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Step right up, no ticket needed

By Patrick Van Roy On June 24th, 2019

Let the show begin….. in the center ring the first night of freaks for our viewing entertainment shall be:  A Debate…

Who will be there, and in what order?

Night 1 — June 26 (in order of stage placement)

Night 2 — June 27 (in order of stage placement) 

I’m guessing that in some power to be’s mind night one are the front runners… I wouldn’t bank on that this circus is just getting started… who’s going to promise the prettiest picture of delusion….. the popcorn and real heart clogging butter is bought raise the curtain on this freak show of who can out promise or out bile the other.

I’t’s time for this tragedy to start it’s whining…….

22 Responses to “Step right up, no ticket needed”

  1. A large number of complete unknowns on this list.

    Seven out of 49 Dem senators are running for president.

    If you’re a senator, you automatically think that you should be running the country.

    Let’s go Corey Booker, the guy who made Newark what it is today.

  2. It’s the show of shows

  3. They actually drew names out of a hat. The eight candidates with polling averages of at least 2 percent were drawn first (four debating on one night, four on the other), and then the 12 remaining candidates were drawn (six on one night, six on the other). They wanted to avoid a “front-runners” debate and an “everyone else” debate. It would seem luck of the draw decided to tell them to piss off on that one.

  4. it’s going to be interesting who will go the most commie and who will go for who’s throat…

  5. They will say that Biden is in the KKK, that is is the worst man who ever lived

  6. Did I see that Al Sharpton is going to be a moderator?? I must be wrong on this. If it is true, I’m sure that Phantom would agree with me that Sharpton is a weapon of mass distortion and should be allowed nowhere near the place.

    Rachael Maddow’s politics are extremely liberal, but I don’t doubt her intellect.

  7. Sharpton is a racial arsonist, a conman and shakedown artist.

    He belongs in prison, it is shameful that is is an honored figure in the democrat party

  8. Well given Donald Trump’s role in the Central Park Five case, and Al Sharpton’s role in the Tawana Brawley case, I think it is clear that Al Sharpton should be President.

  9. Sharpton is much worse than Trump.

    He was a major instigator in the Crown Heights riots ( in which a man was killed ) and in the Freddy’s mart incident which ultimately led to people being burned to death. Sharpton inflamed the mob with anti semitic comment.

    It is amazing that Sharpton is a leading figure in that party and that he has a show on MSNBC

  10. Sharpton is much worse than Trump.

    I think a pig just flew out my ass!

  11. Just had a look. Sharpton isn’t moderating the debates. He and Joy Reid hosted the MSNBC coverage (and interviews) at the South Carolina Democratic convention. Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie, José Díaz-Balart, Chuck Todd, and Rachel Maddow are the debate moderators.

    Still not a great look for the Democrats, or MSNBC, to give him such a prime presence in the whole thing.

  12. Charles

    I’ve made similar comments on Sharpton many times before.

    He is not mistaken, he is evil. And he is a kingmaker in the Democratic Party. And all those bastards have kissed his ring.

  13. https://www.nytimes.com/1995/12/12/nyregion/death-125th-street-protests-harlem-store-owner-had-cited-anti-semitism-before.html

  14. Phantom, I know you hate Sharpton, and you were on the ground near those incidents mentioned. I’m just surprised you found something worse than Trump! 😉

  15. Sharpton lied, people died! And to think he is a Democrat power broker. As a Democrat, you’re lucky if you just have to kiss his ring! Disgusting.

  16. Again the major incidents for him

    Tawana Brawley hoax – black girl lied and said that a white police officer had raped her, Sharpton led angry racially tinged protests, causing great tension

    Freddy’s Mart protests – racist and anti semitic protests, multiple people burned to death after threats of arson before

    Crown Heights riots – Jewish visitor from Australia stabbed to death

    He was involved in other things – racial boycotts of small Korean grocers – but the above three were the very worst.

    He is a beloved figure in Democrat politics.

  17. Phantom I think it’s more accurate to say he is beloved in the black community most likely because of his take no prisoners approach to dealing with the white power structure

  18. He’s actually comfy with corporate America

    For a small amount of protection money, he leaves you alone.

    How do you think he has financed his activities all these years?

  19. I’m not sure how beloved he is, but probably fair to say that candidates fear that he could submarine them. I think it’s a shame that he’s seen as someone worth listening to by anyone. There are many better representatives of the black community. Lately he has been cozying up to big tobacco.

  20. On today’s ” Morning Joe “, the usually excellent Joe Scarborough referred to Sharpton as ” one of the heroes of the civil rights movement ”

    Which is about as knowingly false a statement as anyone has ever made.

  21. Sharpton the last of the race pimps that’s the truth.

  22. tonight round one…… place yer bets