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By Pete Moore On June 7th, 2019

Anyone with any sense has already left this crime-filled dump. Thanks to left wing social policies, which assume that the violent, the feral and the wicked are really victims of society, the culprits are unlikely to ever be punished.

14 Responses to “WELCOME TO LONDON”


  2. There’s video.

    Arrests have been made.

    I’ll bet you a pint at Cittie of Yorke that there will be punishment in this case.

  3. the culprits are unlikely to ever be punished.

    Let’s hope not Pete. The fact that this happened on a 2 AM bus testifies to the fact that London is generally law-abiding. If it wasn’t, there would be no all-night transport.

  4. I wonder will arrests and punishment be made over this video?


    It seems that London’s not the only violent, criminal place.

  5. I wonder will arrests and punishment be made over this video?

    Let’s hope not. The troublemaker has had punishment enough, as we see. I’d make TR Foreign Secretary. He knows how to deal with the riff-raff.

    (And please, no more posts from Stuchbery. He’s a failed man with issues.)

  6. Paul McMahon: ‘TOXIC MASCULINITY’

    But not Toxic white masculinity.

  7. You’d need to speak to Pete about that apl. I was referring to his ‘Toxic Masculinity’ blog from two days ago.

    Let’s hope not.

    Tom Thug’s Small Man Syndrome a mitigating factor in his own toxic masculinity Pete?

  8. culprits are unlikely to ever be punished.

    Once again, I think you’ll be proved wrong Pete.

  9. I don’t see that Robinson was arrested

    And it certainly looks like he was the first and only one to get physical there

  10. Any ideas on the background of the perps? This could well become another of these hilarious ‘victim heirarchy’ events, and these white lesbians (certain leftists) will find that they have a lower score than their assailants 🙂

  11. BBC: “Two women say they were subjected to a homophobic attack and left covered in blood after refusing to kiss on a bus.”

    They weren’t subject to the attack after refusing to kiss. BBC lies again.

    Allan@Aberdeen: “Any ideas on the background of the perps?”

    No, other than they weren’t white. For of course if they were, it’d have been all over the article.

    But then this type of attack is bread and butter in London these days.

  12. Grown people are not supposed to raise their hands to other people.

    You can argue, debate, yell, curse say whatever you want, but never make the mistake of touching me.

    It’s a simple rule.

  13. No mugshots No descriptions….draw your own conclusions.

  14. Fifth individual arrested over ‘gay kiss’ attack.

    The Met about as useful as a chocolate teapot. “Four other males aged between 15 and 18 were also arrested, The five suspects were questioned on suspicion of robbery and aggravated grievous bodily harm.”

    Neither the BBC nor the Police have any idea what the suspects look like.