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By Pete Moore On June 9th, 2019

The US border patrol’s arrests of migrants at the border with Mexico hit their highest level in more than a decade in May and officials warned they lack money and resources to care for the surge of parents and children entering the country.

Agents made 132,887 arrests in May, the first time that detentions have topped 100,000 since April 2007, and the highest monthly total since Donald Trump took office.

This is invasion-level stuff. No country can just absorb this and carry on, and we know this has been going on for decades. Any politician or commentator seen to be blocking attempts to protect the nation on its wide open southern border has lost the right to be taken seriously.

54 Responses to “HOW MANY?”

  1. The reason it has hit the highest in a decade is because for the last decade it has been at historical lows.

  2. The entire world knows that it can go to Mexico and simply cross the US border and get lots of first-world stuff. Africans – FROM AFRICA – are now crossing in large numbers and bringing Africa with them.

  3. Seamus – how many central Americans can a developped country absorb before it collapses into a murderously criminal society like Mexico?


    Despite official pledges to curb the ever-growing murder rate in Mexico, it seems to only be on the uptick.

    Data released this week from the National System for Public Security shows the homicide rate south of the border has continued to soar throughout the first three months of 2019.

    Some 8,493 people were documented to have been murdered between Jan. 1 and March 3, signaling a 9.6 percent jump from 2018, which was already considered a cause for concern considering it was a significant jump from the year before.

    Last month, Tijuana – the city bordering California – was deemed by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice to be the most violent city in the world. Tijuana had 2,519 murders in 2018 – a forty percent hike from 2017 which in itself was a “record-breaking” year, according to KQED Public Media.

  4. “Seamus – how many central Americans can a developped country absorb before it collapses into a murderously criminal society like Mexico?”

    Considering that the overwhelming evidence is that illegal immigrants, and all immigrants for that matter, commit fewer crimes than US citizens I would say that illegal immigration will have only a positive impact on US crime rates.

  5. Seamus – illegal immigrants commit more crimes than white Americans: it’s only compared to enormous black-crime that the rates appear lower.

    Anyway, your ‘answer’ is a non-answer. Crime in the US would be less than half if there were no blacks, and halved again if there were no spics. The economies and societies south of the US border are less developed than those of the US so letting in central America will be detrimental to the US and there can be no other answer. Whites made the US and open-borders is destroying it – which is entirely the purpose of leftist nihilism.

  6. “illegal immigrants commit more crimes than white Americans”

    They don’t actually. Study after study after study show that illegal immigrants, and all immigrants, commit far less crimes than natural born Americans.

  7. Allan@Aberdeen,
    //Seamus – illegal immigrants commit more crimes than white Americans//

    Any facts to back this up Allan?

  8. I believe that Seamus is correct

    Legal and illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than Americans generally

  9. Most people are good, it’s always a core of ten percent or less of any society or group in society that commit the crimes.

    Except I do need to point out EVERY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IS A CRIMINAL they broke the Law the Second they stepped on American Soil.

  10. “Except I do need to point out EVERY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IS A CRIMINAL they broke the Law the Second they stepped on American Soil.”

    Not actually true. An increasingly large number of illegal immigrants are visa overstays. As such they are guilty of unlawful presence, not illegal entry. Illegal entry (crossing the border without permission) is a criminal offence. Unlawful presence is not.

  11. That’s true

    But I will often go through parts of New York that have many illegal residents, and I never feel threatened and I don’t think anyone else does either.

    BTW The Mexicans, Dominicans and other Latins here Have opened an astonishing number of small businesses, Restaurants, delis, fruit markets. They’re probably very good for the economy of inner cities

  12. True I forgot about the visa overstays….. now I’d be interested to see the criminal stats on that group. I would lay money that the percentage of criminals is lower in that group.

    You figure all visa recipients are here with a reason ahead of time.

  13. “True I forgot about the visa overstays….. now I’d be interested to see the criminal stats on that group. I would lay money that the percentage of criminals is lower in that group.”

    Probably is. Most visa overstays have come to the United States with a specific purpose (normally education) and have laid down roots. So they tend to be skilled workers with local ties. Kind of the opposite demographic of a criminal.

  14. The what do I want to call them mexican, dominican, etc those from south america counting anything below the US southern border as South America….

    That population as a whole work their asses off and also for the most part are a very religious group.

