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By Pete Moore On May 24th, 2019

I’ll believe that the worst Prime Minister in our history is finally gone when I see it. She has lied so much she makes Tony Blair look vaguely honest, so I wouldn’t put it past her to pull yet another fast one. But let’s assume this really is it; therefore the Tories must choose Boris Johnson.

Many have and will pile in on him for many reasons. Almost all criticisms of him, right now, are absolutely irrelevant. From the view of the Conservative Party, no other candidate should be considered. The party is fighting for its existence. Be in no doubt that Theresa May is the first victim of The Brexit Party. It’s no coincidence that she’s been forced out as the realisation of how many members and voters the Tories have lost to TBP dawns. The Tories don’t have the luxury of weighing the pros and cons of what will be many runners. It is fighting just to stay in electoral business.

So why BoJo? Because he’s box office. By a million miles he’s the most charismatic and recognisable candidate. His brand recognition, as marketeers might say, is off the scale. It’s taken his face and personality into every home in the land. But does it win? You bet it does.

London is a hardcore Labour city. BoJo was twice elected Mayor of London, on each occasion beating a Labour MP famously synonymous with London. It wasn’t any manifesto which did it. London will never vote Tory or for Tory policies, but it twice voted for the big personality and character that is Boris Johnson. Elections are about winning, that’s all.

Tory MPs will vote in successive rounds, and each round will see the race thin. The last two remaining candidates will be put to a vote of the entire party membership. If BoJo makes it that far then he will win. The party membership wants him. Tory MPs know this. If they put him into the final round then the party still has a spark of life. If they cull him early it means they have a death wish.

I hope he doesn’t make it. I want the Tory Party to die.

17 Responses to “IT HAS TO BE BORIS”

  1. //So why BoJo? Because he’s box office. ….It’s taken his face and personality into every home in the land. But does it win? You bet it does.//

    Hmmmm, I don’t know. I reckon the blonde bombshell in European, maybe even American, politics has peaked. Geert Wilders’ party apparently got only 4 pc in the Euro Election in the Netherlands.

  2. The Tories must choose Boris Johnson.

    Please, please, please let that be true.

  3. he needs an orange tan

  4. Alexander Johnson MP is a man I would never trust. Another careerist politician with no principles.

  5. I want the Tory Party to die.

    You had me worried for a moment Pete. I assume your true desire is for the Brexit Party to replace the Tories asap?

  6. Here is why Johnson is just as unfit as Trump to hold high office:

    “Johnson’s only ministerial experience consists of two dire years as foreign secretary – a stint memorable for his gaffes, gratuitous insults, guff about creating a “Global Britain” and constant undermining of Theresa May. As London’s mayor Johnson excelled as merrymaker-in-chief during the 2012 Olympic Games, but at little else: “Boris Bikes” were Ken Livingstone’s idea, the Thames cable car and ArcelorMittal Orbit tower were expensive flops, and his ultimate vanity project, the aborted Garden Bridge, cost £53m without a brick being laid. Before that, Johnson served briefly as shadow arts minister, but was fired by Michael Howard, then Tory leader, for lying about one of his extramarital affairs.

    Johnson is also spectacularly lacking in the moral qualifications required to lead the country. He is a congenital liar, serially disloyal, untrustworthy, irresponsible and hopelessly chaotic – as David Cameron, Michael Gove, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, his former wives, and many others know only too well. He may be a gifted and humorous wordsmith, but he deploys that talent to dupe, dissemble and deflect. He has shown an almost criminal disregard for Britain’s economic well-being (“Fuck business”) and for Northern Ireland’s fragile peace (he once compared its border to London’s congestion zone). He has no core principles beyond the advancement of one B Johnson, and the idea that he is motivated by a desire to help others is laughable. It is hard to recall a single act of Johnsonian selflessness.

    This charlatan is now shamelessly cashing in on the national crisis that he helped bring about through his mendacious EU-bashing journalism and referendum campaign lies. He sells his views: £275,000 a year for a weekly Daily Telegraph column and five-figure sums for speeches…”


  7. Mark B –

    Alexander Johnson MP is a man I would never trust.

    I agree, and he’s much more right-on than most realise. But it’s irrelevant. The Tories aren’t 20 points ahead. They don’t have the luxury of minutely analysing the runners.

    Sir Nigel Farage is killing the Tory Party right now. Why? Because he’s a star turn and a brilliant communicator with a simple message. The Tories also have a star turn who is a brilliant communicator, and one who realises, I suspect, that the country has no stomach for the old cozy politics. The country wants bare knuckle politics, either way.

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is their last and best hope.

  8. I really, really hope you’re right on both points above Pete.

    It would be bloody magnificent.

  9. Sir Nigel Farage

    No such knight exists in the realm, please stop this nonsense. It has about as much validity as “Sir Jeremy Corbyn.”

    As an avowed conservative you should have more respect.

  10. Peter –

    Taking the piss is very much a part of this realm, so it is therefore valid. But you have a point, and Lord Farage would be embarrassed, so I shall stop.

  11. Cheers Pete

    Arsenal are nailed-on next week. But unfortunately for you, so are Sperz.

  12. Peter –

    I dunno. Lacazette and Aubameyang are on fire, which gives me hope. That might even be the edge. But our defence still recognises no limits in how to give away goals. It’s genuinely 50/50 for me.

    Sperz/Liverpool has no upside. Barca and Ajax have no idea how much they let down most of the country.

  13. Pete

    Loftus-Cheek is out for months after that stupid match last week in Boston. Hazard is playing his last match for Chelsea and Czech is playing his last match for Arsenal. Czech will be the one who leaves on a high note.

    The Sperz have been so lucky to get to the final and Liverpool have a 100% failure rate in recent finals that there can only be one winner here, and it won’t be the Scousers.

    I will be investing in a North London double next week.

  14. Mark B,
    //Alexander Johnson MP is a man I would never trust. Another careerist politician with no principles.//

    Well said Mark. Even by politicians low standards, Boris Johnson is it dishonest, self-serving little weasel.

  15. Peter, your 7:42 post is spot-on.
    Well said.

  16. This Boris?


  17. No doubt the Deep State or the EU or Common Purpose trying to frustrate Brexit: