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By Pete Moore On June 12th, 2019

Creeping Chinese influence has Hong Kongers worried with protests against a Bill to allow extradition to China. As the heirs of a superior order, you can understand their concern. This elder, this wise elder, she saw the past and knows what’s what –

What a splendid sight the Union flag is. For what she knows is an eternal truth; that the British Empire is the best thing that ever happened to an undeserving world.



  1. The British Empire is the best thing that ever happened to an undeserving world.

    Beautiful. Just beautiful 😉

  2. She’s a brave lady. Some Communist cops would like to put a bullet in her, but won’t only out of concern of bad press.

    The British legacy in Hong Kong and Singapore is largely a good one. It’s one of the reasons why they grew to prosperity. British and Chinese cultures can work very well together. The great Lee Kwan Yew spoke warmly of his time in England, back in the day.

  3. The British Empire was established to take the ressources of others for the (((City of London))) using working-class whites in the British Army as the enforcers, examples being India, South Africa, Persia and opium wars in China – I’m sure that the Chinese won’t forget the last one.

  4. Yes Pete, it’s great to see the Brits and Yanks pledging their support to Hong Kong and what remains of its democracy.

    Oh wait, it looks like neither of them could give a shit. They are too concerned with kow-towing to the Chinese (Britain) or fighting trade wars (Trump). Neither of them are a tiny bit bothered by China tearing up the 1997 treaty which “guaranteed” one country and two systems.

    Hong Kong will be totally suppressed and absorbed soon, hopefully without the need for a massacre. The only response we can give is to kick the Chinese out of our economy in every way possible. That includes Huwei (how dare they threaten us) and Hinckley. And whatever the **** else. Let’s get it done asap.

  5. Sadly, as both with Tibet and Tianamen (sp) we can do little or nothing to help. But this is nothing new and, if the Chinese do suppress the HK people I think it will backfire on them in the long-term.

  6. The fanatically industrious yet socially relaxed atmosphere in HongKong is a wonderful thing to behold. Nothing and nobody should interfere with it.

  7. I have to share this…… here Noel or it may be better to have Colm write a story on this…

    Sex Robots and the End of Civilization

    Imagine this: A totally realistic robot of your own design that is capable of fully carrying out any sex act that you can dream up. It looks, smells, and sounds incredibly realistic. And your state-sponsored insurance paid for her in full. In effect, she was free—prescribed by your physician to help with your status as officially “sexually dysfunctional.” Recent federal legislation, supported overwhelmingly by a male majority in the House and Senate, has made this kind of medical prescription perfectly legal.

  8. link for above

  9. ……the End of Civilization

    Obviously a degenerate sex plan by the (((evil hordes))) to replace white populations and bring about the collapse of civilised society.