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By Pete Moore On May 26th, 2019

Gillette hasn’t let falling sales deter it from being woke. Its latest ad features a black father teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time.

I’ve had enough of this degenerate filth. It’s time to join the boycott crowd, so I’ve bought my last pack of Gillette blades. A couple of weeks ago I received my first shipment from Cornerstone, an online shaving/grooming firm. I’m glad I did. Their gear is top quality and gives a better shave than anything I’ve bought in a shop.

Cornerstone gets a thumbs up in the ATW Style Guide.


  1. I wonder whether we will get a 300 post thread about how boycotts are evil and wrong.

  2. Wel played Seamus.

  3. Pete

    I was thinking of Cornerstone recently because of the outrageous prices for Gilette and Wilkinson blades.

    The “razor-blade model” is a business strategy whereby the razor costs very little but the blades cost a fortune. The same strategy is followed by ink jet printers which is why you should always avoid them.

  4. Boycotts are fine. But anyone who tries to compel any others to take part in their boycotts deserves a hard slap.

    Gillette is messed up culturally. They seem to completely disrespect their customer base. I’ve never seen a company do that before

    Corporate America is messed up culturally generally. A big part of many big US companies now are quota driven “ HR departments. endless focus on “ inclusion “ and “ diversity “and committees on same etc. This is all a part of that

  5. Peter

    For the past ten years or so I have purchased Gillette blades for a 50% or so discount of what you would pay in the store , By purchasing them in bulk on eBay, instead of in the store.

    Shop around

  6. Peter –

    I’m impressed with Cornerstone. The blades give a closer shave than Gillette and I slap on the after shave balm too.

  7. I might give Cornerstone a try. I shave every day, but at the weekend allow myself the decadence of an electric shaver. It feels like half a shave.

  8. I hate electric razors. I don’t think that any of them are any good.They haven’t improved at all over the last 25 years in my opinion

    I don’t believe that Cornerstone ships to the United States; But there are other brands here that ship directly to the customer At a better price than Gillette.

    Gillette, By charging so much, and by insulting their own customers, Would be the salesman of the year for Harry’s and cornerstone


  9. Phantom

    I’ll give that a try first. The Gilette adverts have rightly been ridiculed but I would not boycott them for that.

  10. Let me know how you make out

    I will sometimes buy a two years supply

    Once, I bought it from an eBay seller based in Japan!

  11. the Internet tells me that cornerstone Is a copycat service based on the Harry’s razors model, as Ryanair Largely copied Southwest Airlines

  12. Harrys might have been first with the subscription model, but I wouldn’t say that doing the same is copying them. I did consider Harrys but it turns out they’re woke too.


    I know the some at Cornerstone are rugby fans, so they’re proper chaps.

  13. YES!

    I knew he couldn’t resist posting about Gillette eventually, you fulfill every one of the prophecies I make about you. I’ve written computer software that’s less predictable than you Pete.

    You’re my hero.

  14. Seamus,

    I wonder whether we will get a 300 post thread about how boycotts are evil and wrong.

    Beautiful Seamus.

  15. I switched from the really expensive multi blade razors back to a single blade safety razor about 5 years ago, and I’ve never looked back.

    It takes a little bit more skill to shave with, but it shaves just as close as a multi blade razor, it doesn’t get clogged up and most of all it a hell of a lot cheaper to buy replacement blades.


  16. If Cornerstone isn’t woke, Then sign me up as a customer

    I’m very tired of corporate sponsored identity politics

    I’ve heard of some here who have switch back to the old fashion safety razors . I might consider that

  17. Phantom

    I can highly recommend them mate. They take a bit of practice if you’re not used to them though.

  18. Boycotts are fine. Hypocritical ones less so.

    In any event the founder of Cornerstone had a website that helped people understand different names that were not gender apparent to Western ears/eyes.

    Don’t nick your legs while shaving….

  19. Dave

    There are many used safety razors available on the wonderful eBay

    You can literally carry on the tradition, with a razor from the 1950s or before


  20. On the UK site, you can easily buy a still functional razor from decades ago stamped MADE IN ENGLAND

  21. Does anyone else feel uneasy about razors in the hands of some of our ATW friends?

  22. https://d2v9y0dukr6mq2.cloudfront.net/video/thumbnail/2T0t-6V/videoblocks-ugly-crazy-colander-blade-a-funny-ugly-angry-crazy-man-with-a-colander-on-his-head-menacing-everybody-with-a-sharp-big-knife_shmtmk9lz_thumbnail-small06.jpg

  23. Why would anyone feel the need to boycott a company simply because they feature someone in a commercial who is different from them. How sadly insecure and narrow minded such an attitude is. Why on earth should the Gillette ad be bothersome to anyone.

  24. Phantom,

    //There’s are many used safety razors available on the wonderful eBay//

    Indeed mate. In fact many places sell brand new safety razors made to a high standard.
    I was just pointing out one of the cheapest options to start off with.
    I agree. Many of these razors are beautifully made.

  25. Colm 1138

    This ad should not be seen in isolation.

    It comes shortly after their widely reviled Toxic Masculinity advert that basically attacked Gillette’s own customers.

    Gillette has been losing significant market share in the US over the last five years plus due to aggressive competition from lower cost providers such as Harry’s Razors. Their response is to say that in their opinion not enough men are good enough for them, that they don’t do enough against sexism, bullying, etc.

    Many found this campaign to be factually incorrect and insulting. Strong criticism didn’t come just from so called conservatives but from moderates, and apolitical ad industry types.

    I don’t think that you rise in this world by insulting your customers.

    You can’t think of the Gillette’s ad of today without thinking of their ad of this past January.

    Maybe they should try a campaign saying that their products are good.

  26. Are there any limits to degeneracy? I reckon there must be but whenever I reckon that peak-degeneracy has been reached, it goes further. Here’s how two children are being raised “genderless” – in Sweden 🙂


    Published on 25 Jul 2017
    With recent victories for the trans rights movement and more young people defining as something other than “male” or “female” than ever before, VICE host Amelia Abraham goes to Sweden – the world’s most forward thinking country when it comes to questioning gender – to find out what it’s like to grow up without the gender binary.

    As always, the truth comes from those who are being banned from the internet because of truth……



    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has passed legislation that will no longer categorise being transgender as a mental health condition.

    The move has been said to have the potential to ‘liberate’ trans and non-binary people worldwide, making the route to legal transition draw closer.

    DS – Wanting to cut your dick off and pretend to be a woman is already the peak of any mental health issues you can have, there’s no going past that.

    No, I reckon there’s much further to go. A good number, possibly a majority, at ATW will see nothing wrong with ‘gender reassignment’, or genderless etc. Here’s a suggestion: let Wimbledon go ‘genderless’, no male and female competetions, just ‘open’, and watch what happens. Then we’ll hear the feminists shrieking.