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By Pete Moore On June 27th, 2019

The Guardian, a notorious far-left propaganda factory with an aggressive tax-avoidance policy for itself, is agog at someone else tax-avoiding.

Starbucks pays £18.3m tax but £348m in dividends

Quite right too. Jolly well done to Starbucks. Those who invest in a firm and make a success from providing people with what they want ought to keep their gains. Every penny lost to the rapacious tax beast is a penny wasted. Dividend income will be reinvested back into Starbucks and many other firms. It will go into capital equipment, it will boost productivity and it will create jobs. It will result in economic growth.

Tax avoidance is good. Tax avoidance is public service.

6 Responses to “QUITE RIGHT TOO”

  1. Not sure that i see a connection between the amount of tax paid in one country and the amount of dividends paid to all investors globally

  2. Surely the dividends are taxed against the recipients income, which includes said dividends?

  3. That’s the case in all countries as far as I know.

    In the US, they’d be ordinary income, taxed the same as wages or interest from a bank account.

  4. And that means that the dividends are taxed at the persoanl level instead of the corporate tax level. I don’t see the problem that The Guardian sees.

  5. It may well be that Starbucks pays too little tax in the UK and that they do it by way of tricknology, like other companies do.

    They should say that – instead of bringing up dividends, which is comparing apples and water buffalos.

  6. Allan@Aberdeen,
    // I don’t see the problem that The Guardian sees. //

    There’s a suprise.