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By Pete Moore On June 5th, 2019

Nothing surprises about this idiot anymore. Jeremy Corbyn, always ready to praise his filthy terrorist friends, argued that we ought to have disarmed and appeased the National Socialists during World War Two.


  1. Corbyn was referring to something written by Labour leftist appeaser George Lansbury in the month that the war broke out, September 1939.

    However, Lansbury had plenty of unlikely bedfellows on the Tory right who continued to hope for a negotiated peace until Churchill replaced Chamberlain in May 1940. Labour leader Clement Attlee refused to serve in a coalition under arch-appeaser Lord Halifax, and this was the decisive event in getting the gig for Churchill. There is a decent play “Six Days in May” which deals with it.

  2. The play is “Three Days in May”. I saw it a few years back:


  3. Churchill was bought by Henry Strakosch, who fronted a financial group known as The Focus, including the usual suspects who make lots of money from war:


    As for the question whether Churchill accepted funds from the Jews during his pre-war years in the wilderness, see the relevant pages from my chapter “The Hired Help” in “Churchill’s War”, vol. i: “Struggle for Power”. The secretive vehicle through which the funds were channelled to Churchill from 1936 to 1939 was called The Focus. The files on that body in the Churchill archives were kept closed until very recently.

    In 1938 Mr Churchill was on the point also of selling off his great Chartwell estate, having lost yet another fortune playing the markets in Wall Street; up stepped Sir Henry Strakosch, diamond and Gold merchant extraordinaire from South Africa, with a “loan” for £18,000, which debt Sir Henry kindly wiped off by leaving that amount to Churchill in his will (he died in 1943). These sums of money have to be multiplied by about one hundred to approach modern inflated currency values.

    Ah – say the normies, that’s just ‘extremist’ David Irving. OK…….


    In March 1938, Churchill had “simply come to the end of the road” and would have tumbled into bankruptcy but for a loan from Sir Henry Strakosch, one of several millionaires who admired Churchill and were agreeable to bailing him out. Neither man ever spoke about the rescue, which was kept secret.

    A group of (((financiers))) bought a warmongering wordsmith and they got their war.

  4. Hitler had no designs on Britain and her Empire, this was between them and France. Same too with the first world war. For me the lesson is simple. If the Continentals want to destroy themselves, let them.

  5. //Jeremy Corbyn, always ready to praise his filthy terrorist friends, argued that we ought to have disarmed and appeased the National Socialists during World War Two.//

    More fake news from Propaganda Pete. Corbyn never said anything of the sort.