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My heart breaks

By Patrick Van Roy On June 5th, 2019

One of my Heroes has passed……

British actor Paul Darrow has died at the age of 78, according to the BBC. Darrow gained fame in his homeland in the late ’70s playing the sardonic, egomaniacal, and routinely insulting anti-hero Kerr Avon in the low budget but much-loved U.K. science fiction show Blake’s 7, about a group of spaceship-dwelling rebels attempting to outwit the totalitarian Federation.

Rest in peace Mr. Darrow and thank you

5 Responses to “My heart breaks”

  1. I have recently watched all, but, of the episodes of Blakes 7. Kerr Avon was always my favourite character in that series. Serious, edgy but human. Paul Darrow played him well and he will be missed.

    RIP Paul, and thank you for the enjoyment you once gave.

  2. great show and a great character.

  3. Can I just add that Blake’s seven every episode is available free on YouTube. Why not watch some..remember Servalan? She did earlier this year. Avon was a great role for Paul. Enjoy.

  4. Died earlier…auto correct pah

  5. hmmmm Servalan…. her part on the show was a bit racy at the time…. I liked her.