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By Pete Moore On June 12th, 2019

Comedian (sic) Jo Brand took to yet another BBC left wing comedy show to tell us about her fantasies. Let’s be honest, no-one else will give her a gig.

Speaking to Victoria Coren Mitchell on Radio 4 panel show Heresy on Tuesday night, the comedian was asked if we as a nation are “absolutely united in feeling we are living through a terrible time” in terms of the divisions being stoked over Brexit.

Brand, 61, responded by saying: “I would say that but that is because certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore.

“And they are very very easy to hate. I am kind of thinking, why bother with a milkshake, when you could get some battery acid? That’s just me, sorry.

These are the kind people speaking about the nasty types. I don’t blame Brand. She’s imbued with left wing hate. Always has been. That’s all they have. I’m not calling for her to lose he job either. We’re not like that on the nasty side. Neither am I expecting it. The BBC is happy to broadcast this kind of thing. Anyone not as diverse as the BBC is fair game.

We know she’s talking about Lord Farage. I only wonder how the Left would react, driven by the BBC’s dominance of the news agenda, if Lord Farage had said something similar. He would lose his career in seconds and probably be arrested, thanks to the climate brought about by the kind of people now excusing Brand.

13 Responses to ““BBC COMEDY””

  1. She looks like someone threw acid and her, and that someone scraped if off with an axe.

    Classy lady.

  2. at her

  3. Is the Daily Mirror not a ‘leftie’ rag?

  4. I don’t blame Brand.

    Well I do. Maybe she was trying to be funny (I wouldn’t be so sure) but in any case this is an apalling comment which could be construed as incitement to violence.

    Jeremy Corbyn was hit by an egg a couple of months ago. Just imagine the reaction if a right-wing comedian like Jim Davidson had said it should have been a stone.

  5. Brand’s an unfunny arsehole.

  6. A UKIP candidate (apparently telling a joke) went on at length about whether he would or wouldn’t rape a Labour MP. Despite Pete’s suggestion that a right wing person would have their career ruined or be arrested that didn’t happen. Carl Benjamin didn’t lose his career (UKIP refused to remove him as a candidate) nor was he arrested.

  7. Jo Brand, when not oozing her leftist hatred for her own, has (or had) a superb dry humour which would have been all the better had she just stuck to what she does best. Unfortunately, she didn’t. Here’s how a top-quality comedian deals with a political issue…….


  8. It’s always the easiest laziest option to be outraged by the stupid utterances of your political opposites. It’s very refreshing but rare to see someone posting a condemnation of bad behaviour from a figure who shares your own views. We have yet to see such a refreshing post from predictable Pete.

  9. Told ya –

    The BBC has defended Jo Brand against claims she incited violence through comments made during a radio show […]

    The BBC said the jokes made on Heresy are “deliberately provocative as the title implies”.

    It added they are “not intended to be taken seriously.”

    It’s ok when they do it. It’s always ok when they do it.

  10. Pete, isn’t the Daily Mirror a ‘lefty’ rag?

  11. Doesn’t this prove Pat’s point about a platform for “celebrities” to pontificate on political matters?

    On the other hand, Jo Brand talking shite is different to rightists murdering Jo Cox. Is it not?

  12. Sure looks like BoJo is going to get the job. The good news is that Leadsom at least is out.

  13. Toxic Femininity:

    ATW’s premier ‘misogynist’ Pete Moore recently repeated his advice to women that they would be happier out of the workplace and it looks to be correct……


    A survey of 1,000 employed British women and found more than half claimed to have been sabotaged at work by another member of the so-called sisterhood, while more than a third (37 per cent) said they’d actually felt scared or threatened by a female colleague.

    Women who are childless are like that: those who enter the workplace after the kids have left home are much more chilled, having fulfilled their main role and purpose.