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By Patrick Van Roy On June 22nd, 2019

A little change up for Sunday…. 

I had two blues tunes up here that I hadn’t heard before I liked so I shared. Peter asked a good question was it really blues or Rock edimacating me that in my view once they achieve that perfect level the two really are one.

Well this is Blues, Rock, Country and definitely Soul all in one Enjoy.

6 Responses to “Music….”

  1. did anyone give these a listen I’d like views and opinions

  2. Yes Patrick, a good track. Forgive my ignorance, is it blues or rock?

  3. for good rock not much difference. Two artists apparently that have been around awhile but I had never heard either. Their are several here who enjoy a good blues tone and both these nail it.

    The exact opposite in many ways of your choices Peter you have an excellent ear for the classics and the talent that can recreate them. This is talent of that caliber but doing the only true original american sound… the blues.

    I’ll definitely play more of the woman beth singing there with buddy guy look her stuff up she’s a white tina turner.

  4. I just giving them a listen Patrick.

    They’re not bad, I particularly like the guitar solos.

  5. thanks Dave

    I was surprised I had never heard either artist before… not nbad. Tthe chick has some real impressive work


  6. I changed it up reread