electoral Commission gave them a clean bill of health, declaring that the party is compliant with electoral law. Then Gordon Brown made ludicrous accusations, the media piled in, and the corrupt, pro-EU Electoral Commission stepped up to make a song and dance about investigating the party which, a few days ago, it cleared.

And the European Parliament is launching a barrage, claiming to investigate Sir Nigel too. They are not just scared of the The Brexit Party; they are absolutely terrified. They have seen the polls and they foresee the end of their cozy, two-party corrupt state.

We will not have our British sense of fair play wounded, especially not by Johnny Continental. Not only will this not turn one voter against The Brexit Party, it will recruit thousands more. Remember, this is about way more than Brexit. It’s about ending an openly corrupt and anti-democratic political establishment. I know that we go into Thursday’s elections with the best wishes of everyone connected to ATW.


  1. So investigating the corruption of a ludicrously corrupt individual (Nigel Farage) is now anti-democratic corruption?

  2. Seamus –

    The Electoral Commission is strongly pro-EU and has a record of politically-inspired witch hunts.

    What’s this Farage corruption of which you speak? Details please.

  3. Sir Nigel Farage

    He’s not Sir Nigel, that’s fake news. Or in plainspeak, a bare-faced lie.

  4. Are you saying the millions from Aaron Banks is untrue? There is enough on the face of it to warrant an investigation.

  5. “What’s this Farage corruption of which you speak? Details please.”

    Let’s go through the list:

    – He asked for copies of a BBC documentary and then illegally copied it and sold it for profit.
    – He was fined in 2014 for not declaring gifts to the Electoral Commission.
    – He, despite denouncing tax avoidance, continues to have a large portion of his salary paid into a private company, most likely as a tax avoidance measure.
    – His private funding by Russia-linked Arron Banks.
    – He was fined €40,000 after illegal spending public money
    – His party group in the EU, of which he is the leader, was fined €172,655 and denied access to a further €248,345, for illegal spending public money

  6. Oh hell

    I just spent a half hour writing a post and when I sought to publish it, was told that the server was busy, and it disappeared

    Has this happened to anyone else

  7. yes its rare check drafts Phantom you piece might be there.

  8. aah

  9. Good man, it is there.


  10. no prob glad it was, that’s saved me a few times.

  11. Thanks for your support Pete 🙂

  12. It is true that BP election adds approvingly quote SinnFein speeches?

    Has anyone in the UK seen that?

  13. It was apparently on their Youtube account, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. The only places I’ve seen it mentioned are in the Sindo, who quelle surprise, are using it to have a go at the Shinners.

  14. Insofar as I understand Noel it was a montage of video clips when SF were campaigning against Lisbon. Not the only connection the BP has to Irish Republicanism mind you: