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Did Tucker Carlson Just save the country?

By Phantom On June 22nd, 2019

By all accounts, the US came very close to bombing Iran the other day. It appears That a decision had been made to bomb, But that the president reversed the decision after speaking with Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Carlson has been a consistent and ferocious critic of the Iraq war, of unnecessary US military adventures generally.

When Hannity this week was giggling about the prospect of “ bombing the hell out of Iran “ , Carlson was warning that an Iran war would not be in the US national interest, that it would be much worse than the disastrous and unwise Iraq war.

There have been times when the press has led us to war. This past week, the press averted a war. Let’s hope that it stays averted.

18 Responses to “Did Tucker Carlson Just save the country?”

  1. Yes Phantom, it appears that Tucker played a part in Trump aborting the attack. Bolton and Pompeo will be raging that their war-lust has been frustrated, at least for now.

    And well done to Trump for making the right call for once.

  2. Bolton, another Vietnam era draft dodger who loves war, is completely disgusting

    He is a menace to the country and should be expelled from the White House


  3. Dear President Trump, regarding your recent cancellation of planned military strikes on Iran, I just thought I ought to warn you that if you carry on like this you may lose the support of your biggest fan in Philadelphia 😉

  4. We came very close to war this week. And what is amazing is that Fox News helped the President prevent it. I’ve always thought of Tucker as a light weight compare to Hannity. No more.

    I’m also proud of the decision the President made. He is once again keeping a campaign promise of keeping us out of unnecessary war in the Middle East. Iran is no Iraq. It really would be the mother of all battles. We would win, but at the cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, and for what?

    Good post Phantom!

  5. The idea of a shooting match with Iran over a drone is literally mad. But next week it’ll be something else. Any casus belli will do. The bipartisan War Party never stops.

  6. Thanks Charles

    I also Used to think that Carlson was a lightweight.

    When Carlson took that prime time spot, I made a snippy remark, And I remember David saying that he liked Carlson.

    He’s wayy more independent of thought than Hannity is

    He been on both the Alex Jones and Michael Savage shows, The first of which is concerning…

  7. Tucker Carlson deserves credit for his anti Iran war position and any effect it had on Trump. I don’t watch or listen to Carlson but on this he is admirable. Of course, there should never have been an attack plan in the first place.

  8. yeah right there shouldn’t be an attack plan for a nation that is the number one supporter of terror in the world making nuclear bombs and that leads their people in chants of death to america every week….. no need to worry about them.

  9. I love Tucker Carlson I watch him m-f at 8pm he is probably the only show I watch consistently.

    Look at him he is the physical embodiment of the sound thud!


  10. as for this bit of propaganda I don’t buy it…. no tv or radio personality is going to sway a president decision.

  11. no tv or radio personality is going to sway a president decision

    Really? This president watches Fox continually and frequently phones its presenters to discuss what they have been saying on air. He had a row with his current wife recently when he caught her watching CNN on Airforce One.

  12. It would be fair to call Tucker Carlson an informal adviser to the president. They speak often

    And there’s no shame in listening to a well reasoned argument, and changing your mind based upon it

    It looks like that is what happened here

  13. Yeah right there shouldn’t be an attack plan for a nation that is the number one supporter of terror in the world

    Nope, that would be the headchoppers that you sell all those billions of lovely oil $ of arms to your ‘allies’

  14. could we have real fireworks this Fourth of July?

    Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile exceeded the 300 kg limit set by the nuclear deal on Monday, according to the Iranian Fars news agency. This constitutes a direction violation of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear pact the world superpowers reached with Iran in 2015.

  15. The US is playing games with Iran after tearing up the nuclear deal, Iran is playing games back.

  16. I’d never heard of Tucker Carlson before this post, but he really does sound like an interesting guy.

    Have since found this other clip, in which Carlson really rips into CNN’s Samantha Vinograd, NYT’s Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol and, lastly and most deliciously, Bolton himself (“Before the end of 2019 we’re going to celebrate in Teheran”),who he calls “a bureaucratic tapeworm”.

    This is really strong stuff, and I never thought I’d be grateful to Fox News. Have a look at this:

    “John Bolton is a kind of bureaucratic tapeworm. Try as you might, you can’t expel him. He seems to live forever in the bowels of the federal agencies, periodically reemerging to cause pain and suffering — but critically somehow never suffering himself.

    His life really is Washington in a nutshell: Blunder into obvious catastrophes again and again, refuse to admit blame, and then demand more of the same. That’s the John Bolton life cycle. In between administration jobs, there are always cushy think-tank posts, paid speaking gigs, cable news contracts. War may be a disaster for America, but for John Bolton and his fellow neocons, it is always good business.”


  17. yep

  18. Mind you, it also says a lot for the openness of dialogue, if you want to call it that, in the USA.

    There is just no way that any prominent journalist on any of the leading TV channels in Germany, and probably no other European country, would lay into a government minister like that. Never.

    In fairness to Bolton, he also gave Carlson an interview, when the latter’s views and style must have been well known to him.