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By Pete Moore On June 21st, 2019

I genuinely admire the ease with which the propagandists go about their business.

Johnson’s team accused of skullduggery after Michael Gove knocked out by narrow margin

Tory MPs voting to knock out dangerous rivals is “skullduggery”.

Labour, Lib Dem and Green voters working out how to defeat the Tory/Brexit Party candidate is “tactical voting”.

4 Responses to “WHAT?”

  1. Johnson would have beaten Gove anyway but at least it would have been interesting. Now it is as predictable as England failing to win the cricket world cup, i.e. a dead cert:

    “No matter how much he pretends otherwise, Gove does have a decent understanding of what no-deal would entail, not least because of his time talking to the farming industry, which would be hardest hit by the imposition of tariffs to the EU. He has an inquiring and forensic mind. That could have made for some potential fireworks in the leadership race.

    The fact that it would have been the two most prominent figures in the official Leave campaign also had a sort of poetic symmetry to it, and would have neutralised the obvious attack line against Hunt that he, as a Remain voter, is not a true Brexiter. Or it would half-neutralised it anyway. The Brexit mindset is now so thoroughly radicalised that having actively worked to secure Leave is no protection from being accused of betraying it.

    He couldn’t have gone too far, of course. He’d still have been fighting to win the votes of Tory party members. But it provided an outside chance, a tiny flicker of possibility, that someone might actually have been able to effectively interrogate Johnson’s position. There could have been a debate in which Johnson wilted under sustained questioning to such an extent that members turned against him. It was at least within the realms of possibility. Just a hope, a tiny hope. But no.

    Instead we have Hunt. He came in with 77 votes to Gove’s 75, with Johnson streets ahead on 160. The chances of an upset are now practically zero. Johnson will almost certainly be the next prime minister. Hunt simply has no qualities to recommend him. Presentationally he is extremely drab, a politician in the form of a brown carpet. He always looks slightly frightened. No-one has ever been inspired, or amused, or even outraged by him.

    His politics, if indeed he has any, are all over the place. He seems like a fairly pleasant nice-but-dim figure, and tries to overcompensate for this by aiming too fiercely for what he presumes is a Tory comfort zone. This manifested in his recent statement that the abortion time limit should be halved from 24 to 12 weeks and his insistence that he “150%” agreed with president Donald Trump when he attacked the mayor of London in a way that validated far-right commentator Katie Hopkins.

    On Brexit, he doesn’t seem to have any genuine views one way or another. He voted Remain, which instantly removes any legitimacy his criticisms of Johnson’s policies might have in the eyes of many Tory members. He once called for a second referendum, which will be brought up against him too…”


  2. //Johnson would have beaten Gove anyway but at least it would have been interesting.//

    Gove is probably the more committed Brexiter, and he was campaigning for Brexit before Johnson Come Lately. Johnson also once voted for Theresa May’s-EU deal (shortly after saying he never would).

    Johnson’s buddies probably didn’t want to see their man outflanked on the Brexit side, which Gove would have done. Hunt voted Remain before deciding to “respect the people’s vote”, so with BoJo vs Hunt, it’s really just a contest between the Brexiter clown and more of the same with a male Theresa May.

    Hard to believe this is how the heir to Pitt and Gladstone and Churchill is selected, with the people having absolutely no say on who their political leader should be.

  3. Hard to believe this is how the heir to Pitt and Gladstone and Churchill is selected, with the people having absolutely no say on who their political leader should be.


    There will almost certainly be a general election this year, so the people will have their say on Johnson soon, but there is now a by-election in a Tory seat in Wales for him to contend with. This was a Lib-Dem seat until 2015 and also a Brexit win in the EU election last month, so the Tories will be fighting on two fronts. And they may even re-select the expense-fiddler as their candidate, echoes of the Bourbons in 1815:

    “A by-election will be held in Brecon and Radnorshire after 10,005 people signed a petition to remove the constituency’s Tory MP, Chris Davies. Mr Davies was convicted of a false expenses claim in March. A total of 19% of the constituency’s electorate signed the petition, almost double the 10% threshold to trigger a by-election…Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt said: “Whatever the rights and wrongs of his expenses claim, I have only ever known Chris Davies as a decent and honest man and a very diligent local MP.”


  4. And people forget that it was, Michael Gove MP that stabbed, Alexander Johnson MP in the back. And, that Andrea Leadsom MP withdrew from the race after making an innocuous comment, which allowed the Remainer, Theresa May MP, to claim the title of PM before ever putting it to the membership.

    That is why we are three years down the line and we still have not left the EU !

    So yeah, if there was skullduggery and that skullduggery gets us out, then that is all fine with me.