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By Pete Moore On May 28th, 2019

One of the problems of a technologically advanced, globalised world, is the push to spread bad idea across borders. You can bet that this crap will be picked up pronto if the Krauts don’t shoot it down toot de sweet –

The head of Germany’s conservative CDU party wants to hold a debate on whether opinions expressed online ahead of elections should face regulation. The idea has sparked an outcry, with critics warning of censorship.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer … is facing heavy criticism after proposing a debate on the regulation of political views on the internet during election campaigns.

The plan was broached on Monday following the party’s battering in the weekend’s European Parliament elections. The CDU and its CSU ally won 28% of the vote — a drop of seven percentage points from 2014.

This is Merkel’s favoured successor as Chancellor. Let’s hope she fails in her ambitions, because she’s clearly a dangerous person who has no business coming near state power. You can bet that other governments and Brussels will give it a go if she succeeds. So we really need to distance ourselves culturally from these people. Our tradition is that of British liberty. Across the channel traditions are a touch more authoritarian. Our way of life is better.

3 Responses to “WHAT’S “SOD OFF” IN GERMAN?”

  1. Apparently due to the inevitability of her successor the Chancellor has decided to postpone her departure.

    I am lost for words. I just hope the current PM does not try the same trick.

  2. Now this is a perfect example of why we should stay in Europe and continue to germinate and disseminate our great English liberties to those continentals In need of such stalwart defences.

    Come on Pete, do your duty to our European friends. Time to become a remainer 😉

  3. It looks as though Merkel’s country and other places in Europe are to be dumping grounds for Israel’s shit…….


    Steven Klein
    ‏ @stevekhaaretz

    Finally, good news out of Israel! After all the legal and grass roots pressure, the government came to its senses: Israel reaches deal with UN to deport asylum seekers to West, not Africa