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By Pete Moore On May 26th, 2019

The German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner has urged Jews to avoid wearing skullcaps in public.

Felix Klein warned Jews against donning the kippa in parts of the country following a rise in anti-Semitism.

He said his opinion on the matter had “changed compared with what it used to be”.

The BBC blames the AfD and other moderates – of course. You know before reading the piece that the BBC will spin it that way. But I’m not so sure. Germany, which has suffered vast influxes from backward societies where anti-Semitism is rife, might be well advised to look for other explanations.


  1. Yep, I read it earlier and thought you’d be onto it to warp it to suit whatever narrative it is you’re pushing today.

    The BBC blames the AfD and other moderates – of course

    Except they don’t:

    Jewish groups have warned that a rise in popularity of far-right groups is fostering anti-Semitism and hatred of other minorities throughout Europe

  2. To be honest Muslim extremists are disproportionately responsible. That’s not to say that the far-right (Pete’s moderates) aren’t also involved (as are the extreme left for that matter).


    Auf die Frage nach den Tätern gaben in Deutschland 41 Prozent der von einem antisemitischen Vorfall Betroffenen an, es handele sich aus ihrer Sicht um extremistische Muslime, 20 Prozent sahen Rechtsextreme als Täter, weitere 16 Prozent Linksextreme.

    When asked about the perpetrators, 41 percent of those affected by an anti-Semitic incident in Germany stated that they were extremist Muslims, 20 percent considered right-wing extremists perpetrators, and another 16 percent left-wing extremists

  3. Merkel and the other culprits know the history of Germany’s Jews

    So they decided to import large numbers of the Jews’ most implacable enemies.

  4. “So they decided to import large numbers of the Jews’ most implacable enemies.”

    If history has taught us anything the biggest killers of Jews are white Europeans who hate people who are different.

  5. My point stands

    The worst enemies of the Jews ( and Christians ) today are Muslim Arabs.

    The European murderers of Jews were crushed by Allied arms. Merkel chose to replenish the forces of Jew hatred ,

    There will be many more anti Jewish crimes in Europe, and responsibly lies with those who chose to admit the Jew haters in

  6. While Muslim extremists are the biggest group responsible for antisemitism in Germany there is no evidence to suggest that recent refugee populations are responsible for them.

  7. Yes Pete, it is mainly Muslims that are behind the new wave of anti-semitism in Germany. This was the experience of a Jewish pupil at a school in Berlin:

    ““I’m Jewish,” Solomon said. “Everyone was shocked, especially the teachers,” Solomon later told me about this moment. After class, a teacher told Solomon that he was “very brave.” Solomon was perplexed. As Gemma explained: “He didn’t know that you’re not meant to tell anyone.”

    The following day, Solomon brought brownies to school for his birthday. He was giving them out during lunch when the boy he had hoped would be his best friend informed him that there were a lot of Muslim students at the school who used the word “Jew” as an insult. Solomon wondered whether his friend included himself in this category, and so after school, he asked for clarification. The boy put his arm around Solomon’s shoulders and told him that, though he was a “real babo” — Kurdish slang for “boss” — they couldn’t be friends, because Jews and Muslims could not be friends. The classmate then rattled off a series of anti-Semitic comments, according to Solomon: that Jews were murderers, only interested in money.

    Over the next few months, Solomon was bullied in an increasingly aggressive fashion…”


  8. //there is no evidence to suggest that recent refugee populations are responsible for them.//

    It has to be said that the entire official spectrum in Germany – from practically every political party to practically every part of the media – are currently engaged in a campaign to present immigrants in a very positive light (rightly or wrongly) and to keep the AfD and other right-wing groups on the non-respectable political fringe because they are absolutely terrified by that party’s recent successes.
    This campaign is embarassing in its transparency; anyone who watches German TV even one evening will find plenty of examples of both. They have long since abandoned any attempts to portray the news objectively

    So blaming right-wingers for recent antisemitism is killing two birds with one stone, damning the AfD by association and diverting blame from immigrants.

    The last time I listened to the official government channel Deutschlandfunk it was saying that 95% of all antisemitic attacks are carried out by right-wing extremists. Nobody (including DLF) knows the figures, but that 95 pc is clearly absurd.

    Before the AfD became a real threat even Markel seemed pretty certain where the blame could be laid

    “We now also have a new phenomenon in that we now also have refugees, for example, or people with an Arabic background, who are bringing a new form of antisemitism into the country.”

    The situation is further muddied by the German state recently recognising several forms of criticism of Israel’s actions in Palestine as being anti-semitism (the “3-D” rule). This massively expands the definition of anti-semitism and would, for example, put practically the entire Irish contingent on ATW in the anti-semitic camp.

    Another factor is that all claims of anti-semitism immediately have to be recognised, no matter how bizarre they may be. Nobody in Germany would dare call a halt. This naturally drives up the number of anti-semitic “attacks”.

    Recently when a leader of the Jewish community was called upon to voice the complaints, he started off by saying that, when he is out with friends having a drink and mentions that his business is doing well, one of them will say: “Oh, well, I suppose you have success in business in your blood”. He admitted that such comments are said in a well-meaning and good-humoured way. But antisemitism none the less.

    The way I’d see it is that many Germans are impatient at the anti-semitism cudgel being used to keep them politically in line, and this impatience is in turn interpreted as anti-semitism. Otherwise the larger part of anti-semitism is almost certainly caused by immigrants who haven’t yet learned, or don’t wish to, a taboo that is inevitable given Germany’s history.

  9. Shouldn’t the German authorities be cracking down on the anti-semitism, rather than telling Jews to look less like Jews?

  10. As always, the truthful perspective is from The Daily Stormer…….





    No, just joking. It’s Moslems.

    It is just incredible to dance around the elephant in the room like this.

    Everyone knows this has absolutely nothing at all to do with Germans or German society.

    Probably, anti-Semitism among ethnic Germans HAS risen along with the migrant crisis because people are finding out that the Jews are the ones flooding them with these Moslems.

    Especially if people saw this video of Jew-German politician Gregor Gysi saying that he is bringing in migrants in order to exterminate the German race as revenge for the Holocaust.

    Here is the video of the shifty yid, Gregor Gysi, rejoicing in the end of Germans and wishing the same end for Catholic Poles


    Comments are disabled for this video

    Not surprising!

  11. The German “solution” is craven surrender to antisemitism.