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By Pete Moore On May 31st, 2019

Extinction Rebellion activists are threatening to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones.

The climate change protest group (sic) vowed to stage a one-day demonstration in June and then 10 further days in July – unless the government cancels plans for expanding the airport.

Ten days of protests across central London in April saw 1,130 people arrested for various offences […]

The plan to use drones was revealed in a leaked consultation document shared between group members.

These hard-left misanthropes are economic terrorists, nothing less. Most terrorist groups in the UK are proscribed, so it’s time to do the same now with this bunch. Yes, we have precedent. It’s long been the case that known football hooligans cannot go near certain football grounds at certain times. This was an accepted and effective method to defeat hooliganism. Known muslim terrorist sympathisers likewise live lives with whatever restrictions the state can defend against left wing lawyers.

Therefore known ER economic terrorists must be excluded from going near airports at any time, tagged and their lives constantly monitored.

One Response to “HERE WE GO AGAIN”

  1. The Daily Stormer rips into these idiots in the way that should be done…..


    You’d think that after 50 years of apocalyptic prophecies that never happened, these people would just chill out a little.


    But you’d think wrong.

    Because the average person is not just very, very dumb, but also has a very, very short memory as well.

    That’s why universal voting is always such a catastrophe wherever it’s tried.

    These people are protesting their supposed extinction from something that doesn’t exist, while in the meantime applauding their actual extinction and attacking anyone who says anything against it.

    Even if man-made climate change were a real thing, worrying about it while your country is getting invaded by subhuman sludge from everywhere and your schools are teaching little boys to cut their dicks off and pretend they’re girls is completely moronic.

    This is what these morons should be shown and made to understand…….


    White Europeans are not the planet’s problem