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On this Day in 1934

By Patrick Van Roy On May 23rd, 2019

A stolen Ford Deluxe is met with a hail of bullets as it passes an ambush of lawmen lying in wait on a rural highway in Louisiana’s Bienville Parish. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s car is hit by 130 rounds, and the FBI’s most wanted criminals are brought down after a 2-year manhunt.

During the History of my Nation we had two kinds of cops. Your regular cops that enforced the basic Laws of society and then Specialists. The Texas Rangers were one such group. They were hunters of men, they hunted them and killed them period.

The Rangers were to be described many times, at first as state troops, later as a police force or constabulary. During most of the 19th century they were neither. They were apart from the regular army, the militia or national guard, and were never a true police force. They were instead one of the most colorful, efficient, and deadly band of irregular partisans on the side of law and order the world has seen.

On this day in 1934 two of the best put an end to Bonnie and Clyde.

Netflix has done an excellent portrayal of these men and put Bonnie and Clyde into the proper perspective in which they belong.  Take the time to watch it if you get the chance.

6 Responses to “On this Day in 1934”

  1. Actually a watchable movie. I liked it.

  2. Yes Patrick, good cast, good script, good story well told.

  3. It was quite enjoyable in a hard sort of way.

    There was no hollywood glamour about it, and was a very good portrayal of the rangers.

  4. good meaning honest

  5. Good post Patrick I’ll have to give that a watch on your recommendation.

    I don’t really know that much about bonnie and Clyde, but they seem to be idolized criminals in the way that the Kray twins were in the UK.
    I wonder in actual fact were they nasty pieces of work like the Kray twins in real life.

  6. yep