  15. “counting anything below the US southern border as South America….”

    Basic geography would disagree with you there. I think Latin America is a pretty well accepted term. And more or less Central America (there being very few actual South Americans in the United States).

  16. Latin America is the term I was looking for.

  17. And yeah. They tend to be, at least stereotypically, hardworking, family orientated, religious people, who don’t come to the United States to rip off the government, or cause violence, but to work hard and make a future for their families.

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    Well they now have discovered Lyrica causes a side effect that is similar to alzheimer’s. So they changed my meds and I don’t like it. I’m usually up at 05:30 with a crystal clear mind now I didn’t get up till 07:30 and I feel hungover foggy.

  19. Sounds rough. Getting the right mix of meds is important though. And trying to get the balance between treatment and side effects can be a bitch to get through.

  20. Phantom off topic but you might find this interesting.


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    Side effects and the cocktail effect can be real bitch.

  23. Mexico is in North America

  24. EP how’s the tundra?

  25. I’m on a blended personal trip At the moment

    Saturday I was in Wilmington North Carolina, by the coast

    Today I am in Nashvillle For a couple of meetings. I’ve always wanted to come here. There’s a whole a lot of live music in the downtown area, almost a New Orleans party vibe

  26. Nashville is where I met my wife.

    I fell in love with this beautiful little blonde and she actually married me…. 31 years later and she still here. That is what has made my life better than I could have ever hoped for.

  27. Dave Alton, on June 10th, 2019 at 12:38 PM Said:

    //Seamus – illegal immigrants commit more crimes than white Americans//

    Any facts to back this up Allan?


    Here is the Cato Institue showing how immigrants commit less crime generally than Americans……..



    An estimated 1,955,951 native-born Americans, 117,994 illegal immigrants, and 43,618 legal immigrants were incarcerated in 2016. The incarceration rate for native-born Americans was 1,521 per 100,000, 800 per 100,000 for illegal immigrants, and 325 per 100,000 for legal immigrants in 2016 (Figure 1). Illegal immigrants are 47 percent less likely to be incarcerated than natives. Legal immigrants are 78 percent less likely to be incarcerated than natives. If native-born Americans were incarcerated at the same rate as illegal immigrants, about 930,000 fewer natives would be incarcerated. Conversely, if natives were incarcerated at the same rate as legal immigrants, about 1.5 million fewer natives would be in adult correctional facilities.

    There seems to be a bit of a dichotomy between crime rates for ‘legal immigrants’ (apparently low) and crime rates for Hispanics generally who comprise the majority of the group called ‘legal immigrants’. So who are the ‘native-born Americans’ who are incarcerated?


    As one sees, the violent crime rate of blacks is 6-7x that for whites, and hispanics are 2-2.5x more violent than whites. The rate of incarceration of blacks is over 5x that for whites, yet blacks are about one-quarter the size of the white population


    As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, comprising an estimated 12.7% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising an estimated 17.8% of the population.[8] The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population make up 61.3% of the nation’s total, with the total White population (including White Hispanics and Latinos) being 76.9%.[9]

    By proportionality taking the white population as ONE and the white incarceration rate as ONE, then the weight of white criminality is ONE x ONE = ONE (1)

    The black population is ONE-QUARTER and the black incarceration rate is FIVE times that of whites so the weight of black criminality of ONE-QUARTER x FIVE = ONE AND A QUARTER (1.25)

    Whether the Hispanics incarcerated are considered ‘native’ or ‘immigrant’ is not declared but it is dealt with in the same way

    The hispanic population is ONE-THIRD that of whites and the incarceration rate is TWO times that of whites giving a hispanic crime weight of TWO-THIRDS (0.66)

    The totality of crime in the US based on race is thus 1 + 1.25 + 0.66 = 2.91

    The white portion is 1 / 2.91 = 34%
    The black portion is 1.25 / 2.91 = 43%
    The hispanic portion is 0.66 / 2.91 = 23%

    Thus one sees that white crime as reflected by incarceration is 34% of the ‘native American’ total.

    Back now to…..

    The incarceration rate for native-born Americans was 1,521 per 100,000

    ……and the white component is 0.34 x 1,521 per 100,000 which is 517 which is less than the illegals’ rate yet more than the legals rate. Now back to the hispanic rate because the greater weight of legal migrants are hispanic. Table 1 from the Cato Institute shows the racial breakdown of incarcerations and it correlates with that of Color Of Crime with whites and asian immigrants having far lower criminality than other immigrants by race – and yet whites make up very few immigrants.


