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By Pete Moore On June 12th, 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand is a Democrat. She’s campaigning for the presidency.

Right now, she’s pushing only to be the dumbest life form on the planet.

5 Responses to “AS DUMB AS MUD”

  1. Is there a football match somewhere, and are our Atlantic cousins winning ? Only I seem to be reading a lot of soccer jingoism.

  2. The American ladies were fast and accurate in passing and generally full of energy, even if a bit scrappy in play. But of course they were helped enormously by the Thais. The Thai goalkeeper seemed to be paid to let all those American goals in; sometimes she didn’t even raise her hands to try to stop a ball, just left them hang by her sides as she watched the balls fly, bounce and roll past her.

  3. If I wasn’t such a right on trendy liberal or something I could make some smart quip about Thai women goalkeepers letting balls in.

  4. There is something sick in the head about this Gilibrand, who is still giggling about how she stabbed Al Franken in the back.

    No soccer players deserve to be paid anything. They should be forced to return any wages already sent to them

  5. Gillibrand just wants to raise her profile. No one would elect an ignorant candidate who tweets stupid things from New York for President….oh.