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By Pete Moore On June 13th, 2019

Boris Johnson has secured the highest number of votes in the first ballot to select the Conservative Party leader and next prime minister […]

Mr Johnson received 114 votes, Jeremy Hunt was second with 43, and Michael Gove third with 37 votes.

Seven candidates progress to the next round of voting next week.

The two most popular MPs will be put to Tory party members in a final vote later this month.

This could be over pretty quickly. You know what politicians are like. Once it sinks in that Boris Johnson will be the next Prime Minister, MPs will jump onto his bandwagon in the hope of a job. So well done Remainiacs. Three years of attempting to kill democracy has almost put BoJo into No. 10.

I like his character, though he’s a bit squiffy on policy. Like the Daily Mail, he’s far more right-on than his detractors realise. Then again, Le Monde is in a panic at the idea of Prime Minister Johnson, claiming “it would be a calamity for his country and for Europe”. We’ll take care of our own country. As for “Europe”, Le Monde of course means the EU. I hope they’re right. Anything calamitous for the EU is fine by me.

8 Responses to “IT’S GOING TO BE BOJO”

  1. I sincerely hope you’re correct.

  2. BoJo is the kind of stage-Englishman that Americans love, the grown-up schoolboy complete with tousled hair and awkward gait. And the affection is no doubt mutual: there’s probably nothing Boris would like more than to save Britain from the EU before handing it over to the US, where he could play the English schoolboy and get even more attention. Like Trump, BoJo loves to be loved, and that’s a big weakness in a politician.

    Remember his dramatic speech attacking May’s withdrawal deal. Shortly afterwards to vowed never to support it, and then voted for it just two days later.

    Yes, he’s a real card, that Boris.

  3. A man totally devoid of principle or conviction and driven by sheer unadulterated personal ambition, (he was of course originally a remainer until a hasty 180 was executed). Right up Pete Moore’s ‘what was bad yesterday is good today’ street.

    I can’t wait. If you think things have been a cluster fuckup so far wait until this nest furnisher gets his hands on power. You an’t seen nothing yet.

  4. I predict if Boris becomes PM there is more chance of him cancelling it than delivering it successfully. He would have no hesitation in binning Brexit if it became too troublesome and it will.

    Boris for PM say I 😄

  5. I like his character

    Why? He is a proven liar, serial adulterer and total chancer. Here is a great demolition of this charlatan’s “character”:

    “Johnson believes in the advance of Johnson. That’s all there is. There’s nothing else. Most politicians, and many of the rest of us, are ambitious, of course. But politicians normally hope to advance a cause as they advance themselves. Johnson would have you believe that he is breaking with the establishment, risking all, because of his sincere conviction that we must advance the cause of saving Britain from the European Union.

    His colleagues do not believe him. Nicholas Soames has called him a liar on Twitter. Jerry Hayes called him a ‘copper-bottomed, hypocritical little shit.’ The wonder of it is that they may have been understating the case for the prosecution.

    After the Times fired him for making up stories, Johnson ended up as the Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent. Once there, he was seduced by the most corrupting desire to afflict a journalist: the urge to give readers what they want. His tales of the EU punishing the rubber industry for making undersized condoms or ordering the straightening of bananas were so flimsy that, like dandelion puffballs, they collapsed with the first puff of scrutiny. They were a hit with his right-wing readers, but no one who knew him at the time thought that Johnson believed what he was writing. David Usborne, the Independent’s man in Brussels, told Johnson’s acidic biographer Sonia Purnell:

    He played the Telegraph game brilliantly [and] compromised his intellectual integrity to get on. I assume that he has done that in the rest of his career.”


  6. Unfortunately.

  7. I like his character

    Here’s an indication of his character:


    His strategy of avoiding media scrutiny

    Exceptionally cowardly. He either has serious skeletons in the closet or is simply too incompetent to face media scrutiny.

    Peter, that summary above explains exactly why Pete Moore loves him.

  8. Peter

    Another excellent post mate. I totally agree.

    Boris Johnson is a lying, self-serving little s**t. He also doesn’t give a f*** about anywhere outside of London, and has said so on several occasions.
    If you think things are messed up now wait until Boris gets into power.