    Mexico is the top origin country of the U.S. immigrant population. In 2017, 11.2 million immigrants living in the U.S. were from there, accounting for 25% of all U.S. immigrants. The next largest origin groups were those from China (6%), India (6%), the Philippines (5%) and El Salvador (3%).

    What is clear as seen from Table 1 of the Cato Institute is that hispanics of any classification have a far higher criminality rate than whites of any classification and the apparent low rate for legal hispanics is only until settled in the US – then the racial norm kicks in, ‘convergence towards the mean’ being the term used by statisticians.

  28. Except, from Cato, that the illegal immigration rate also includes those arrested for immigration offences, and not other offences (general crime). If you exclude those purely arrested and incarcerated or detained for immigration offences it lowers the illegal immigrant incarceration rate to 479 per 100,000.

    Thus less than crackers which you yourself have estimated at 517.

  29. And yeah. They tend to be, at least stereotypically, hardworking, family orientated, religious people, who don’t come to the United States to rip off the government, or cause violence, but to work hard and make a future for their families.

    And yeah, pretty soon the United States becomes like Guatemala and Mexico just as Haiti is Africa. If you want to see a place being degraded at a serious rate, look at California – literally becoming a rat-infested shit-hole


    We are the richest country in the world.

    But the Jews and the boomers stole all the money.

    So the people are forced to live on the streets at an ever-increasing rate.


    In a hard reality check for Los Angeles County’s multibillion-dollar hope of ending homelessness, officials reported Tuesday that the number of people living on the streets, in vehicles and in shelters increased by about 12% over last year.

    The annual point-in-time count, delivered to the Board of Supervisors, put the number of homeless people just shy of 59,000 countywide. Within the city of Los Angeles, the number soared to more than 36,000, a 16% increase.

    And as in past years, most — about 75% — were living outside, fueling speculation of a growing public health crisis of rats and trash near homeless encampments downtown.

    The findings in L.A. follow a string of similarly dire point-in-time counts from across California, as government officials struggle to respond more forcefully to the state’s abject lack of affordable housing. The shortage is driving up rental prices, forcing people onto the streets at a rapid pace.

    And how is the state government tackling the problem of rats and trash, precursors to typhus and plague?



    Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to spend about $98 million a year to cover low-income immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25 who are living in the country illegally.

    The state Assembly has a bill that would cover all immigrants in California living in the country illegally over the age of 19. But Newsom has balked at that plan because of its estimated $3.4 billion price.

    “There’s 3.4 billion reasons why it is a challenge,” he said.

    If the cost of medical coverage to law-abiding illegals (yeah – I know, but Seamus can explain) is $3.4billion per annum(?), just how many illegals are in California?

    But it gets worse…….


    The US economy has been going down the toilet since 1970 when real incomes for middle America began to decline, strangely enough as the 1965 (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration Act kicked in to import the world’s shit – and now here it is.

  30. Seamus – as you can see, the criminality rate of hispanics under any classification is at least twice that of whites for the same classification. And given that hispanics are more intelligent than blacks, it means that the savagery of their crimes is even worse. After all, they are descendants of aztecs and incas who murdered people until they were piled up – but what do they do today…..?


    And I’m like, “Yeah, sure – Mexicans, blacks, same-same, whatever, they’re killing each other all the time, these people.”

    But then I read the article…

    Fox News:

    A body found on Chicago’s Southwest Side has been identified as that a 19-year-old woman who was nine months pregnant when she vanished three weeks ago, according to reports.

    The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office said Marlen Ochoa-Lopez died of ligature strangulation; her death has been ruled a homicide, WLS reported.

    Fox 32 reported her baby had been cut out of her.

    Jesus God, why?

    Who murders a pregnant woman and cuts out her baby?

    How wonderful white America was, truly the apex of our civilisation:


    Daily Mail:

    They’re called the boom years: A postwar, 1950s America had a flourishing economy, fast-growing families and a suburb surge.


    Here’s Paris in 1942, and in 2012…….


  31. Tundras melting Pat

  32. it is that time of year.

  33. Alan the website you are pulling from is disgusting and the people who put it out and write for it pick their brides from the people they meet at family reunions.

