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By Pete Moore On June 8th, 2019

A very well known “intellectual” is openly discussing an end to universal suffrage.

We know what the pro-EU, anti-democrat Dawkins is saying: “These blasted oiks, these working class thickos, they don’t know what’s good for them. We elites know best. We must stop the riff-raff from voting.”

Now that cat’s out of the bag, let’s indeed discuss such restrictions. Women are less analytical than men. It’s all about feelings with the chicks. So let’s roll back the idea that women should vote. And non property owners have no tangible stake in the country, no wealth in the literal fabric of the nation. So we’ll knock them off the list. And foreigners, all foreign born people, they have no business casting a vote. Only your proper Britons can possibly feel sufficient love for our great civilisation to be trusted with a vote.

I don’t want to be too mean so we’ll stop there for now. I agree with Dawkins then: only property-owning British men are qualified to vote in British elections.


  1. Women are less analytical than men. It’s all about feelings with the chicks.

    LOL!! That’s truly priceless coming from you Pete. A man driven by his emotions and beliefs, not facts.

  2. Pete posts so much rubbish that we can’t believe anything he actually says. He is actually a black woman who supports Spurs.

  3. Strange to see you in the same camp as Dawkins Pete. Next thing you will saying that Dawkins hero Darwin was right.

    Seriously, Dawkins no doubt regards himself as on the liberal-left of the political spectrum. It’s sad that most in that camp fail to see the EU for the neoliberal entity that it is:

    “The ‘four freedoms’ refer to the European single market and its guarantee of free movement for goods, capital, services and people – i.e. unimpeded capitalism within the borders of an EU riven by inequalities of productivity, wealth, infrastructure and education. National borders are erased when it comes to things that suit the most powerful interests – access to cheap money, cheap assets, cheap products and cheap labour. But when it comes to the redistribution required to address the resulting imbalances in economic and social power, the borders magically reappear.

    In many ways, the EU is running a more radical and unequal form of capitalism than America is. This is a reality that the Left-leaning, metropolitan middle class refuses to acknowledge. Not even the extremity of what the EU did to Greece (the only member state to elect a radical Left government) is enough to trouble them. But, then, as Streeck reminds us, this is not about the facts:

    “Details, however, do not really matter for those for whom ‘Europe’ has become a mood, a feeling, rather than a political institution; a symbol of a happy, hip ‘cosmopolitan’ consumerist life, even if with a few environmentalist corrections.”


  4. Saying that those who don’t own real estate have no stake in the country is one of the more bizarre statements ever made

    A surgeon who rents a flat, a military officer who doesn’t own a house, these people have no stake in the country?

  5. Phantom

    I smell a Pete wind-up with this post. He starts off with a valid criticism of Richard Dawkins, but then cannot resist the temptation to rattle cages.

  6. Dawkins was always an arrogant dope. The above confirms it.

  7. Dawkins is a brilliant explainer of biology and evolution and his books have been a great education for me. But he should stick to science and leave the anti-democracy stuff to others.

  8. And anyone who wants the country run by a Foreign power..yes you can do this Richard…

  9. Pete

    We are already on our way back to rotten boroughs to go with our rotten system of So called democracy and it’s MP’s. All this will do is formalise the fact.

    Young people are ideal voting fodder. Little or no life experience, responsibility and no substantial stake in society. A perfect blank canvass for the Left and their nonsense.

  10. Only single-loyalty voters would be allowed: no preferences for other countries permitted, and that includes the PM!


    If Theresa May’s overall achievements as Prime Minister are difficult to highlight– for British Jews she will be remembered by most as a leader who offered them and Israel unprecedented support.