    The Daily Stormer is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and Holocaust denial commentary and message board website that advocates for the genocide of Jews. It considers itself a part of the alt-right movement. Its editor, Andrew Anglin, founded it on July 4, 2013, as a faster-paced replacement for his previous website Total Fascism. The website also publishes its content in Spain and Latin America, Italy and Greece.

  34. Patrick – you need to up your meds. ‘Disgusting’ is an expression from over-developped emotions and is not a position of argument. As an example, at 8.02pm I linked two images of Paris, one from 1942 during German-occupation and the other from 2012 during its current African-occupation. The first image is clearly superior to the second:


  35. You’re pulling your images from a site where inbreds screech racism. Well I guess it’s who you are.

  36. In fairness to Allan he carries the scar of being sexually rejected by his cousins, a first in his family.

  37. I’d wager Allan fancied a girl who rejected him for a black guy. And he’s never gotten over it.

  38. //the people who put it out and write for it pick their brides from the people they meet at family reunions. //

    🙂 nice one.

  39. It is quite telling that the gravest insult in the racial segregation fanatic’s vocabulary is ‘cuck’, from cuckold. That, coupled with their special hatred reserved mixed race relationships, (which really means white women ‘race traitors’ and non white men), their loathing of women who refuse to do what they tell them to and Allan’s frequent much – vaunted misogyny really do speak volumes.

    Unrequited love? Female rejection? Motherhood issues? I’m sure (((Freud))) would have had a field day.

  40. Freud was a JEW……..

  41. Pat, if you don’t know what (((dog whistle))) means I’m sure Allan will soon inform you.

  42. I’m sure

  43. All these theories about why Allan is the way he is are all well and good, but has anyone considered that he might be repressing his homosexuality.

  44. I have to say Dave, I’m intrigued as to why the racial extremists tend to be so preoccupied by other people’s sex lives but if you read a bit around the alt – right INCEL movement you’ll recognise the intense dislike and suspicion of women that we sometimes see in some ATW posts.

  45. speaking of suspicious women……. We haven’t seen Patty in awhile or Daphne

  46. … or Harry.

  47. ahhh

  48. Wonderful news from California – they really have decided to break the entire place, and there will be no way back……


    California will become the first state to pay for some adults living in the country illegally to have full health benefits as the solidly liberal bastion continues to resist the policies of Republican President Donald Trump’s administration.

    Democrats in the state Legislature reached an agreement Sunday afternoon as part of a broader plan to spend $213 billion of state and federal tax money over the next year. The legislature is expected to approve the deal this week. The agreement means low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25 living in California illegally would be eligible for California’s Medicaid program, the joint state and federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

    But surely somebody must have pointed out the insanity of it all?

    Republicans on the legislative committee negotiating the budget voted against the proposal, arguing it was not fair to give health benefits to people who are in the country illegally while taxing people who are here legally for not purchasing health insurance.

    What this means is that taxpayers (whites) will have to leave because they shall be funding the limitless medical honeypot that shall attract anybody who can get over the border.

  49. What this means is that taxpayers (whites) will have to leave…..

    Apart from the bollocks that you speak that this will ‘have to happen’ surely according to you (((taxpayers))) are in all the positions of power and all very successful and comfortably off so it’ll be them doing the funding?

    No comment on the sexual insults, psychology and mysogony that drives the fanatical racial segregationists? Hmmmmmmm.

    Genuine question to the Yanks, it’s my understanding that an illegal in the States can quite openly work, pay taxes have a social security card etc. If so how can it be if they’re illegal?

  50. They can’t have a legal Social Security Card. They steel other peoples (identity fraud) Without steeling others IDs they can’t work and they can’t pay taxes…..

    It used to be that if more than one name was associated with a soc sec number it would be flagged. That hasn’t been the case for decades.

  51. Are you sure of that Pat? I’m sure I’ve read of illegals openly working and paying tax while being illegal. (I’m not questioning your knowledge here, I’m just sure that I’ve read somewhere that it wasn’t the case).

    I’m working on a piece as we speak so I’de be obliged if you’d check your mail over the next two hours or so.

  52. They however are using stolen soc sec numbers.

    Yeah I’m sure.

    I’ll keep my eye on the mail

  53. That’s that away Pat.

  54. You can monitor your own SS account online, and it would be a good idea to do so every so often